Radical Manifest: SABRA

Understanding that Skull and Bones is the official service logo for the Mormon church dating to William LL. Russell and the French Revolution in competition with the idea that this church from hell was Divinely inspired, which it was not, SABRA is taken from the first letters of this logo what occult etiology manufactures a minor felon deity in the Mormon anti Christ pantheon.


SAB= saboteur, the last letter, r, lending itself to the creation of the word SABRA, ra for God, or radical activism (Anacharsis Cloots), either way Saboteur God, or SABRA

LDS SABRA are rendition assets and immune from prosecution for the crimes they commit, protected by law enforcement and are active in the community around the clock. They are blue collar workers and perform a variety of services that require the use of a company vehicle that makes them invisible and resources their need for transport of abduction victims. Sylvia Marie Flores didn’t enter the vehicle of a John. She was abducted and carried out of the area via a UPS or similar vehicle people never associate with a crime.

Police are admin enforcers but kowtow to SABRA as assets to induction in racketeered crime arising from FBPO affiliation with Scottish Rite Freemasons. This places them in a dual role of law enforcement and criminal asset charlatan typical of Freemason bifurcation of domestic infrastructures. Many of them know and enjoy the ecological disconnect this grants them so that they are not only above the law themselves, but they obey the frat rules SABRA requires of them to perp domestic terrorism in exchange for nearly absolute autonomy.

Scottish Rite/LDS SABRA are not to be confused with Israeli born native Jews or their foreign militant counterparts identified with the Prickly Pear cactus, but rather the term embedded in the covert Mormon Skull and Bones logo that is more characteristic of the LDS righteous demon and alligator weed, although SABRA thus correctly understood, the Mormon version of this does periodically make use of the Prickly Pear to signature their abduction crimes (eg Cheri Jo Bates, Sylvia Marie Flores).

When SABRA are identified on a target, police subordinate regardless of nature of the crime in progress inclusive of kidnapping for torture which was what happened to Sylvia Marie Flores. Because these individuals are typically natural sociopaths and willing to sell themselves as asset crime racketeers, they are also usually sadistic and derive pleasure from occult abduction masquerading hijinks.

One such event presented culminating a meeting with a Redlands detective who noticed and picked up a black ball artifact exiting the police building. I walked over it recognizing someone was monitoring our meeting outside. This was designed to mark whoever picked it up as a target.

On a rendition project, LDS SABRA are completely shielded from accountability by police who will actually help them follow through on their rendition projects, even if this target is another police officer.


esi sabra delivery
Since police and sheriff subordinate to SABRA, it is a forgone conclusion that the latter controls the official narrative documenting such engineered crimes as murder, kidnapping for torture and suicide, the public superficially confident that whatever issues from the puppet conscience of city administration chiefs is reality.

SABRA are saboteur Gods meaning they have at their disposal whatever resources they need to perp the blueprinted target. Targeted individuals get no help except whatever they can do to throw off a perp. The more aware people are of these circumstances, the more capable they are of sending a SABRA asset packing.

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