Mormon Missionaries II

re “Curious about Islam connection to the LDS church referred to in Mormon Missionaries.”

Radical homosexual and domestic terrorist, Anacharsis Cloots, was aligned with Islam via inspiration from Sabbatai Zevi. The LDS movement is subsequently a part of the radical gay movement to breed the androgynous male in competition with natural selection and the rule of law which should be preventing this.

Contravening what one would expect to be a correct response to such crimes as human trafficking and SKIRTS black mass rendition, LDS elite are immune form their crimes, the rule of law subordinate to their racketeered and fraud fraternal administrative cohorts who shield them from justice.

LDS are networked with Scottish Rite Freemasons and operate one of the most lethal intelligence campaigns in the world via their SABRA (Skull and Bones SABoteur Radical Activism).

Radical homosexuals have no tolerance for heterosexuality and are playing this back on the Divine via black mass breeding, one of the manifestations of this Cloots engineered LDS SKIRTS mission creep in perpetuity. This was the reason for Thomas Monson’s phony affect around his now dead wife. He was gay. All LDS presidents are radical homosexuals and predisposed to sado-perversions and psychopathy as are many in their administrative ranks.

Islam, also a Judah construct, is being tapped for it’s solidarity which LDS elite are attempting to duplicate in order to hold the church together. The way they do this up front is restriction on diet and behavior and a mandatory tithe, a form of manipulation via mind control and behavior modification, and many RF LDS are lovin’ it! Intelligent people are walking away, some officially in writing, others to frightened of retaliation to make their thoughts known.

LDS elite do retaliate and in written correspondence will encrypt their coveted Orion X which is a variant of the Star of David, hence the LDS connection to Sabbatai Zevi. LDS elite corrupt in order to control which partly explains their Mountain Meadows Tubal Cain.


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