The racketeering and fraud featured in Scottish Rite/LDS press into political and religious domestic infrastructures= RADICALIZATION the purpose of which is directed at deconstruction of reality of the entity/society targeted for destabilization. There are no mistakes or misunderstandings in these circumstances. Anyone having invested with a radical predator has skin in their game of treachery.

Masquerading noble cause, this bifurcated fraternal brotherhood can thus institutionalize and control the mainstream effecting highly orchestrated mayhem in the backdrop of the LDS church what public knowledge of prevarication with eugenics black mass breeding is suppressed by brotherhood administration, the latter poised with an official record that left without oversight is a case study in felony treason and the many horrific crimes that were perped to collapse the status quo.

Reality is perceived by the senses but can also be conned by a magician the example of which is Genesis 3. This number encrypts the entity responsible for occult/fraternal engagement with a public that likewise violates it’s own conscience in such a manner that people blindly hand themselves over to whatever magic show they have been offered access to in exchange for their souls, or self will as it were.

3 is Brotherhood of the Snake the principle icon of which is the black and white lipped cobra (COBRA= 36291= 354= 3; triptych encryption, base nine additive sums; Pythagoras). Unfortunately, God= 13, or the Orion cobra using the same triptych code, a psychological paradox known as the double bind, a peculiarity of human intelligence that can be manipulated to control populations.

People are by their nature a gregarious species what behavior rises out of a natural disposition to eat, reproduce and sleep or recreate. This produces some problems for groups never achieving actualization via acculturation to some ecological dynamic that catalyzes developmental epochs.

Persuasion is easy on these people, again Genesis 3, and they are likewise as easily led by any con man and his ideological magic show that permits team Cobra to penetrate same with reality alternative to what is real, circumstances in which prevail in a lie, the state of the art presentation upon an otherwise stupid public the conversion of whatever resources are owned by the ingenious to the perp via fiat magic.

Mormon elite claim to have it from God himself, the encrypted message in this dyslogic ideology that people have participated in manifesting their macabre eugenics projects upon the public fully conscious of what this macabre service to society produces: black mass bloodlines an example of which is Mayor Carey Davis, the product of the breeder box union between David O/McKay and Beverly Potts.

In a nutshell, these problems are larger a public discussion forum. De facto process is converging on the public for the singular purpose of converting the US (de jure) to a theocracy the consequence of which will be a mass kill of those who, after learning of late what is actually taking place, attempt to resist.

Radical leadership is identified with bifurcated Judaism’s Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS movements, these now poised to force changes to upon the public the former will rationalize has been willed by God, the latter of which is no more than the paradox of the collective conscience they have capitulated to the devil himself.

Meanwhile, here’s America> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO. With Mormon elite now lofting a photograph of George Hodel (prime suspect in the Elizabeth Short slaying) as Joseph Smith and Sue Emmet having redacted LDS membership, the only explanation for RFM entrenchment is sycophancy. Ewe!

You can’t fix stupid.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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