SRA and the LDS Church

Bring up SRA during a card game and the discussion will go wild pointing fingers in all directions with little to no understanding what this is or the political use which it serves.

SRA mystification is directed at harvesting paedo victims in a masquerade used by the elite to both bait sadistic cohorts and hold off the public who is otherwise afraid to engage their alleged Satanic supremacy which is nothing more than racketeered retaliation on intelligence.

One has to ask the question, what is the true nature of Satanism? The answer is Satan= radicalization only, the people who remain afraid to confront this as much a part of the problem of exploitation as those who perp. Lucifer is the person the current manifestation of which world wide are racketeering LDS Melchizedek elite.

In these circumstances, occult process is nothing more than a theatrical shield to aggrandize sex with children the effect of allowing this to run wild a paedo ideologue’s wet dream, the most prevalent example given soul marriage to same.

It is a fact that LDS promise Godhood to membership that proves itself worthy to receive, that Melchizedek soul marry children and women and their husbands alike (polyandry) in fulfillment SRA mission creep to set a standard for exploitation of children. Soul marriage embeds the otherwise offensive practice of paedophilia, this problem dating to ancient Greece and Egypt.

The people SRA practitioners exploit aren’t giving the choice not to be married to Melchizedek elite, the reason for this being were LDS to make the public aware of this that would be the end of their church.

Rather Mormon ideologues come around on the public with a con, a status bound priesthood in which intelligent people do not progress through their ranks as a filter of sorts so that sadistic psychopaths and pedophiles are not routed.

Rather the process of acculturation to this faith is directed at identifying and grooming a religious cohort concept bound to ideas about paedophilia again masquerading noble faith that in reality lofts on the public their charm offensive, the latter of which is child harvesting SRA ideology embedded in their noble faith.

For the unaware, the Mormon church was created by Anacharsis Cloots in tandem with Scottish Rite Freemasons during the french Revolution and foisted on the American public via phantom prophet, Joseph Smith, who was in fact created on the image of Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just. All of Cloots’ collaborators were guillotined for domestic terrorism, including Joseph Smith forerunner, Saint- Just.

What the American public does not understand is the LDS church is not at all invested in the the faith, in particular the Christian faith which Cloots absolutely loathed was attacked via Tubal Cain vulcania, Mountain Meadows, which set a precedence for the LDS mitigated collapse of this religion not only in the US, but throughout the world.

Americans on this? Forget that! There is no competition with the devil when 90% of the population has acculturated the keys of hell: dietary indulgence, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment.

Even those who do not involve themselves with the LDS practice their debauchery via engagement in the tools they use to condemn the public such as investment in food products that are known to cause health problems (Mitt Romney/Monsanto), Planned Parenthood (Kate Kelly), and the entertainment industry (Exel Entertainment Group founded by former Disney executive Jeff Simpson), all by mistake and misunderstanding!

This researcher has heard over and over denial to such depth it is a miracle the LDS church has not yet capitulated the entire US, the reason for this 20% of their membership has made it into the temple indicating that of their estimated five million LDS membership, one million are motivated to sado-perversion, or approximate 1% of the US population representing one third of those estimated to be thus predisposed.

The fact is that while LDS elite maintain a membership population that will never qualify for temple membership, these unknowingly serve as the example of Mormon noble faith the public is accustomed to identifying with, which permeates the communities in which they live with the wholesome appearance of the LDS righteous demon the back drop of which is elite hybrid breeding their satanic bloodlines and the example of which is Anacharsis Cloots radical propaganda.

Such institution of macabre is by it’s nature SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE.


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