Righteous Demons Sheriff John McMahon and DA Mike Ramos Stalking Children via Occult Process

esi sheriff john mcmahon hi

esi sheriff police chief happy

There’s a very simple explanation for team McMahon’s telegraph by mistake and misunderstanding. They have no idea what they are doing or why they are doing it. That works if you are an idiot.


McMahon uses a triptych code the key of which is the Skull And Bones logo bearing the number string 322, hence the arms crossing via the hands in the image above. Notice in this image hands are crossed opposite and toward one another indicating solidarity.

Hands closer the viewer right (6) and left (7) are complimentary and telegraphing 13. Hands below left (7) and right (6) are doing likewise, hence the Skull and Bones double 13 which is the same double 13 LDS used to found their church from Hell on the Satanic Fire Ritual what Mountain Meadows commemorative was the Tubal Cain Vulcania the latter of which LDS elite dismiss on the mistake and misunderstanding thesis.

1 and 3 are triptych encryption for Israel and Cobra, respectively, such posturing identified with subversion of the US Constitution and the laws of the state of California. In other words they are masquerading righteous law enforcement simultaneously telegraphing occult prevarication to a naive and otherwise uninformed public. Doing this they can say later they informed the public about their activity.

These two are Brotherhood of the Snake servicing Israeli interests in capitulation of local political and religious infrastructure, and they are perpetrating human sacrifice to this end (Cheri Jo Bates, Corinna Novis, Sylvia Marie Flores; Redlands ONA et al).

Both of these creepy demons bear eight stars on their shirt collars masquerading chief what other message is the eight primary stars of Orion and Mason base nine additive sum 7.

This image is a public telegraph threatening Sabra retaliation on targeted individuals for their having made this information available to the public. These two are Obsidian Analysis assets.


Notice in the image of DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon, hands are finger clasped, backs of hands facing one another signaled by thumbs superior on the signal hand.

Ramos’ left (7) opposes McMahon’s right (6) signaling 1, inferior hands likewise 6 and 7 for for 1 again. 2= Genesis 6:2 radicalized indicating they are predatory stalking children for rendition.

The red (Ramos) and gray (McMahon) ties are also 7 and 6, respectively, signalling 13 and identification with the Satanic Fire Ritual, Israel and the cobra. The REAL purpose of this image is they are establishing the identification of child to be renditioned at some future. The encryption appears below in NOTES.

Sylvia Marie Flores was stalked in this manner 15 years before her own abduction by these pseudo constitution worshiping righteous demons. God only knows who they have picked out at this particular elementary school. Unfortunately the public will never make the connection 20 years hence when this child disappears.

The reader is looking at points 5 and 6 on team McMahon’s radical manifest which means he is confirming the target to LDS Sabra assets and this entities street felons and gangs. They have this information from birth records. LDS pervs network with every hospital in the nation.

Scottish Rite/LDS look for and target rendition victims from highly specialized birth charts presenting in Freemason geometry square, compass, pyramid, Orion bowtie and Star of David. Presentation on a school or classroom means they have targeted a victim. It doesn’t get any better than this in a public that just doesn’t give a fuck, anyway.

McMahon’s promise to uphold the rule of law read in the perspective of his demon function (radicalized) means the exact opposite, for example, what he is saying simultaneous in Satanic prose is, “As a demon I will sabotage the United States Constitution and the laws of the state of California.THIS is John McMahon, black mass bred from abduction victim Beverly Potts by David O. McKay, and of course this sabotage is what conscionable people have been complaining about since his being appointed his first term.


esi neckties.jpg








Satanic Fire Ritual (19 April through 1 May, 13 days; 19 April= occult anchor date)
1121593 6995 992313
5; 5 inverted= 2; 52= 7, hence Freemasons= Satanic Fire Ritual

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