@Andrew Washburn III

26 May 2016

@Andrew Washburn


This document issues on what appears to be a highly structured campaign to produce noise dosing harassment commemorative on the 26 May 2013 Mexico City Heaven Night Club abductions/beheadings in connection with the death of Francis Monson.

In the back drop of this missive is a “friendly letter” from landlord, Andrew Washburn, the correct idea being simultaneous presentation of occult featured residential harassment juxtaposed with a letter that seems to lack any connection to responsibility for making corrections in these circumstances typical of LDS malingering with charm offensive, or the righteous demon relationship between Christ and Lucifer featured in Abraham 3: 2-7

Mormon mission creep is Genesis 6:2 radicalized and is preserved in this organization’s presentation upon the public as a noble faith when in reality the LDS church was created during the French Revolution concurrent with the Scottish Rite Freemasons. They are the same organization, Scottish Rite directly populating administration with sadistic leadership, LDS perpetrating Cloot’s hybrid black mass eugenics in full view of the public.


1158 #2017 dragged their table across the floor what impact on our rental unit produced an 85 dB noise dosing burst that was celebrated by #1016 and guest/stereo (white compact pickup truck) standing in the alley via laughter and such typical of orchestrated harassment.

I will run the numbers so the reader gets the correct idea how this works. Bearing in mind this is an LDS project, what I am about to share is occult process which signatures this harassment linked to Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite.

Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church both originated in France, the latter the brain child of Anacharsis Cloots, one the left fang of the cobra, the other the right. Philanthropic mission creep is a masquerade for placing corrupt leadership (Scottish Rite) and perping black mass hybrid breeding on an otherwise insouciant public (LDS).

The noise dosing perp is an LDS sponsored SABRA predator, my handicapped daughter being victimized in order to attempt to provoke a deadly confrontation with me partly in connection with my 1995 redaction from the LDS church, partly for my research on this organizations involvement in human trafficking and hybrid breeding using the public as their rendition pool.

LDS is pressing a blood atonement agenda on my family for my 1995 written departure from the church and subsequent documentation of Thomas Munson’s involvement in the Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner abductions and David O. McKay and Spencer Kimball involvement in the abductions of Beverly Potts and Laurie Lynn Partridge, respectively.


1158 is numeric code for 1113. This number string= 11 April and 13 November. The period between these dates= 7 months 2 days, or 27 (9), and 216 days (9).

27 and 911

27= triptych base nine encryption for Genesis 6:2 radicalized (2) and the eight primary stars of Orion and their names (7). Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite mutually share in the Genesis 6:2 rendition harvest.

Pushing 13 November to 11 April the following year produces a non leap year 9 and leap year 11.

27 and 911 are Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite constants. The former, 27, asserts corporatism, eugenics and their ideologue monarch, the latter their use of SABRA (Skull and Bones Radical Activism) to perp domestic terrorism, which in our case is noise dosing my handicapped daughter in perpetuity in an attempt to provoke me to a deadly confrontation, or in the case of what they did 4- 20 June 2014, to attempt to racketeer using San Bernardino county (Mayor Carey Davis the black mass son of David O. McKay and then 1951 kidnap victim, Beverly Potts) to remove my handicapped daughter from my care.

There is deeper occult numeration in 1158 and will throw confusion at the reader making it difficult for those not accustomed to processing such information via numerology. LDS elite are MAG predators.


Mormon elite have telegraphed their motivation via the Satanic Ritual Sacrifice and Tubal Cain eugenics activities in the back drop of their noble faith masquerade. In our case, they are doing this in full light of day typical of Freemason prevarication with perping any crime imaginable using the public as an audience, including perpetual residential harassment.

The LDS church is modeled on troika statism encompassing a three part agenda fronting a coup on US domestic infrastructure which this organization celebrated on Tubal Cain Mountain Meadows the proof of which is their 1700+ mile lightning bolt dot to dot Kirtland to Nauvoo to Independence to Mountain Meadows (attached).

Mormon elite posture charm offense the tap root of this behavior better described as the righteous demon and is explained more fully in Abraham 3:2- 7 in the meeting between Christ and Lucifer.

LDS elite posture benevolent and resourceful to their rank and file. Likewise, redact membership or document their involvement in corruption, or worse, and they release their SABRA networked demons to perp attrition blood atonement in perpetuity, hence occult engineered 24/7 harassment from #2017 LDS SABRA.


1354, #2017 struck the floor immediately overhead in the living room producing an 80 dB shock. Following the noise dosing incident at 1158; this confirms engineering on this harassment activity.

Using the year metric and measuring the time between 13 November and 11 April produces the numbers 4 months 27 days, or 427= 13 (non leap year) and 4 months 28 days= 14, or 113 (leap year), these numbers duplicating on the time this second noise dosing event was staged at 1354.

1354= 13. 154= 1, hence 13 and 113.

What is to be understood here is harassment organized on base nine triptych encryption is indicative also of domestic terrorism.

As a reminder, we know the LDS church was conceived on during the French Revolution by radical homosexual, Anacharsis Cloots, and that Cloot’s convention of the use of radical propaganda was put to use by him before his execution as a domestic terrorist.

SABRA was introduced to the US via Skull and Bones100 years nearly to the date (1931-32) Israel lofted it’s SABRA solidarity movement which faded early 1970 concurrent with Saddam Hussein’s rise to power. SABRA thus transformed internationalized on CIA, MI6 and Mosssad, Hussein one of their long term projects to prove the efficacy of international terrorism cloaked noble intel. The US regularly get attacked by MI6 and Mossad under advisement from the CIA.

Scottish Rite/LDS elite don’t just go out and kill their victims. They stalk them like game animals producing as much confusion around the victim as possible so the official record will document against the prevalence of a highly organized harassment campaign to a kill. Eventually the target ends up getting stabbed to death standing in from of a Yum Yum doughnut store or run over by a pickup truck in a 7/11 parking lot my mistake and misunderstanding. Such behavior is the manifestation of radical homosexuality. They are sadistic psychopaths.


Understanding the prevalence of the number 27, a Scottish Rite Freemason/LDS constant, this throws alert on the LDS owners of our rental unit in connection with highly orchestrated harassment via their #2017 SABRA, thus (numbers are computed using Pythagoras base nine alphabet and triptych encryption):

Andrew Washburn
154955 51182395

Ann Washburn
155 51182395

The numbers don’t lie, and these two initiated a coup on our residency and peaceful enjoyment anchored on the Sylvia Marie Flores slaying signaturing their involvement13/13 typical of the Skull and Bones METRIC.


We received a letter from these two LDS business people dated 11 September 2013. 13 encrypts, thus:

25 February 2013 (SMF abduction)
> 11 September 2013 (LDS letter)
> 198 days, or 28 weeks 2 days
> 198282
> 3

26 February 2013 (SMF body placed key on a straight line cartographic with LDS temple and MELCHIZEDEK controlled Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.
> 11 September 2013
> 197 days, or 28 weeks 1 day
> 197281
> 1

31= 13

We subsequently came under siege from new residents who commenced their around the clock noise dosing attack 31 October 2103 with absolutely no respond from the LDS owners to end this. 11 September to 31 October encrypts 13, thus:

11 September 2013
> 31 October 2013
> 50 days, or 7 weeks 1 day
> 571

> 13, hence the double 13 in connection with the founding of the Mormon church on the Satanic Fire Ritual.

Not withstanding, 25 February 2013 and 26 February 2013 encrypt 6 and 7, or 13, respectively by mistake and misunderstanding.


SABRA are active around the clock, thus:

> 391
> 434
> 2


> 461114
> 868
> 4

>49 6
> 424 6
> 1 6
> 7


In Redlands, this organization is identified as Order of the Nine Angels and is supported with a 2.7 mile (there’s that 27 again) geocartographic of the ONA seven pointed star logo (see NOTES).


Sheriff John McMahon, networked somehow with the 31 July 1986 deaths of Deputy Don DeMeulle and 7 November 1986 disappearance of Corinna Novis, has responded thus: “Take your medication.” This asinine remark is the triptych base nine additive sum encryption, 7, or Freemasons.


247= 24/7, also 13, the message to the public in connection with prickly pear inspired SABRA, they are durable and lasting against the rule of law.

Scottish Rite and LDS elite control SABRA in the US and Mexico an example of which how this operates across the border the 26 May 2013 Heaven Night Club kidnappings in Mexico City.

This SABRA induced 26 May kidnapping and beheading was anchored on the 6 April founding of the LDS church, thus:

6 April
> 26 May
> 50  Days, or 7 weeks 1 day
> 13

26 May= 13


The relationship Heaven Night Club 26 May 2013, the 146th day of year, or 2, bears to involvement with the Mormon church is simple, typical.

The LDS church was founded 6 April 1830, 13 days ahead of the 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual, hence the same 13/13 signature on Heaven Night Club.

Mitt Romney controls rendition in Mexico, so this was his project formulating a cohort of victims used as a retention sacrifice for Francis Monson’s 17 May death 9 days earlier, the 137th day of year, or 2. 22= 4, or 13 in base nine numeration.  26 May= 13.

This same 13/13 is encrypted in the Skull and Bones logo, thus:

eye socket= 0, or Pythagoras base nine alphabet 6; femur= back to back 7s, hence 67 and 67, or 13 and 13. The triptych code is proven on the Skull and Bones logo, thus:

> 12333
> 354
> 3, the first number in the sequence 322

femur (left)
> 65439
> 956
> 2, the second number in the sequence 322

femur (right)
> 65439
> 956
> 2, the third number in the sequence 322

The Skull and Bones logo, although allegedly not coming to existence until 1832, was created concurrent with the LDS church and Scottish Rite Freemasons linked to corporatism, the latter date of it’s official inception designed to throw off the public so people would never attribute Yale to involvement in human trafficking and hybrid eugenics.

At this time, due to massive birth defects issuing from inbreeding, elite formulated an alternative to brother/sister and first cousin breeding by using kidnap victims from the public such elite took a liking to screw, hence Freemason Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) and Mary Ann Nichols.

They, Scottish Rite and LDS elite, perped Mary Ann Nichols, Wilson Woodruff presumed to have been in England sometime between 1883 and 1889. TE Lawrence, Mary Ann Nichols black mass son, was renditioned 31 August 1888, two weeks after his recorded16 August birth to surrogate Sarah Junner- Lawrence. Sarah Junner was out of sight and never seen carrying a child during her alleged pregnancy. Carrol was subsequently killed for taking a sexual interest in the daughter of a frat brother, but of course his official record of death is natural causes.


Adult male resident having arrived at his rental unit above us approximately 1630 commenced a beat down on the floor overhead with over 100 (one hundred) 65- 80 dB strikes by 2030. He relocated to the room over my handicapped daughter’s bedroom at 2045 betting the floor overhead in her room soon as she relocated there. According to Ann Washburn, this is normal behavior/noise.

Andrew Washburn 26 May 2016 Email

Andrew Washburn sent this email embedded in today’s highly structured noise doing assault; speaking to the issue of an attorney as though he is unaware I have one. What he is saying is no attorney can help me in these circumstances completely at the will of LDS racketeered domestic terrorism.

“Thank you XXXXXX. I hope you have found a new place to live by now so you can be in your new place by July 1 when your 60 days is up. It would be unpleasant for both of us if I had to go forward with an eviction and the sheriff had to suddenly remove you from the premisis when you had no where to go. Please find a new place to live so that does not happen to you. You may want to talk to a lawyer. Any lawyer will tell you that I have every right to ask you to leave with a 60 day notice and there is really no way you can contest it. Good luck with your search. Andrew Washburn”

ONA Graphic

esi ona graphicsTubal Cain Lightening Bolt

esi tubal cain lightening bolt

Mountain Meadows was commemorated the founding of the LDS church on human sacrifice of Christians, by mistake and misunderstanding according to LDS elite, a religion absolutely loathed by LDS creator Anacharsis Cloots and his radical homosexual team of domestic terrorists, all of whom were guillotined for their crimes against humanity during the French Revolution.

There was no Joseph Smith, the colonial prototype for this myth Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just, the current criminal LDS elite are trying to pass off as Smith one George Hodel, the prime suspect in the slaying of Elizabeth Short (Black Dahlia).

LDS is a sick institution.


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