Two Families

Imagine two families.

One raises children acculturated to a religion with strong ideologue solidarity, education in classic literature, science, the arts and critical thinking.

The other raises children acculturated to McDonalds, indiscriminate sex, degenerate entertainment, Common Core and mind blown on vaccinations.

In your GodBLESSAmerica dumb fuck opinion, which of the children raised by these two families is likely to:

  1. rule the world?
  2. end up in a future controlled by evil?
  3. become perverted as adults?
  4. devolve civics?
  5. suicide?
  6. blindly participate in ethnic clenching and genocide masquerading patriotism?
  7. giggle and laugh watching human sacrifice masquerading noble war?
  8. secure an independent lifestyle?
  9. think?
  10. possess the ability to perceive reality?

America is fucked up, Americans baited to just about every diversion known to predators the consequence of which is people do not yet realize they have lost their collective mind to a happiness stupor that will eventually fade to a statist government owned and operated by ideologues the next developmental epoch of which will be a population dynamic that effectively removes family No. 2, and many from family No. 1 as well, from the planet.

The correct understanding is Earth is in the zone of life for about another 30 thousand years, elite believing they can tap another 20 thousand if they drop population so the current numbers do not suck the life out of what’s left of alluvium. Once this is gone, it’s over. Animal life is ecologically bound to this planet and will terminate as we gradually approach the point at which food will no longer be available for our survival. The elite believe they can push the window to 50 thousand years FOR THEM ONLY, which is the 1% of the planet, or about 70 million worldwide.

In reality, of the 70 million or so that believe their bloodlines will be the survivors, the actual numbers will be far less so that even those who think they are among God’s chosen will be sacrificed along with the populations they thought they were above.

FACT: Human life will perish in 50 thousand years. Microbial life will last another 300 thousand years after which earth will exit the zone of life making this planet as lifeless as Mars. Earth will loser it’s atmosphere, water and all traces of life and spend the next billion years moving further from the sun and leaving no possible means of restoration of microbial, plant or animal life in perpetuity.

There’s no place else to go. Mars can not be terraformed BECAUSE THIS PLANET IS OUTSIDE THE ZONE OF LIFE.

All of this, and family No. 2 is spending it’s days at McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and MTV performances.

Meanwhile, if Americans want to do something meaningful, they might benefit hugely be fixing stupid.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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