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A lot of this is falling directly from LDS prevarication with occult process, 16 April a hijinks date of sorts three days out from the beginning of Satanic Ritual Sacrifice commencing 19 April 2016. I am guessing this is why you had these demons working us Saturday night. Number three is one of your sacred numbers. Cobra, as in Brotherhood of the Snake, correct?


Your SABRA is getting your snake church lots of attention, Andrew.

This afternoon, your residential clown gang banger beat on the ceiling overhead and attacked my handicapped daughter’s bedroom unrelenting 9- 11 PM. I use wind chime to calm them down. They absolutely can’t stand this delightful noise because it neutralizes the effect your noise dosing harassment campaign.

Guard George made an appearance at my door and spoke about a noise complaint re my wind chimes approximately 11:51 PM this evening. I responded to this complaint explaining I was using a wind chime to neutralize the noise dosing issuing from upstairs, that to spite the noise my wind chimes were making this still could not entirely drown out beating on the floor overhead.

Apparently #1016, who approached me to fight at the mailbox Friday, made the complaint. This little demon networks with 2017, your guy. It is a very bad idea to attempt to provoke a fight with me. Be sure you understand this. do recall you claimed to have feelings of fear of me for no other apparent reason that to avoid making repairs to your slum lord rental unit. Perverted reform triptych in not surprising in these circumstances.

You are aware 2016 did this Saturday evening as well and caused a plumbing leak in the hall in my handicapped daughter’s bedroom. Anyway, the guard attempted to make contact with our upstairs neighbors, your SABRA, but they refused to come to the door, according to him. You serviced a manufactured complaint and denied a real one. I understand that one of the guards that attempted to follow though on a deputies recommendation to use the guard as a mediator got fired. More reform triptych.

Immediately end the noise issuing from the neighbors upstairs, cease all harassment against my handicapped daughter and I, and make needed repairs to out rental unit providing one day’s notice to enter so that I can accommodate your maintenance people, or I can have this work done upon agreement with you.

Also, this missive will describe your motivation for pursuing this ungodly harassment campaign and provide an explanation how you are getting away with this unchecked by the rule of law. Partly this has to do with your Melchizedek status with the church, partly your natural motivation, in my opinion.

I do FNCS research on abduction crimes and learned 2012 Thomas Monson, current LDS church president, was involved in the Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner abductions. I wrote him a letter to this effect to which the church put SABRA (Saboteur God) on us unrelenting to attempt to provoke a deadly confrontation opportunistic to remove my handicapped daughter from my care (county, three residential incidents 2013- 14).

You wrote me a strange letter 11 September 2013 I puzzled over for several months before I realized what this was. This letter was anchored on the Sylvia Marie Flores abduction. Before receiving this letter, I had no idea who she was. The official record has her documented as a crime of passion. In fact, her body was placed key on a straight line cartographic (SLC; Salt Lake City) aligned with the Redlands LDS temple and Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. This SLC also confirms the existence of a 2.7 mile geocartographic of the Redlands ONA, one of your church’s projects dating to 1947. Redlands detective Corey Hunt has a copy of this information.

Since your SABRA commenced their harassment campaign having made an appearance at my door 31 October 2013, I only had two dates to work with: 31 October and the date of your letter, 11 September, what period between produces a base nine additive sum 13 (see NOTES). Flores came up a few months later via research.

Flores created another 13 (see NOTES), placing your letter between her death and engagement with your residential harassment team. I know the church has fetish for 13, so a double 13 had something also to do with Flores and your actions against my handicapped daughter by proxy.

Further research surfaced double 13 confirms the Mormon church was founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual and celebrated via human sacrifice on Mountain Meadows, the latter of which LDS elite dismiss as a mistake and misunderstanding (see attached image for a detailed explanation of how this works).

Your letter was an encrypted death threat; that’s why identified with Flores. You’ve been in full court press ever since protected by Scottish Rite identified administration that is shielding you from lawful process.

HUD administrators kowtowed to Scottish Rite redirect when this issue went to the state, which is racketeering. When your SABRA raptor made a death threat, a San Bernardino sheriff deputy dismissed this as a mistake and misunderstanding, probably on orders from a fraternal linked administrator, my guess someone in the church that works for the sheriff’s department, John McMahon possibly. I was subsequently accused of stalking the perp’s children after I had complained your raptor was stalking my handicapped daughter, which Marbella Property Mgt. participated in issuing that statement, just they left off my name to avoid a lawsuit.

The more research I did, the more dirty this got. I learned that Mayor Carey Davis is related to David O. McKay via Beverly Potts (abducted 1951), McMahon and DA Mike Ramos likewise identified with McKay via Potts. Davis has Pott’s duck walk and looks just like McKay.

Needless to say, there is nothing going on here short of LDS continuing attempt to silence me via attrition blood atonement. Watchtower and the Lutherans are likewise identified with the Mormon church, so it makes sense you folks would use a watchtower SABRA felon controlled raptor such as has occurred with our upstairs neighbors.

Also, what I learned about Monson was pretty typical for Mormon elite. He gets turned on watching high school cheerleaders (Natalee Holloway), so what better link to such an opportunity that his Melchizedek networked with a high school teacher such as yourself?

I would like to close this with a little demo using your triptych encryption code pointing to an apparent engineered relationship with your wife. Like 13, the number 27 is huge to LDS elite. This code is keyed to Skull and Bones 322.

155 51182395
2 7

154955 51182395
2 7

Further numeric analysis of these names produces the following numbers:

ANN, 927, 9
ANDREW, 927, 3


My guess is your son’s name produces base nine additive sum 1.

Your church, in particular Redlands Temple administrator, Gary Evan Baugh, perped Sylvia Marie Flores, San Bernardino administration responsible for creating the official lie of this Satanic Fire Ritual human sacrifice as a crime of passion.

25 February 2013 (Flores abduction) to 19 April 2013= 52 days= 7 base nine additive sum. 26 February 2013 to 19 April 2013= 51 days= 6 base nine additive sum. 76= 13. The other 13 is the base nine additive sum of the dates 25 and 26 February 2013.

It’s probably no mystery to you I was threatened with a knife assault downtown Redlands 23 January 2016, my handicapped daughter seated in the car. 123= Pythagoras code,Tau. Linking this to the Satanic Fire Ritual was a simple process of calculating backward from 23 January 2016 to 19 April 2015 which is 310 days, or 13. The second 13 is the anchor date, 19 April 2015 (148= 13). That’s the Mormon church. Next thing to do is have a look at who this might have been linked to you.

This missive will forward to Redlands Police Department detective Corey Hunt.


Heaven Night Club, Mexico City, was a retention sacrifice for Frances Monson, tip of the ice berg.

April 19 LDS Satanic Fire Ritual (SFR) Abduction Constant


18 April 2016 12:03 and 12:30 PM residential SABRA telegraphed death threat “303” these numbers referring to the British No4 T .303 sniper rifle. 123= Pythagoras base nine alphabet, Tau. A large Salvation Army box truck parked outside in the alley 12:19- 12:24 PM on a timeline with this event. This is the second such threat issuing from Andrew Washburn who is controlling residential harassment networked with local Scottish Rite and LDS elite. This particular incident lofts involvement with military the perps are using in a military code.


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