Targeted Individual

Many intelligent people in the know are finding themselves in circumstances the victims of stalking and various forms of sustained harassment the more typical of the latter of which are electronic and noise dosing.

There are a lot of people venting online, their lucid narratives fully describing what is known to statist leadership as SABRA (SABoteur Radical Activism). Such activity can be deadly or just annoying.

What needs to be understood is as long as Targeted Individuals are only complaining and doing nothing else to help themselves, this is not going away.

The purpose of such harassment is threefold. Attacking people with electronic devices tests human response. Retaliation might be featured.

Also, people who are intelligent are becoming a threat to the statist status quo the only way to suppress their communication and leadership in the mainstream to annoy them to silence and illness so they become too preoccupied with their health to advocate civics.

Whatever the case may be, there are certain organizations that do this as a routine funded with public money on the left and private resources on the right. An example of the former would be the San Bernardino Sheriff’s department, the latter the Mormon church. Both are affiliated.

This researcher is a targeted individual for having discovered San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis is the black mass son of David O. McKay and Beverly Potts (abducted 1951). the targeting entity is the Mormon church, collectively.

LDS do not wish to be perceived involved in kidnapping for torture which their elite have been doing at will in the US since 1857.

The true founders of the LDS church was a cohort of terrorist criminals who wrote the literature for this Scottish Rite affiliated organization during the French Revolution: Anacharsis Cloots, Jacques Herbert, Antoine Francois Mormo, Charles-Philippe Ronsin, Francois- Nicolas Vincent and Louis Antoine de Saint-Just.

Saint-Just was the model for myth man, Joseph Smith. Francis Mormo encrypts Mormon and Moroni. The LDS ancient great societies are derived form the names of the stars in Orion.

Anyone familiar with the Redlands LDS temple are aware of the eight crowns stationed on the second and third steeple tiers. These are the eight primary stars of Orion.

esi lds temple crowns

Imagine a pyramid made of a flexible material that when a heavy round object is set on it the edges bow outward as the object settles onto the pyramid. Such an object is an Illuminati motif, and there are eight of these on this steeple.

Sign up here if you would like to network with a cohort, otherwise, play your intelligence against a well organized and practiced enterprise what resources are ungodly inexhaustible.

We aren’t dealing with people who care about the rule of law. They are pledged to fraternal solidarity what first duty is to radical leadership. Morality doesn’t work on radical leadership, and controlled opposition is drama theater only.

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Survival Guide

TI Support Group



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