Andrew Washburn III

This missive is being published to confirm communication with a business entity which is attempting to rewrite mechanical damage being caused by radical harassment as destruction of property- in connection with Mormon attrition blood atonement- as naturally occurring deterioration, or poor craftsmanship, which is fraud.

Local Scottish Rite/LDS are passing the buck for repairs caused by gang involvement in destruction of property rented by a LDS targeted individual for blood atonement for redaction from the Mormon church.

Radical harassment is pervasive the threat of which was telegraphed 2013 by a Mormon Melchizedek priest occult identified 27 (2/Genesis 6: 2 and 7/Orion Masons) anchored on the abduction and sacrificial murder of Sylvia Marie Flores.

Subsequent death threats by the perpetrator were dismissed as a mistake and misunderstanding by a San Bernardino County Sheriff, the chief of whom, John McMahon, is a Mormon.

xxxxxx xxxxxx
Wright Real Property Management
966 N. Amelia Ave
San Dimas, Ca 91773

@xxxxxx xxxxxx

1 We spoke on the telephone a few minutes ago. You initiated the call. Our conversation was professional and pleasant. I had no problem having this conversation with you.

2 You asked questions regarding the toilet leaking water from the upstairs rental unit hallway ceiling onto the carpet in my handicapped daughter’s bedroom. You referred to this as a water leak.

3 I explained the carpet was soaked with urine and had to be removed for health reasons, that the remaining debris was putting off a stench. You referred to this as a quality of repair issue and explained further the ceiling would have to be opened up to assess the need for repair. We are having health issues with this (nose bleeds, nausea watery eyes, etc). Be aware also this harassment project was initiated officially by you 19 April, the first day of the Satanic Fire Ritual, the constant upon which the Mormon church was founded. Explanation follows (see 8 below).

4 This area of the ceiling has leaked five times over the past two years. The first time the owner of our rental unit, Andrew Washburn, ignored it. DFEH dismissed his responsibility to make repairs based on alleged feelings of fear of me. There is absolutely nothing of record to support this allegation.

5 The drywall is saturated with feces and urine. Andrew Washburn offered to paint over but not remove it. That doesn’t make sense, but apparently Andrew Washburn has connections with HUD and was able to racketeer a denial of my complaint which sustained the inconvenience and health issues with this toilet leaking into our rental unit.

6 Your plumbing craftsman that did the repair several months ago had to return a second time to stop this leak again AFTER ANOTHER BEATING ON THE FLOOR.

7 What is not being acknowledged in these affairs is this leak is occurring in connection with radical harassment from our upstairs neighbors who periodically be beat on the floor in the effected restroom causing it to leak. These beatings produce a 120dB shock, the toilet leaking immediately afterward. The point of this is of course to dump urine and feces into our unit a consequence of not kowtowing to perpetrators demands.

8 Perps are motivated to harass forward of 31 October 2013 in connection with Andrew Washburn’s 11 September 2013 letter to me regarding how to address rent payment money orders.

9 For the record, this activity signatured initial conflict with the agitprop perp 1313 which is the LDS constant for the founding of their church on the Satanic Fire Ritual. I don’t celebrate Halloween, which allegedly set them off. Andrew Washburn’s letter was occult anchored on a felon crime perped earlier that year which is typical of LDS perpetual and pervasive harassment and their obsession for telegraphing this to the public stealth.

10 Believe it or not, Andrew Washburn is the actual and real agent of this damage, perps a gang identified entity via the adult male, xxxxxx xxxxxx.

11 Andrew Washburn is a Mormon Melchizedek priest and networks harassment via LDS and Scottish Rite administration locally and with HUD. This harassment was set up to run an attrition blood atonement campaign in perpetuity for my redaction from the LDS church referring to their organization as a magic show and pointing to various crimes they are involved in throughout the state.

12 For your information, San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis is the son of David O. McKay, former LDS president, and Beverly Potts (abducted 1951). McKay had Potts abducted and bred her via Genesis 6: 2 occult protocol, Genesis 6: 2- 7 the model for Andrew Washburn and his wife Ann identified as a double 27 and 3 confirming solidarity with Orion cobra (13) black mass breeding.

13 Typical of Mormon preoccupation with occult process, Andrew Washburn is using a residential provocateur (moved in after us) to attempt to penetrate out rental unit, his property, by a third party that is causing destruction of same concurrent with passing the expense along to insurance allegedly as a naturally occurring structural./mechanical issue, which is fraud, in my opinion.

14 Your willingness to carry the ball for this harassment and creating an official record of this problem as a naturally occurring or craftsman ship issue is making your organization complicit in a crime, also typical of how these monsters operate.

15 Sucking a decent plumber into these affairs as a dupe is criminal as well. Anyone that touches this corrupts. Andrew Washburn is the due bill agent for creating the circumstances for a deadly assault against me highly orchestrated by LDS affiliates identified with both the church and Scottish Rite Freemasons.

16 This missive will appear in a public forum to the exclusion of the names of second parties. Your name will not appear in this publication, but the name of your business will as will any business that attaches itself to this activity to preserve Andrew Washburn from culpability.

17 Other crime effected by this radical harassment= human trafficking via San Bernardino County administration collaborated with Mayor Carey Davis (4- 20 June 2014) and two perp death threats, one of these dismissed by Mormon San Bernardino county Sheriff as a mistake and misunderstanding.

xxxxxx xxxxxx

c as sent
bcc unnamed


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