Ideologue Driven TROIKA STATISM in the US


1 Pervert Leadership- MANAGEMENT

2 Corp HR Violations- CAPITAL

3 Intelligence Stifling Eugenics/Genocide- LABOR

Statism is a monarch driven system, which, for example, is why the LDS church (theocracy) fronts this phony noble faith with a president, the back drop of which is one of the most prolific SKIRTS black mass breeder box and solidarity pledging operations in the world.

TS is backed up by an army of SABRA (not identified w/native born Israelis) provocateurs and assassins that resource their coveted solidarity pledge with lots of Scottish Rite/LDS perped victims, two per county, or 6000+ annually. This is dumb fuck fraternally recruited whites attacking whites.

PROOF this is working in America> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO.


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