Fox Hunting

re “Explain base nine numerology you are talking about under the third subheading <here>


The easiest way to get a grip in this is fox hunting.

The clothing worn in this horrific sport (white neckerchief, red blazer, black cap and boots and pale breeches) represent the four horses of the Apocalypse the culmination of which is death.

Apocalypse means overcoming a great disaster. Typical of Freemason prevarication with radicalism, fox hunting creates one in repetition and is magnified exponentially via fraternal elite.

That’s easy enough to understand. People can fairly competently process literal types of information, the idea here that the colors of the wardrobe line up dramatically with Revelation 6: 1- 8. Done deal, but what does exponential mean?

What people have trouble with is the deeper symbolism of the fox and what message this bears on the conscience once understood. People will argue morality against the backdrop of macabre in a funk with pathological denial, particularly knowing children are preyed upon by leadership to form solidarity among their fraternal elite, which is represented by the fox hunting cohort.

Exponential in this case refers to thousands of repetitions of the actual practice of hunting children like game animals.


In reality, the fox represents children, and this is proven via base nine numerology, the encryption code of the elite:

tod (male fox)


Also, the fox is chased down by a hound:

7= Freemasons


Denial is a stupid act. The public knows there is something terrible wrong with this and intuitively senses the evil prevalent in the arrangement of the wardrobe and the hopelessness of a smaller animal being made unable to escape it’s inevitable death, which is sadistic; the public accommodates this by pretending not to understand the consequence of which is they, like their children, are being preyed upon by their fraternal peers.

These monsters use base nine numerology to encrypt the message they are telegraphing to the public, which in this case is they are modeling child predation. Beyond base nine encryption, these psychopaths also use birth chart information, and particularly first born children possessing characteristic compass, square or Orion geometry are hunted like game animals, the reason for this if they were to  grow they would present a direct leadership threat to Freemason hegemony.



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