Skull and Bones Decloaked

19 May 2016

Radical Manifest: SABRA
Skull and Bones Decryption II
SABRA re Corruption Exposer

letter decryption


SAB= Skull and Bones/Saboteur Radical Activism via corporatism
LDS= Latter Day Saints masquerade the backdrop of which= hybrid eugenics
Leukon= Freemasons appointed leadership and monarch puppet administration
N Greek Nu; 50, 5, homa (fire ritual; human sacrifice)

KULNONE= Leukon, or Leukon of Bosporus, 407- 387 BC, strategist/disciplinarian, initiated fiat currency via coinage reform, economic monarch


N= fire ritual (see above). This letter is also encrypts 2 the purpose of which is to identify with the Satanic Fire Ritual (5) and Tubal Cain (6). 56= base nine additive sum 2, both occult artifacts identified with the founding of the Mormon church and Mountain Meadows, respectively. Kirtland to Nauvoo to Independence to Mountain Meadows produces a 1700+ mile geo cartographic of the Tubal Cain lightening bolt with is also a stylized representation of N/inverted. Mountain Meadows was engineered human sacrifice 27 years in the making, 2 and 7 Freemason constants for 2/Genesis 6:2 radicalized (see notes) and 7/Orion (Orion constellation).


Satanic Fire Ritual
1121593 6995 992313

Tubal Cain
23213 3195

N therefore= homa, fire ritual, Satanic Fire Ritual and Tubal Cain.


The Skull and Bones logo is actually a statist government telegraph the features of which are:

1) Skull and Bones/Saboteur Radical Activism via corporatism,

2) hybrid breeder box eugenics masquerading LDS noble faith,

3) Freemason appointed leadership, monarch puppet administration and reform economics manifesting usury, fiat currency and tax, and

4) solidarity pledging human sacrifice via Satanic Fire Ritual and Tubal Cain Vulcania.


Corporate radical activism manifests on politicians as special interests, leadership predisposed to acquiesce to pressure of fraternal leadership controlled by mutual alpha, Freemasons.

LDS plays itself off as a noble faith contemporary with Christianity but what occult mission creep is penetration on and collapse of the latter (eg Mountain Meadows). This entity was designed to manipulate the public via indoctrination that Louis Antoine de Saint-Just look alike, Joseph Smith, was a true prophet, that the LDS church modeled on Islam and actually created by Anacharsis Cloots is the true church, and that baptism pledging, testimony of basic principles, ordination and mission duties are paramount to spiritual development

For the reader’s information, Mormon rhetoric phrases true prophet, true church and true faith encrypt 9, 9 and 9, or 666, since 9= 6 in the occult. LDS Melchizedek manipulate their audience via Satanic prose and charm offensive the effect of which is mind control and behavior modification and the purpose of which is to create a philanthropic shield for their involvement in hybrid eugenics and kidnapping for torture (Thomas Monson re Natalee Holloway/Robyn Gardner) what circumstances are unimaginable against the backdrop of their noble faith philanthropic activities.

Since Freemasons are thematic in a Skull and Bones coup on US government, local, state and national administrations are likewise populated with Masons that are willing to kowtow to fraternal agenda aligned with corporate interests managed by statist puppet monarchs. The Mormon church and Scottish Rite Freemasons were both created during the French Revolution for this purpose and collaborate pirating sorties on the rule of law.

The unifying and condemning control dynamic that keep this enterprise going is the solidarity pledge which in this case are the Satanic Fire Ritual (SFR) and Tubal Cain Vulcania, proven. The LDS church was founded on the SFR and celebrated on Tubal Cain Mountain Meadows, the latter a 27 year project in the making which attacked and slaughtered a wagon train of Christians traveling across country to California. The solidarity pledge punishes redaction with ruin and death, which is why Scottish Rite/LDS elite never betray their frat brothers.

Corporations, LDS and US administration are linked via Scottish Rite Freemasons to a statist coup on the US constitution, cohort leadership solidarity pledged to an agenda driven mission to establish a statist theocracy ruled by Islam the introduction to which the Mormon church, the latter a hybrid eugenics project masquerading noble faith radicalization of the mainstream.


CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD form the core of Skull and Bones domestic terrorism via saboteur radical activism and are controlled entirely by the same corporate elite that install Freemason elected officials under the guidance of Big bankers.

SABRA are a statist intel/neo knighthood of sorts that although each is prohibited from operating within their own respective governments advises and guides the process of the two remaining who are not.

For example, while CIA may have collaborated the Kennedy assassinations, MI6 and MOSSAD carried them out via a convoluted network of felons who are long since dead themselves.

This domestic and international terrorist organization telegraphs SABRA mission creep as a 24/7 intelligence project which means they are active around the clock:



49 6
424 6
1 6

247, hence 24/7, also 13 (Israel Cobra)

The correct idea is Israel has been chosen as the statist corporate overlord and will rule the planet through the UN, SABRA this ruling elite’s stealthy enforcer on the mainstream the catalyst of which is Freemason appointed national and local leadership that kowtows to agenda driven troika statism, and no less is true of psychopath LDS elite.

LDS masquerade nobel faith the backdrop of which is Skull and Bones preoccupation with a product androgynous human hybrids and resourcing solidarity via SKIRTS breeder box abductions, kidnapping for torture, the Satanic Fire Ritual upon which the Mormon church was founded and the Tubal Cain Vulcania.

And of course Americans, acculturated to Canaan are likewise too stupid to connect the dots between corporate, eugenics masquerading noble faith, fraternal puppet elected officials and SABRA terrorism.

Happiness is a fool’s paradise the consequence for insouciance of which is such people can only expect to be regarded as a herd animal.


In a nutshell, rank and file Freemasons populate the blue lodge with people who are well meaning and possess a noble affect correct to philanthropic interests in humanity and personal development: however, Scottish Rite is actually a more demanding fraternal organization, certain solidarity pledging entering upon paedophilia and paderism, the further one goes the more challenging the pledge, hence the grooming of leadership toward sadism and perversion what deficits in character are the catalyst for racketeering under color of government official.

For the record, the Mormon church was created at the same time as the Scottish Rite College and is a function of Freemasonry the backdrop of which is hybrid eugenics that taps US population for 6000+ abduction victims annually, 3000 sacrificed curbside, 3000 used in eugenics projects, and 50 assigned for breeding projects by LDS psychopath elite. An example of one such project was 1951 ten-year-old year old abduction victim, Beverly Potts, then LDS president David O. McKay the perp, their black mass son San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis. She was held in captivity four years before she was actually bred to McKay. Another was 1974 abduction victim, Laurie Lynn Partridge, then LDS president Spencer Kimball, the perp. Their black mass son is Pastor Steven Anderson. Like Potts, Partridge was also held in captivity for a period before breeding her to Kimball likely in keeping with a desirable astrological product as birth.

America on this? LOL KEWL OMG LMAO, or fucking simple minded.

The message to America is you have to be predator savvy, and to be predator savvy, you have to be willing to say no to predator bait. Americans don’t want to say no to predator bait and indulge themselves daily in three of the most popular of these on the planet: fast food, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment, so it makes sense that Americans should be ruled by those who have taken this to the next level: fast food contaminated with human DNA, Planned Parenthood child sacrifice and the Satanic Fire Ritual and Tubal Cain Vulcania.

Americans have to be willing to do civics, but they don’t want to do that, either. People are pathologically ha ha ha pee! Push this Plutonic state of mind to reality, and they bristle, hiss and spit, the consequence of which is they are born, live and die stupid, and the correct label of which is goyim.


homa (fire ritual)

N= 14th letter of the English alphabet

Genesis 6:2
7555191 62
678 62

true prophet
2935 7967852

true church
2935 383938

true faith
2935 61928
993 (convert 9 to 6> 663
6 (convert 6 to 9)



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