Det Corey Hunt

This letter duplicates to Andrew Washburn, Ann Washburn, SBCSD/Public Affairs, Henry Makow, Sue Emmet and Atty.

Scottish Rite/LDS are networking an attrition blood atonement campaign on my handicapped daughter and me for the reasons enumerated in the NOTES below. 23 January was very likely to have been an attempt on my life.

123 is the LDS expanded triptych code embedded in the Pythagoras base nine cipher they use to telegraph their crimes to the public. I will run the numbers via base nine triptych encryption to give you an example of how this works.

This is probably one of the more patent uses of this code and will present in a reality check on what is commonly known among elite occult organizations as charm offensive. Brace yourself.

You are no doubt aware of the sport of fox hunting in the UK. Most people deplore this activity, albeit they have no clue what is behind it.

954 666

666 8352957


fox hunting (4)+ red fox (4)= children (8).

This is the same numeric method they used to come up with Mormon and Moroni from Mormo (Antoine Francois Mormo).




Moroni (4)+ Mormon (4)= Mormo (8).

Hunting attire black, red and white encrypt thus:



27= 2/Genesis 6:2 (encrypted) and 7/Freemasons, the latter the base nine derivative from the Orion constellation,


8= the eight primary stars of Orion what cumulative triptych base nine additive sum of same also= eight, hence 88= Freemason base nine additive sum 7.

The LDS church is a Freemason Orion construct invented by team Anacharsis Cloots and is principled on Sabbatai Zevi. LDS make prolific use of SABRA (SABoteur Radical Activists) to perp their rendition and attrition blood atonement crimes in perpetuity.

AM/Upstairs Neighbor Noise Dosing Annoyance II (corrections to original document)
16 May 2016

@Andrew Washburn

You are aware I have interpreted your 27 April 2016 60 day notice to vacate as a pernicious eviction in retaliation for my having contacted County of San Bernardino Building and Safety regarding maintenance issues you have refused to correct.

Concurrent with your eviction and with your last email re your desire to enter our rental unit on the weekend, #2017 (upstairs) has magnified their noise dosing annoyance of my handicapped daughter attempting to duplicate the coup you folks tried to pull off 4- 20 June 2014 in which your SABRA contacted county with an adult abuse complaint after they produced the behavior they reported as being caused by me.

You are aware County backed off this project when social workers realized they were being pulled into a Scottish Rite/LDS racketeered human trafficking enterprise precipitated by noise doing our rental unit around the clock, the correct identification of what behavior is intentional breech of the Covenant of Peaceful Enjoyment, this time manifesting as collaborated retaliation on my complaint to county re maintenance issues for which you received a letter to correct these problems.

My daughter is severely handicapped. This noise is causing her severe duress. Cease all LDS/SABRA noise dosing immediately upon receipt of this email. Residential noise code in San Bernardino County is 55 dB day, 50 dB night. WE are being hit with upwards of 70- 120 dB around the clock, typical.



0530 struckfloor+ ckit

0713 stomping across lr floor bet kit and br

0730 banged kit chair on floor

1034 commenced ckit, banged chair on floor at chimes

1152 cascade ckit+ stomp lr kit

1155 Macy in kit finishing bath when cascade issued

1156 stomped on floor overhead where Macy was seated at my desk eating which startled her caused her to stop eating and leave area


1500 ret from laf, ckit 3x upon entering rental unit

*1546 stomp ckit

*1550 children ascended stairwell

1553 stomp

1558 stomp, ckit

1613 USN beating on overhead patio handrails

1615 stomp

1621 USN car stereo upon arrival, David Gutierrez

1624 male adult WHAM kit upon entering usru, David Gutierrez

1640 WHAM, horn

1642 slammed door

1644 slammed floor

1701 slammed door, exit to car in alley

1710 slammed door

1716 sustained pelting

1722 sustained pelting

1735 hf pelting

1926 stomp/slam

1931 slam/wham

1936 stomp

1943 pelting floor percussive overhead in daughter’s bedroom

1948 tapping floor kitchen

1953 pounding floor kitchen

1955 struck floor in bathroom percussive

2039 stomp kit to bedroom

2044 cascade burst all rooms

2052 dropped chair kitchen

2055 sustained stomp bet kit bedroom

2057 tapping what sounded like *Morse Code on wall in bedroom

2106 sustained

2109 sustained

2107 beat floor overhead in daughter’s bedroom

2113 stomp

2114 beat floor overhead in daughter’s bedroom percussive so hard cab doors vibrated

2121 stomp lrf

2127 sustained

2129 stomp stairwell to 2017

2139 dragged chair kit

2143 stomped br to kit back and forth

2146 percussive stomp back and forth between daughter’s bedroom and lr

2149 dragged chair in kitchen

2150 sustained

2155 stomped between kit and daughter’s bedroom

2158 sustained

2315 ckit, stomp


This letter duplicates to SBCSD and Det Corey Hunt (knife incident 23 January), since David Gutierrez’s death threat was previously dismissed as a mistake and misunderstanding by a sheriff’s deputy which is pretty typical for a SABRA campaign. One of the mitigating issues in these circumstances is LDS attrition blood atonement for my involvement in flagging Thomas Monson as the perp entity on Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner and San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis as the black mass son of David O. McKay and 10 year old Beverly Potts (Cincinnati, 1951). Carey’s DOB confirms she was bred to McKay at 14 via LDS Genesis 6: 2 abduction protocol.

The focus of this residency is your 11 September 2013 letter signaturing the LDS double 13 (LDS church founding on the Satanic Fire Ritual) anchored on Sylvia Marie Flores and 31 October 2013, the latter date the commencement of your SABRA noise dosing harassment campaign on my handicapped daughter, which by all indications is an attrition blood atonement project in perpetuity perpetrated by LDS managed harassment provocateurs in preservation of LDS SKIRTS black mass kidnapping for torture (eg Beverly Potts and others).


C Atty
asterisk= corrections to original document



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