In a nutshell, TROIKA STATISM is:


CORPORATE= unmitigated LICENSED destruction of the indigenous and a coup on their resources. In the US, this destruction masquerades as friendly logos and such that are embedded with and telegraph corporate mission creep, examples of which are McDonalds (chemical laden fast food), Planned Parenthood (child sacrifice) and any form of degenerate entertainment (degradation of character). The model for this is Abraham 3:27.

EUGENICS= hybrid breeding of an androgynous human species, ethnic cleansing and genocide. Such a project encompasses at will SKIRTS abduction and the annual use of thousands of first born males and females in a campaign to breed and transform the human race androgynous. This is directed at absolute hatred of heterosexuality competitive with the Divine process of heterosexual reproduction. The LDS church operates one the most active eugenics campaigns on the planet, this organization’s noble faith front a masquerade for breeding Anacharsis Cloots’ cosmopolitan new man. Cloot’s was a radical homosexual as are many LDS elite. The Mormon church was Cloot’s radical reform project before it was foisted on the US, founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual and celebrated via Tubal Cain Mountain Meadows. The model for Joseph Smith was Louis-Antoine-Léon de Saint-Just. The model for this is Genesis 6:2, radicalized.

MONARCH= statist theocratic dictatorship w/strong elite and fraternally driven solidarity. Corporate and eugenics form the first two of a three point agenda exclusive of pirating that aligned with solidarity pledging the elite and their fraternal puppet administrations formulate their HRS Triptych (Hijack, Reform, Solidarity), monarch leadership shared among public, religious and business administrations in perpetuity similar to a Roman consulate. Frat solidarity is paedophilia, child and human sacrifice and the the CSDR. The model for this is the Orion Constellation.


Troika statism solidarity is sustained by frat recruitment and grooming of leadership’s motivation to resource sado-perverts as a reward for their treachery, those who populate puppet administrations rewarded with cohort public leadership to hold off the mainstream with help from corporate sponsored saboteur radical activists (SABRA; CIA, MI6 and Mossad).

Bear in mind SABRA was actually conceived of by the folks that networked Anacharsis Cloots with Skull and Bones 150 years before this term was popularized by an Israeli Middle East surge, the point of understanding this that the Israeli/Palestine conflict was identified also with the French Revolution (speculative).

The beginning of the French Revolution 1789 (7) and Israeli Revolution 1948 (4) is 74, or base nine additive sum 2. End of the French Revolution 1799 (8) to the Israeli Revolution 1948 (4) is 84, or base nine additive sum 3, hence 23= Atramental Lodge 23, this number also 32, or Scottish Rite Freemasons.

Atramental Loges likewise encrypts Al Uzza, El, Ra Ta, Og, Sekhmet, Druze (Hamza ibn-‘Ali, al-Hakim, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and Akhenaten) and fish/N (N= intellectual, rational and sensual intelligence).

Sabra form the core of Statist enforcement symbolic of endurance and persistence against the odds of survival networked and supported by Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS racketeered radical homosexual leadership. SABRA is the perp entity on political kidnappings, assassinations and resource hybrid eugenics SKIRTS rendition for Scottish Rite/LDS elite.


Missing DNA in human intelligence= causality. Americans don’t do cause and effect reasoning, hence the cause of the collapse of US society and western culture in general will remain unknown to them.

Here’s the REAL America> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO.

You can’t fix stupid!


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