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For the record, as a civil issue, your leaky ceiling project is presenting on the Satanic Fire Ritual (SFR) commencing 19 April 2016, a consequence of LDS hijinks in connection with the founding of the Mormon church on the same event. Insouciance in avoiding repairs manifest your motivation and sustained harassment and retaliation on my handicapped daughter.


The Mormon church was founded 6 April 1830, 13 days ahead of the SFR, what 13 days of this event through 1 May (1313) presses itself into projects in which people targeted for retaliation are attacked and which are typically signatured 1313. Residential harassment on 13 has been thematic since 31 October 2013 when you presented with your #2017 SABRA following your 11 September 2013 letter re names on money orders.

The problem with this is not so much the hijinks itself but the macabre goings on in the backdrop an example of which was Mountain Meadows 27 years forward of the founding of the Mormon church. People never connect this to the SFR partly because they don’t know about the latter: however, Mountain Meadows was nonetheless anchored on the SFR much as the founding of the church and involved human sacrifice, a project that was nearly three decades in the making and which LDS elite today dismiss as a mistake and misunderstanding, for obvious reasons, the public so charmed on LDS magic shows.


Finding the double 13 signature on Mountain Meadows anchored on the SFR is simple: 19 April to 7- 11 September 1857= base nine additive sum of the five day period of this event= 13. For example, 19 April through 7 September 1857= 141 days, or 6, 8 through 11 September 1857 producing 7, 8 9 and 1, respectively, hence base nine additive sum 13 (67891= 13).

Setting the mark for Mountain meadows to fall midpoint 1313 between 19 April 1857 and 19 April 1858, the numbers to accomplish this issue on the dates 7- 11 September 1857 through April 19 1858, hence the numbers 224, 225, 226, 227 and 228, or 89123 which produces base nine additive sum 13. It looks like this on a timeline:

19 April 1857
> 7- 11 September 1857
> days 141, 142, 143, 144 and 145, or 67891
> 67891= base nine additive sum 13

7- 11 September 1857
> 19 April 1857
> days 224, 225, 226, 227 and 228, or 89123
> 89123= base nine additive sum 13

The numbers appear convoluted to throw off analysis linking LDS to human sacrifice using your own SAB322 telegraph code. As Pointed out earlier, you and your wife are each 27 cipher on this code. That huge in Melchizedek terms. That’s a BOS signature.

154955 51182395
27 <point made here

155 51182395
27 <point made here

39= 3= cobra


You aren’t only a high ranking Melchizedek, you are the alpha on Sylvia Maris Flores, my guess you having had contact with her at some point during her education as her handler, which is the reason you used her as an anchor in your 11 September letter to me to evoke a death treat.

Mountain Meadows thus falls on a calendar midpoint 13 between 19 April 1857 and 19 April 1858.


Notwithstanding, Easter is also identified with the Satanic Fire Ritual, 27 (2= Genesis 6: 2 and the rational for LDS abductions, and 7 Freemasons) featured in a complex operation setting the 19 April SFR as the midpoint between Easter Sundays, in this case 27 March 2016 and 16 April 2017.


The point of this discussion is to make you patently aware I know why your SABRA press their noise doing harassment on my handicapped daughter and are engaged in physically attacking our rental unit presenting on the number 13.

13= 1) the Orion Constellation, the source of identification with secret societies since Akhenaten, and 3) cobra, or the Brotherhood of the Snake, the latter of which is the core of the LDS movement. The correct name for this in LDS terms is Mormo. Relief Society= Hacate. Mormo= Mormon and Moroni.




This is a very (13) simple formula: Mormon/4+ Moroni/4= 8. For those they just don’t get it, the LDS perpetual Mountain Meadows awaits via SKIRTS and the 19 April- May 1 Satanic Fire Ritual hijinks awaits.


You know what you are doing. We know what you are doing. Your motivation is sadistic, intentional, has condemned our residency to subordination to occult process directed at effecting our discomfiture and directly at my handicapped daughter opportunistic to attempt to provoke a deadly confrontation with me. And of course this has to be happening in Tandem with the owners of #2017. Do recall your 4- 20 June 2014 Mercury retrograde attempt to traffic my handicapped daughter using your liaisons in Adult Services (fully documented). You folks backed off when I pointed to multi agency and Freemason involvement in racketeered human trafficking.

If we can get this to a hearing, I will ask for civil damages in connection with pervasive retaliatory harassment issuing on my 1995 redaction from the LDS church primarily focusing upon my handicapped daughter here as a part of your LDS attrition blood atonement campaign.

Currently, your #2017 SABRA are keeping up an occult presence by periodically pelting the floor overhead time ciphered on 13, well above county noise code, around the clock, and concurrent with the ceiling in my handicapped daughter’s bedroom leaking toilet water from that unit into her bedroom hallway which has soaked the carpet in that area. Vapors and the presence of bacteria in connection with such filth is producing health issues.


Immediately stop your harassment by proxy of my handicapped daughter and make repairs effecting use and health to our rental unit.

You have attacked our rental unit occult based upon LDS preoccupation with the Satanic Fire Ritual, these circumstances celebratory 19 April through 1 May, the 13 day period of occult prevarication involving human sacrifice which in our case you have sacrificed our peaceful enjoyment and health.

For the record, such 19 April artifacts as pink (9) and blue (4), identify with 27 March (Easter) telegraphing a link between Easter and the Satanic Fire Ritual what days between number 23 and 3 months 2 days, or Atramental Lodge 23/LDS and the Scottish Rite. A pink Volkswagen bearing the word “RUGGED” likewise telegraphs 13.

You know who this is, Andrew. #2016, the fellow that used to beat the wellhead of the underworld when little girls walking home from the school across the street walked passed his garage. It took a year to get you folks to end this, he in a retaliatory funk with me ever since inclusive of his girlfriend walking up on my family when we were loading our vehicle and he posturing to provoke a fight punctuated by grabbing his cock and doing hip thrusts toward me. Your wold be knife assassin 23 January. These are all your people, Mr. 27 Melchizedek.


All you can do now to attempt to stop my documentation of LDS crimes is follow through on your 18 April .303 death threat. You’ll miss.


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