SABRA re Corruption Exposer

SABRA (SABoteur Radical Activism) of the genre of Skull and Bones is the perp entity on Targeted Individuals throughout the world. Dep Jeff Mitchell was perped by Scott Jones.

Do not confuse this with Israeli SABRA. They are not the same, the former a product of the imagination of French Revolutionary ideologues, madmen, domestic terrorists and actual and real authors of the Sabbatai Zevi inspired Book of Mormon, Anacharsis Cloots and Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just.

People just are not figuring this out partly because they are too insouciant to care, and also because they are stupid about troika statism.

Troika statism is very simple app: 1) sado perverted Freemason appointed leadership, 2) foreign corporate, and 3) eugenics masquerading noble faith, Mormon church. Happiness addicted Americans aren’t ready to connect the dots. Scott Jones is such leadership described herein.

For the record San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis is the black mass son of David O. McKay and Beverly Potts, Sheriff McMahon and DA Mike Ramos a part of this triptych conspiracy what practice of SKIRTS box breeding dates to 1857 Tubal Cain Vulcania, Mountain Meadows.

SABRA is international radical intel group, executioner and assassination cohort MI6, Mossad and CIA and is networked with California sheriff department elite in staging stateside LDS SKIRTS and other renditions examples of which are Cheri Jo Bates (1966), Laurie Lynn Partridge (1974), Deputy Donald DeMeulle (1986, commemorative sacrifice), Corinna Novis (1986, retention sacrifice), Deputy Jeff Mitchell (2006) and Sylvia Marie Flores (2013).

The information on Mitchell is dated, much of this arising in response to 2011 contact with SCSD which so far has resulted in one other sheriff death as well. These people are insane.

Mitchell was a commemorative Satanic Fire Ritual Sacrifice (SFR), his 20 October 2016 assassination 184 (13; base nine additive sum) days from the first day of the SFR. SFR= 13 days, 19 April to 1 May, hence 1313. The LDS church was founded 6 April 1830, 13 days ahead of the SFR, the latter a 13 day celebration, again the LDS double 13, or 8 identified with the 8 primary stars of Orion, 6 of which form the Star of David.

SABRA are shielded from their terrorist crimes by Scottish Rite/LDS populated administrations that confabulate official records to empower statist ideologues to cull intelligence from the mainstream inclusive of servicing LDS black mass and solidarity pledging with victims.

LDS elite swear to be damned this is all a mistake and misunderstanding all the while sociopaths like Ezra Taft Benson telegraphed black mass at his 1999 on site Mountain Meadows commemorative. Meanwhile, get Scott Jones ticked off and he will call in a due bill from Nevada typical of SABRA pernicious involvement in punishment on those who openly oppose statist government. San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon uses Oakland.

Jerry Brown retaliated on the public via collective punishment with SB227 on his having been asked to resign for involvement in child sacrifice solidarity pledging. Zodiac was Bertram Feinstein.

WHERE THE FUCK IS THE PUBLIC? McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and Disneyland. Americans baited ungodly to Freemason/LDS attack on intelligence via programmed statist happiness so permeates domestic infrastructure with stupid, this really can’t be fixed, in this researcher’s opinion.

Corruption Exposer

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