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SABRA Projects

re “SABRA Shmabra. If LDS elite were this bad they would be in prison or on death row.” You cant fix stupid. The fact is the reason LDS elite are not in prison is because they are shielded from their … Continue reading

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Elder Peter Allen Maughan

re “Take your medication.” Here’s YOUR medication, fuck head! This is proof that LDS elite assassinate their own. Elder Peter Allen Maughan From Issaquah, Washington SABRA Assassinated Tlacojalpan, Mexico 15 September 2013 6 April 2013 (founding of the LDS church) … Continue reading

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Origin of the Mormon Church

re ” You are so off the wall. Noting but a mouth!” THE IDEOLOGICAL INSPIRATION, AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS OF THE BOOK OF MORMON Sabbatai Zevi Anacharsis Cloots (LDS prophet/ideologue) Prussian Nobleman and Orator guillotined 24 March 1794 Jean-Jacques Barthélemy; Declaration … Continue reading

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Whitechapel a Response to the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act of 8 July 1862

re “Did you ever consider that what the Prophet Joseph Smith had in mind for America was better than what the founders tried to manufacture?” The Mormon church was INVENTED during the French Revolution by a cohort of domestic terrorists … Continue reading

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The Ideological Tap Root of the Mormon Church is Sabbatai Zevi

FORWARD (rev 10 October 2016) This WordPress narrative was my response to some idiot that attacked me after I posted a previous one on Twitter. It is incumbent on civic minded people to understand the problems described in this missive, … Continue reading

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LDS v Trinitarian Christians

We know the LDS church concept was developed, narrated and published during the French Revolution by domestic terrorist team and radical homosexual Anacharsis Cloots principled on Sabbatai Zevi. Likewise, Scottish Rite Freemasons were created in tandem with the LDS church, … Continue reading

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Complaint Alleging San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney Involvement in Human Trafficking and Torture of a Handicapped Individual

A copy of this complaint was emailed to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Public Affairs, the morning of 28 May 2016, copies of which were also faxed to Superior Court Mental Health Counselors, Bob Habel and Wayne Henkelmann. Bob Habel … Continue reading

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