The Amorite and the Inn Keeper

re What is triptych?

MYTH INTRODUCTION= The Amorite and the Inn Keeper

An Amorite came to town one night looking for a place to sleep and asked an inn keeper for a room.

The inn keeper knew the Amorite but had no room to rent, because the last one available was occupied by his daughter.

The Amorite left.

The next morning the innkeeper’s daughter was gone, and the Amorite had fled town.

There are three parts to this story that simple as it is are impossible for people to figure out.

Try as they may, embarrassment issues on failed after failed attempt to connect the dots in this little predator anecdote.

Christianity’s version of this story is Jacob (Amorite) and Laban (innkeeper).

What is the plot of this story?

One word describes this, but there are three words that explain how this works, hence triptych.

Triptych is a very powerful behavior, because it’s agenda driven and detached from analysis and reason typically associated with thinking, which is the point of it.

With this in mind, one man predisposed to a three-point triptych agenda can destroy six-hundred-fifty-thousand, the example given the ratio of congressional leadership to US citizens.

So, while it behooves Americans to understand predator behavior, they typically will not give this a second thought otherwise acculturated to living one day to the next in an endless stream of manufactured happiness oblivious to their stupidity.

This story confirms that Stupid can’t multitask three responsibilities simultaneous let alone decrypt a 110 word parable, hence any reader that hasn’t yet figured this out probably never will.

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