Skull and Bones 322 Revisited/Genesis 6: 2

re: How do you get Genesis 6: 2 from the Skull AND Bones logo?

The Skull and Bones 322 logo is an encryption key that unlocks a triptych code. 3= Skull, 2= femur, two femurs= 22, hence 322. See NOTES.

Also, the letters in this logo are contemporary with the Mormon church (LDS), Sabra (SAB), and hybrid cloning via Genesis 6:2- 7 (KLONE/6, N/2 and U/7).

SKULL AND BONES LDS Latter Day Saints (last letter)
SKULL AND BONES SAB Sabra (first letter)
SKULL AND BONES KULNONE Klone, N and U (remaining letters)

Since this logo represents a radical organization, such actually also encrypting inverse meaning, Saint, ordinarily denoting exceptional character, transposing immorality, Latter Day, to forward night, hence forward the night of immorality, or the dark night of soul.

Sab= Saboteur+ Ra= Sabra, or Saboteur God. What this means LDS operate on well planned and executed sabotage the funding source an international cohort of bankers organized under yet another logo, Federal Reserve, which directs money to Scottish Rite/LDS assets.

Klone= 6 and means, literally, hybrid cloning. N= 2. U=7. 627= Genesis 6: 2- 7. Hybrid cloning in this case= the Genesis 6: 2 SKIRTS black mass rendition accompanied by a public curbside sacrifice alleged to magnify the Satanic power of the SBM fetus.

Skull And Bones then means:

Forward the night of immorality the saboteur God to take themselves wives, breed them and destroy all else.

In perspective with reality and LDS eugenics mission creep, these monsters take six thousand US victims per year, harvest maybe three black mass products bred to LDS elite, and kill all the others while America is doing this> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO.

That’s only two SKIRTS victims per county per year, so they are never missed in the collective conscience of the US mainstream. Figure insouciant God BLESS America! Americans aren’t wired for civics, and predation is an inevitability.

Americans are ungodly addicted to just about anything they can eat, fuck and party with, the intelligence needed to fight this they falsely believe will issue as punishment from God and salvation from Jesus while they’re busy at McDonald’s, Planned Parenthood and MTV, which, by the way, is nothing more that narcissist psychopathy.


Convert 322 to 22 March and anchor on 19 April, the period between 28 days (1) the period between 19 April and 11 September (Mountain Meadows) 145 days (1). 11, or 2, is a celebrated number among Scottish Rite and LDS elite:

Genesis 6:2
7555191 62
678 62
3 62
2 <This is the number from hell for any female Scottish Rite/LDS take an interest in to stalk, kidnap, rape, torture and sacrifice, LDS noble faith a righteous masquerade, these pseudo saint demons forever bearing the smile of the snake more correctly known as Mormo.


Computations are triptych base nine featured in the Skull and Bones logo.


2; two each= 22






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