Mormon Missionaries

re “Is there a simple way for people to learn this stuff without having to get a PhD in philosophy or religion?”

What is simple is whatever you are motivated to learn, but I will give your question a try.


Yes. The key to perceiving LDS mission creep ahead of being seduced is the Mormon Missionary.


LDS Missionaries telegraph Brotherhood of the Snake via their tandem appearance in recruiting membership and the black and white clothing they are known for. While this answer may seem a little complicated, the explanation bears itself out fairly simply when the reader understands they function as a unit symbolic of the cobra.

The black and white outfits represent the black and white lipped cobra same as the Freemason checkerboard. This telegraph is their way of confirming public gullibility. Tandem appearance is likewise the right and left fang of the same snake.

People have no doubt occasionally seen LDS missionaries wearing gray pants. This represents the Egyptian Asp and should alert the public immediately this individual is a rendition predator. People don’t know the symbolism, so they simply dismiss this as out of place with usual missionary appearance.

LDS elite claim this is all a mistake and misunderstanding, enter the base nine triptych encryption for black and white which is 2 and 8, respectively. 28 is a Skull and Bones encryption representing leap and what base nine additive sum is 1.


At this point, the reader has to have some knowledge of base nine numeration and the Orion constellation to understand 28, a variant of 27, and 1. 2= Genesis 6:2 radicalized, 7 the base nine additive sum for 88 (the eight primary stars of Orion and the cumulative triptych encryption base nine additive sums of their names). Again, 8= the eight primary stars of Orion.

These numbers are proven and irrefutable, albeit because people in the mainstream spend very little time on this subject or even thinking, they remain in an intelligence stupor acculturated to believing the LDS church is a noble faith, which it is not. LDS is a front organization for black mass eugenics the Cloots inspiration of which was Sabbatai Zevi, the correct idea being the 6000 annual US abductions (Aruba= Holloway/Gardner included) of young first born females are their projects, 50 of this assigned to whoever the current LDS president is over his lifetime.


LDS literature was written and published by a cohort of domestic terrorist during the French Revolution that included notorious radical homosexuals, Anacharsis Cloots and Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just. Saint-Just became the poster boy for the Joseph Smith myth.

Team Cloots was subsequently guillotined for domestic terrorism, Saint-Just the last one to go. Cloots, a Dutch national, smartly constructed the LDS church to cloak his hybrid eugenics project which today is the core of LDS black mass breeding, an example of which is San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis (bred from the union of 1951 10 year old abduction victim Beverly Potts at 14 and LDS psychopath rendition perp, David O. McKay).

Coots cohort, Antoine Francois Mormo, is the encryption source for Mormon and Moroni, thus: Mormo (8)= Mormon (4)+ Moroni (4).





This is about as simple an explanation as there is for anyone looking for quick absolute proof the LDS church is a racketeering and fraud organization the backdrop of which is some of the most horrific crimes of our day… by mistake and misunderstanding according to Mormon elite.

Regarding it’s US beginning 6 April 1830, the Mormon church was founded 13 days ahead of the 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual commencing 19 April 1830. This double 13 represents 8 for the eight primary stars of Orion and is a signature they frequently use to telegraph their involvement in abduction and human trafficking and such.

Likewise, Tubal Cain Vulcania, Mountain Meadows, celebrated this organization’s founding in 1857, 27 years 4 (13) months 19 days hence. If the reader has been paying attention, 27, 4 and 19 are the numbers being discussed.

Take note that Mountain Meadows has always been documented 11 September 1857, although the event was actually initiated 7 September. One of the reasons for this is 11 September telegraphs 911 and 3 (911= 2 for Genesis 6:2 radicalized; 3= cobra). The other reason is 11 September fell on the day Orion was on the nadir directly over Mountain Meadows, which LDS elite know this well.

When LDS missionaries present at your door and say, Hi! We’re from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!” What they are actually telling you is they are from the church of Antoine Francois Mormo and team Cloots what point of their initial contact with you is scoping out the names of females they will forward to their elite Melchizedek who commence soul marriage to during their esoteric temple ceremonies inclusive of polyandry if any of these individuals are married.

Females children are farmed out for the same purpose, the example given featured in their Mountain Meadows Tubal Cain.

LDS elite are insane highly rationalized on the idea Cloots noble faith front for eugenics is the true church, that Saint-Just inspired Joseph Smith was a prophet, their RF fellowship typically good people but too simple minded to understand they are being used as a character shield for black mass eugenics.


LDS is a precursor for institutionalization of Islam in the US.






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