The REAL Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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1780 French Revolution authentic and true writers of the Book of Mormon telegraphed a message to the public laughing in the face of intelligence simultaneously promoting one of the most organized statist troika assaults on humanity to date encrypted in the logo:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

It takes a special kind of idiot to hold on to a lie so twisted that former definitions of gullibility do not capture the psychological shallowness of insouciance operating in the mind of the RFM sycophant but what description comes close can be found in the DSM IV under Pathological Altruism.

As will be explained in a moment, there was no Joseph Smith, this myth man one of LDS’ pantheon of deities modeled on Louis Antoine de Saint-Just, a French Revolution terrorist notorious for his affiliation with like-minded cohorts,  Anacharsis Cloots and Antoine Francois Mormo, the latter both of whom were also written into the Mormon Magic Kingdom of characters via the distressed albeit intrepid imagination of statist ideologues of the day.

Flash forward 238 years, the LDS mystery machine has an alleged 5 million members nationally what independent researchers have more correctly estimated to be 2.5 million practicing, the other half having fled the church for various personal reasons. Those who remain are by and large the statistical 3% of the US population identified with a sociopath state of mind.

LDS pledges are an easy group to recruit. You repeat the oft stated LDS truisms that the Mormon church is the true church and Joseph Smith was a prophet, get baptized, take the priesthood, and you no longer have to be burdened with reality or reason. Do what you are told, and you are good with the church.

Mormons are told to believe Joseph Smith was a real person, and happiness will enshroud you if you believe it, otherwise they have no use for you. Challenge their elite, and they will have you killed- yes in America, and yes even with the civil protection of the Bill of Rights, which half of Americans don’t know what the latter is anyway.

You have to believe a lie to become a Mormon, and therein presents on one’s conscience an inversion of values Anacharsis Cloots regarded useful to radical propaganda. Radicalization has the same impetus as the anti Christ and opposes all that is valued in human character as good via lies, secrecy and violence, which of course LDS elite celebrated on Mountain Meadows.

LDS elite will tell you they believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. What they will not tell you coming in is they are referring to Baal, Lucifer and that the LDS Holy Spirit is a counterfeit the introduction to which is the Joseph Smith myth.

While LDS elite run one of most prolific manufactured and administratively enforced domestic terrorism operations in the world, few RFMs are even aware of the LDS Tubal Cain Vulcania let alone this radical statist political organization was founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual.

The LDS mark on humanity is the 120+ men, women and children Brigham Young had sacrificed in 1857 by mistake and misunderstanding, Young himself an international Freemason with ties to Britain, Spain and France even as a child; Young was hardly the carpenter frontiersman he has been portrayed as in LDS lore.

Just how gullible are Americans today? Brigham Young= subjugate youth, the message one of a reminder that lasting capitulation of character only works if the occupation entity can control the the mind of the child.

Ultimately this concept plays into LDS box breeding their notorious black mass bloodlines in Cloots perpetual eugenics mission creep to formulate a hybrid race of androgynous beings to the eventual exclusion of all others on the planet.

With this in mind, LDS tap that part of the population that is the steadfast simple minded altruist what identity is dependent upon cavorting with the devil for their survival, many of these knowing the crimes of this church and willing to trade a peaceful life for one’s soul precipitated on a lie they neither care about nor challenge.

The RFM sociopath collective does this to identify with an outlet for their collective predatory disposition many of whom resource such human sacrifice events as Sylvia Marie Flores. Then, What sacrifice? What victim? 

People in the mainstream, the larger part of whom are well meaning, are also simple minded to a fault which makes them easy to prey upon by their fewer numbers of sociopath betters. To this end, very few in the mainstream organize, nor will they do civics.

While people in the mainstream are intuitive, they are also by and large stupid. They don’t understand predation, nor do they understand they are surrounded by predators and will subsequently do nothing to prevent their own destruction.

This is one of three predators bearing down on the US, the ideological basis and names of the occupation perps cleverly encrypted in the letters of this logo:

esi lds logo


This church logo telegraphs Anacharsis Cloots, detruire (destroy), Louis Antoine de Saint-Just, Cheth/Baal worship, and the number 1 for the Star of David based upon six geometrically arranged stars in the Orion Constellation: Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Mintaka and Rigel, Saiph, Alnitak.




That’s Cloots as in Anacharsis Cloots. Mormon and Moroni are triptych base nine derivatives of Antoine Francois Mormo.


esi cloots

Cloots/LDS radical propaganda is featured in the subsequent founding of the LDS church on the Satanic Fire Ritual (ref Skull and Bones; SAB/SABRA; RA= radical activism) and celebrated on the Tubal Cain Vulcania (Mountain Meadows) in troika US occupation mission creep covering three primary areas domestic control: hybrid eugenics masquerading noble cause faith (LDS), business/corporate (Skull and Bones) and political leadership (Scottish Rite Freemasons).

LDS are highly involved in hybrid eugenics taking no fewer than 6000 American females from the mainstream annually (approximately 2 per county) for use in ritual activities inclusive of commemorative and retention sacrifice and for breeding black mass bloodlines a primary example of which is San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis (David O. McKay/Beverly Potts 1951).

The book of Mormon was published before 1794, one of three indoctrination keys for conversion of American domestic infrastructure to a statist political system over which people will ultimately have no control. To this end, troika statists make use of radical process and genocide, or in the case of LDS elite, the black mass SKIRTS rendition, any form of which is occupation mission creep in perpetuity.


The classical painted image of Joseph Smith is based upon that of French Revolution terrorist, Louis Antoine de Saint-Just. Typical of an organization that makes up the narrative to accommodate the public’s growing awareness of the lie, LDS elite – hard pressed to come up with an authentic picture of Smith – began circulating one that is in fact a photoshopped image of George Hodel (c. 1927). Hodel remains the primary suspect in the 1947 slaying of Elizabeth Short (Black Dahlia).

Bearing in mind detruire from the decryption above, the reader has the correct idea re the LDS Holy Ghost, in the occult sense a python, or in the case of missionary presentation, the black and white lipped cobra, no holds barred in pressing Mormon felicity into a mindless oblivion of the forever mysterious smiling METRIC psychopath, Louis Antoine de Saith-Just cum Joseph Smith cum George Hodel.

esi cloots2


Anacharsis Cloots (LDS prophet/ideologue)
Prussian nobleman orator
guillotined 24 March 1794

Antoine Francois Mormo (triptych derivatives Mormon and Moroni)
French printer, bookseller and pol during FR
guillotined 24 March 1794

Jacques Herbert
writer/publisher, La Pierre Duchesue
guillotined 24 March 1794

Charles-Philippe Ronsin
radical leader, FR
guillotined 24 March 1794

Francois- Nicolas Vincent
Cordlier Club, San Culotte leader, Herbertist
guillotined 24 March 1794

Louis Antoine de Saint-Just (Joseph Smith)
military leadership
guillotined July 28, 1794


Anacharsis Cloots studied and understood enough about Islamic faith to construct one of his own less many of Islam’s too constraining beliefs yet tap into Sharia enough to reformulate the latter’s strong solidarity that was then and remains today lacking in Christianity. Otherwise, developmental etiology between Islam and Mormonism is identical and can be viewed here and here.

RF LDS are disciplined and not likely to be found at McDonalds, Planned Parenthood clinics and MTV concerts, although Mormon elite have a hand in developing all three for the exclusive use by Christians who typically are not self- disciplined. A body satiate on debauchery begets a mind likewise insouciant. There is stronger solidarity among LDS, because RFMs are required to follow a strict protocol.

In the same manner Islamic women are required to wear a veil, this is the purpose of Mormon magic underwear, men enjoined in this behavior so there is no direct comparative link between Islam and the Mormon church. The underwear is a masquerade as it were that will eventually be modified to a veil as LDS begins to reformulate itself correct to Sharia.

Cloots understood statism is about as close to a theocratic utopia people would ever get, that Islam possessed the discipline necessary to get people organized under a single banner, and also that mystification played hugely into the psyche of a mainstream that was otherwise perpetually stupid regardless then as now of having educated how to read and write on the Bible.

Without solidarity, Christianity is doomed with the exception that charismatic reformers periodically make an appearance to confirm Jesus remains the supreme deity of hope for an otherwise Godless planet.

One can only guess RFMs who read this will head directly for the bishop’s office, he to the stake president, and the latter to Monson himself to report that LDS is under siege from an encryption analyst that is attacking the church with reality.

To understand this behavior, the reader must bear in mind LDS do not think independently least they are not useful to the church, and those who do think are either routed, or they leave of their own volition.


esi sharia






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