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The easiest way to follow this is on a simplified timeline backwards from Ezra Taft Benson to Skull and Bones founder, William IL. Russell.

UK Russell Family
UK William LL. Russell
1774 French Revolution
1776 Illuminati (International Freemasons)
1810 Alphonso Taft
1830 Mormon Church founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual
1832 Order of the Skull and Bones
1857 LDS Tubal Cain Vulcania, Mountain Meadows
1899 Ezra Taft Benson
1949 Elizabeth Short
XXXX Radical Manifest
XXXX Redlands ONA

The Mormon church was engineered as an eugenics project for box breeding humans like cattle via Genesis 6: 2, radicalized. The idea was to slowly replace indigenous population with black mass bred bloodlines using first born females from the mainstream at the will of Mormon elite bred to LDS prophets in perpetuity which they have been doing since 1857.

This church itself is designed to seduce public opinion favorable to accepting LDS in communities that are otherwise being organized into temple hosted county cohorts of approximately 33 counties per temple in the US. 33 is their mark once again linking LDS to Scottish Rite Freemasonry. LDS and Scottish Rite Freemasons are the same entity.

Locally, with Sylvia Marie Flores (2013) placing key in a straight line cartographic on the Redlands ONA, the Redlands Temple has thus been dedicated as a ritual human sacrifice site, the correct idea being that Scottish Rite/LDS have come full circle in establishing their fraternal radical manifest having thoroughly saturated the surrounding communities with assets used to harvest people like animals for their solidarity pledge activities masquerading mayhem and such.

This manifest presents MAG encrypted on the following hierarchy:

1 think tank blueprinting such as ONA/SRA
2 Scottish Rite administration
3 multi national intelligence and domestics terrorism cells
4 local LDS temple administration cohorts of 30 counties each; 90 cells nationally
5 SABRA, blue collar service assets w/vehicles
6 gangs/felons in connection with the Lutheran church and Jehovah’s’ Witness

For the record, much as this information may too too bizarre to be true, any of this can be confirmed via diligent research most people will never do dismissive of both the need to vet the official public record and the officials who create them.

Conspiracy theory is a term coined by an intelligence organization directed at stigmatizing civic minded forensic case study on public administration, anyone challenging the office record thus considered by those who do not understanding a nut. This is a cheap form of disregard in this researcher’s opinion and evidence that the US gene pool is showing the impact of intelligence DNA linked SKIRTS black mass.

Not possible? The numbers of first female SKIRTS abductions between 1857 and 2016 rise to one million victims, half of these sacrificed curbside, the other half used for sex my Mormon elite.

For those who remain entrenched with the opinion that Freemasons nor LDS would ever perpetrate such crimes, know that TE Lawrence was the son of Elite Freemason, Lewis Carroll, Carrol himself killed by an other Mason for pursuing the other man’s daughter. Lawrence’s mother was Mary Ann Nichols, his birth falsely documented two weeks before her death. TE Lawrence was delivered black mass curbside, which is why her perp removed all her female organs. Lewis Carrol was Jack the Ripper.

Under similar circumstances, Ben Swann is the black mass son of Ezra Taft Benson. The radical manifest is the administrative application through which Scottish Rite and LDS are conducting their administrative/institutional terrorism on the US, the primary use of the curbside slaying of young females to solidarity pledge their assets.


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