Det Corey Hunt II

DATE: 18 May 2016
TO: Bob Habel, Wayne Henkelmann, Julie Gonzales
FROM: XXXXXX XXXXX (father), re XXXX XXXXX (handicapped daughter)
SUBJECT Human Trafficking/IHSS and San Bernardino Adult Protective Services

This document was prepared in response to San Bernardino County Social Worker, Julie Gonzales, visit to our rental home this morning re a complaint she stated alleged adult care issues and bloody tampon distribution to my neighbors.

We were visited by a sheriff’s department 11 May 2016 alleging I am schizophrenic.

My daughter is the target of a community of individuals who are retaliating on her for my involvement in research and documentation on LDS elite involvement in kidnapping for torture.

I am my handicapped daughter’s care provider and am experiencing San Bernardino County determination to manufacture an official record to attempt to remove my daughter from my care and transfer benefits to a group home at their will, which is human trafficking.

Since 2014, in San Bernardino, we have been: 1) threatened, 2) set upon by numerous adult services complaints alleging adult abuse, rape, schizophrenia, adult care deprivation and setting bloody tampons on the neighbor’s doorsteps, and 3) suffered through one threatened knife assault I believe was perped by a Scottish Rite/LDS assassin following a county mental health worker’s remarks that I should take out my last will and testament during a 2015 IHSS re-certification meeting.

None of the Adult services allegations are true, but such complaints networked with county via residential provocateurs who invade our privacy, traumatize my handicapped daughter and threaten her removal from our home based on documentation that is not only understood by the country to be confabulated, county is making recommendations for medical assessments via county operated IEHP favorable to county interests in human trafficking.

These circumstances originate orchestrated by Scottish Rite/LDS administrators retaliatory for my having researched and made public that Thomas Monson perped Aruba abduction victims, Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, and currently that San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis is the black mass son of David O. McKay and then 10 year old abduction victim, Beverly Potts (1951). Based on Carey Davis’ DOB, Potts was breeder box bred to McKay when she was 14.

This conspiracy to effect eugenics breeding androgynous males from SKIRTS captives is an LDS enterprise in the back drop of their religion, the latter formulated during the French Revolution by team Anacharisis Cloots and principled on Sabbatai Zevi.

All philosophy and theoretical applications aside, Scottish Rite/LDS are seeking disruption on my handicapped daughter’s resources based on my research which they are attempting to suppress by attacking her under color of process of law.

San Bernardino is occult central, the issue with Carey Davis alone one of criminal activity involving kidnapping for torture county will have no part in addressing, because this administration was set up to field a leadership bloodline created from abductions via LDS identification with Genesis 6:2 radicalized.


1) 2014 San Bernardino IHSS scheduled an annual recertification meeting for 5 June which the social worker subsequently changed to 4 June.

2) The social worker explained the reason for this was because she had completed all her other field appointments and would have more time for a 4 June meeting.

3) Our 4 June meeting was subsequently rushed by this social worker, she having ended the meeting alleging my handicapped daughter’s services were “dicy”.

4) 4 June through 20 June upstairs neighbors, affiliated with IHSS via the handicapped child of a cohort, commenced heavy 70- 120 dB around the clock noise dosing causing my handicapped daughter to panic.

5) 16 June 2014 1:30 AM the noise had become so loud my handicapped daughter attempted to flee her bedroom and fell into the closet hallucinating and screaming what event the upstairs neighbors used to allege a complaint of adult abuse.

6) 20 June 2014 a San Bernardino County Adult Services social worker made an appearance at our rental home stating he was responding to a complaint of alleged adult abuse.

7) Upon entering our home, the social worker immediately stated he could see problems and would be making recommendations for regional center services and a possible group home placement.

8) I responded that we were being set up, that an event had occurred 16 June precipitated by noise dosing from the upstairs neighbors.

9) I showed the social worker the way I was attempting to insulate my handicapped daughter from this, that we were getting no help from the owner of our rental unit, property management entity or sheriff’s department, because they were a part of it.

10) Our rental unit owners are Mormon. Sheriff John McMahlon is Mormon. The upstairs neighbors neighbors are Mormon affiliates via Watchtower.

11) Scottish Rite rules administration in San Bernardino, the reason these people are attacking my handicapped daughter my having alleged LDS president, Thomas Monson, was the perp on Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner.

12) Of late, I have learned also San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis is the black mass son of former LDS president David O. McKay and then 10 year old Kidnap victim, Beverly Potts (Cincinnati, 1951).

13) 20 June, the Adult Protective Services social worker left explaining he would be making subsequent visits to follow up on this complaint and recommendations.

14) I documented this person’s visit to our home as an occult structured event, since between the IHSS social worker, upstairs neighbor and Adult Protective services, the dates of these events fell on the 4- 20 June 2014 Mercury retrograde.

15) 16 June in particular falling 58 days from the first day of the 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual, the latter is the 13 day occult ritual period upon which the Mormon church was founded.

16) I interpreted these events directed at highly structured human trafficking and began documenting this in writing with IHSS and Adult Protective Services.

17) San Bernardino county responded by sending out another social worker who claimed to have no knowledge of the first social worker’s involvement in these affairs.

18) This second social worker said her complaint alleged cockroach infestation which she subsequently dismissed as unfounded, although she never even looked around at our rental unit.

19) In particular, upon entering our home, this social worker yelled, “HELLO XXXX !” loud enough to be heard across a football field which I reasoned was signal language.

20) I believe this social worker was alerting the upstairs neighbors that she was in our home, the idea being to cease noise dosing while she was there to avoid county documentation collaborated with the victim of their human trafficking enterprise.

21) I documented the second social worker in writing with San Bernardino IHSS and Adult Protective Services as well to which county responded by sending out two superior court mental health counselors, Bob Habel and Wayne Henkelmann, to confirm my mental status.

22) In other words county wasn’t interested in preventing harm to my handicapped daughter so much as they were attempting to continue to stage a human trafficking coup on her residency to unlawfully separate her from my care transferring her resources to a group home at their disposal.

23) In a subsequent 2015 IHSS recertification meeting which I requested changed due to county having once again placed this meeting on an occult calendar, Bob Habel told me to take out my last will and testament, documented, which I requested him not to repeat.

24) Bob Habel repeated his remarks re last will and testament on the telephone after I refused to have my handicapped daughter participate in swimming pool activities arranged by him. My daughter will drown in a swimming pool. This individual is loaded with hatred the nature of which appears to be a predisposition for sadism.

25) I was subsequently threatened with a knife assault 23 January 2016, in Redlands, California.

26) The following involves the use of base nine numerology encryption to produce a covert calendar documenting county structured human trafficking. 11 May 2016 (7) a San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputy made an appearance at our rental home alleging he was responding to a compliant of adult endangerment, this visit occult structured 13 on 20 June 2014 (6; 76= 13), the Satanic Fire Ritual (19 April 2016- 11 May 2016= 22 days, or 13) and the day and month of the founding of the Mormon church (6 April 2016- 11 May 2016= 35 days 5 weeks, or 355= 13).

27) Currently, 18 May 2016, San Bernardino County Adult services social worker, Julie Gonzales, made an appearance at our home alleging concerns over the care of my handicapped daughter and the allegation that I was leaving bloody tampons on the doorsteps of my neighbors. My handicapped daughter doesn’t use tampons, the person making this complaint indicating a macabre desire to rape my daughter (Tampon ideation= insertion of an object into my daughter’s vagina) and using Adult Services to proxy a threat to harm her via Satanic prose. You people are IDIOTS!

28) In my conversation with Ms. Gonzales, this social worker stated she was concerned my handicapped daughter hadn’t seen a doctor since 2012 and recommended Regional Center assessment services and pressured using IEHP for a physical which she modified to a wellness checkup when I brought up what appeared to me to be a stealth move to have my daughter checked to determine if she has had sex (asserts tampon penetration ideation).

29) My 23 year old handicapped daughter is a virgin, and I advised Ms. Gonzales that formulating a covert plan to have her vagina examined to prove this would be rape by proxy to which I explained- soon as this exam was over- Ms. Gonzales would be named in a lawsuit for rape on a handicapped individual.

30) I also requested that I would only take my daughter to such an examination based on her written request to which she backed off the exam issue.

31) Also, I discussed further no doctor or mental health worker we had been to would speak to the medical issue of my handicapped daughter having been poisoned by her Sorbitol laced MMR. Kaiser blocked us via both medical and mental health when the issue of vaccinations came up in connection with this Medical institution’s use of a covert secondary database linked to pharma to document certain vaccinations being researched, ad information source parents are not informed about.

32) There is a pharma gag order on such conversations between doctors and their clients. Ms. Gonzales told me that maybe I shouldn’t tell the doctors about the MMR so they would not withdraw from a wellness exam, again stealthily pressuring an opportunity for a San Bernardino County networked IEHP sponsored vaginal exam.

33) This is endless. We’re being harassed by county collaborated between residential/community SABRA provocateurs protected by laws which shield them from accountability for their involvement in pursuing my handicapped daughter via human trafficking. SABRA provocateurs are highly active throughout the US linked to Scottish Rite/LDS via Skull and Bones.

34) For the record, I am a witness to Regional Center fraud networked with a parent in a human trafficking scheme to earn the parent SSI benefits in exchange for the school district having the opportunity to use the child of this project to populated alternative education for funding purposes. Permanence on the false recorded IQ of this child would have provided the district with a huge and reliable long term income from this child.

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