Redlands LA Fitness #13 Satanic Fire Ritual Hijinks

15 April 2016
LA Fitness, Redlands, California

Ahead of reading this missive, understand the numbers referenced in connection with any word or phrase are computed using the SAB322 base 9 triptych encryption key.


Park ranger (911) vehicle in Redlands LA Fitness (13) parking lot upon arrival late AM.

There was wet gray paint on handrails inside building that interfered in handicapped ascent/descent during hours of operation. It was unusual to have to make access to and from the second floor by patrons and their handicapped guests without the use of handrails.

This event was a highly structured hijinks in connection with the 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual.


Date 15 April 2016+ gray= 1 and 6 (7; triptych encryption). 106th day of year (7), Gregorian calendar. 7th day of Nissan, 5776, Jewish calendar. 777= Star of David. There was networked crowding at one of the leg machines.

esi star of david red black blue2

15 April 2016 is anchored on the Satanic Fire Ritual commencing 19 April 2016 producing 4 days, or 0 weeks 4 days, between, what date engineering produces the base nine double 13 featured in the founding of the Mormon church.

The LDS Church was founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual and celebrated on their subsequent 1857 Mountain Meadows Tubal Cain Vulcania, the later a human sacrifice commemorative establishing Mormon supremacy in the US, an event LDS elite uniformly dismiss as a mistake and misunderstanding.

6 April 1857 (founding of the Mormon church) to 15 April 2016 (LAF hijinks)= 67945 days (13). 6 through 15 April 2016= 9 days. 15 through 19 April (SFR)= 4 days, hence 94= 13 and once again the double 13 in connection with the 15 April LAF hijinks, founding of the Mormon church and the 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual.

Further, the 13 foot statue of Moroni that sits atop the the Redlands LDS temple is set at 130 degrees from true north confirming LDS solidarity with the 15 April 2016 LA Fitness hijinks. This aught to alert every female in the Inland Empire but doesn’t rate even as a blip on the conscience meter of this anti-civics party culture, a win/win relationship between unaware abduction victims and their Scottish Rite/LDS perpetrators.


The 2013 Sylvia Marie Flores four point SLC (Straight Line Cartographic; Salt Lake City) originating on Almond Avenue in Redlands is also identified with this church from Hell and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. Same hijinks application, just the former produced a sacrificial death the official report of which was documented as a crime of passion by a San Bernardino Scottish Rite/LDS administrative team Mayor Carey Davis (David O. McKay, Beverly Potts), DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon.

And of course the problem with this for those of us who are alert is there is typically death in the backdrop of such fucking around as the LA Fitness 15 April hijinks.


While this may be fun for LA Fitness and their national operations, this is signaling dangerous circumstances for the public, and particularly for LA Fitness members who are unaware they are being stalked by a corporate predator linked to the Mormon church acknowledged via occult hijinks.


The devil never rests, one day to the next the insouciant Redlands/San Bernardino public faded from the mainstream stupid the manner and prevalence of which are both manifestations of fraternally induced apathy by predator organizations Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church, the latter an eugenics Genesis 6:2 box breeding entity, this thesis beyond the public’s imagination or ability to comprehend the righteous demon predator they are dealing with.

This researcher has no financial interest or personal agenda motivating this statement. Rather, in keeping with the forensic intelligence of civics minded activism, certain processes unknown to the public are being published to inform on business activities less the nature of compliance with stated policies, laws and business purposes than are aligned with radical coercion, generally.

A person recently asked, “Why is this happening?” The tendency to look beyond criminal behavior to the motivation of the perp after shielding, not before. The simple answer is people aren’t paying attention lofting the opportunity for a well organized predator culture to rise on the gullibility of a mainstream unwilling to think or be accountable to their fellows, hence no public solidarity on ethics or civics the celebration of which by predators are periodic occult featured hijinks accompanied by public or private human sacrifice that is documented using patsies via the same individuals that perped the crime in the first place. The most accurate statement ever made about gullible people is YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!


The statue of Moroni that sits atop the Redlands LDS temple is 13 feet tall and positioned 130 degrees from true north. Clue> 13 13, or base nine 4 and 4.

Moroni and Mormon are triptych derivatives of Mormo:




There’s very simple math on this.

4+ 4= 8.

The LA Fitness logo is nonetheless represented:

31 6925511

We know Redlands LA Fitness staff perped a Satanic Ritual Sacrifice hijinks 15 April 2016. What we don’t yet know is if their Scottish Rite/LDS identified elite also perped a human sacrifice or if they have set one up to be conducted 19 April through 1 May.

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