Francis Pusok/Anne Marie Clemenson-Wolf


The Mormon church was founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual and commemorated on the Tubal Cain Vulcania (Mountain Meadows) in 1857, the latter- according to LDS elite- by mistake and misunderstanding. This researcher doesn’t buy it, but LOL Kewl OMG LMAO Americans seem to be okay with this.


Re Francis Pusok’s assault of 9 April 2015, 9 April= 99th day of year non leap year. 9th of April+ 99= 999, or 666. Enough said there!

Re Anne Marie Clemenson- Wolf, 2016 is a leap year, so 9 April= 100th day of year. 9 April+ 1 for leap year+ 9 days in morgue= 19 April, or the first day of the Satanic Fire Ritual.


How is LDS important to the Pusok assault in the first place? Because their elite operate in collusion with Scottish Rite Freemasons, both entities of which are affiliated with San Bernardino administration and a coup on the state and federal constitutions.

Anne Marie Clemenson-Wolf appears to have been a commemorative kill on what was supposed to have been Francis Pusok’s death as well, or at least he was attacked to set up her death with a payment. Both events, Pusok and Clemenson-Wolf, were engineered.

This researcher is saying Francis Pusok was an ambush tactic designed to set up his mother, his settlement actually a payment to resource the Scottish Rite/LDS Satanic Fire Ritual (SFR) bought and paid for with public money, the SFR victim so completely overwhelmed by her son’s assault she would never have imagined the real target was her.

How are family handling this? Conflict. It just goes on and on: however, be assured racketeer cohorts Carey Davis, Mike Ramos and John McMahon have tightened this up to an official record contravening any involvement in human trafficking for torture, idiot San Bernardino public here> “Awe shoot!


San Bernardino leadership is a cohort of black mass sociopaths, Mayor Carey Davis the son of David O. McKay via 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts. This is a Mormon SKIRTS  breeder box project, exclusively, one of many.


Bearing this reality to the public, there is no catalyst for radiating human trafficking like there is food, sex and degenerate entertainment. Stupid works that way.

There is something wrong with mainstream DNA. People have no suspicion and are too easily conned into circumstances such as these where there are no checks on radical leadership.

No one makes noise ’till it’s them personally, then they want God and Jesus to help out. This behavior denotes a lack of civics, the latter so absent from the mainstream people have acculturated occult macabre by default.

The correct response is> organize.

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