Complaint Alleging San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney Involvement in Human Trafficking and Torture of a Handicapped Individual

A copy of this complaint was emailed to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Public Affairs, the morning of 28 May 2016, copies of which were also faxed to Superior Court Mental Health Counselors, Bob Habel and Wayne Henkelmann.

Bob Habel and Wayne Henkelmenn became involved in this after I documented Scottish Rite and LDS involvement in attempting to manufacture a racketeered hijack on my handicapped daughter’s residency.

Bob Habel followed these events by twice telling me to take out my last will and testament, once during an IHSS re-certification meeting for my handicapped daughter, and again during a telephone call after I refused to have her participate in swimming pool activities set up by him.

Virulence typically issues on the heel of occult phony charm when they are turned down typical of the righteous demon portrayal of Jesus and Lucifer in Abraham 3:2- 7.


San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Public Affairs
655 East Third Street, San Bernardino, California 92415-0061
(909)387-3700; email


I am a targeted individual for my research pointing to Thomas Monson’s involvement in the kidnappings of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner and San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis the black mass product of a union between David O. McKay and 10 year old- at the time of her abduction– Beverly Potts (Cincinnati 1951). These horrific crimes were collaborated between Scottish Rite and LDS elite and carried by their SABRA domestic terrorist units, one of which is operating in Redlands under the ONA logo.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department in collaboration with Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church is sponsoring a human trafficking agenda on my handicapped daughter anchored on events involving murder (Sylvia Marie Flores) and human sacrifice (Heaven Night Club, Mexico City) via SABRA provocateurs the department is shielding from justice.


Our LDS Landlord sent a letter to us dated 11 September 2013 anchored 13 on the Sylvia Marie Flores abduction/slaying requesting rent payment money order be addressed to ANN OR ANDREW WASHBURN, a 1 encryption. 13 encrypts 25- 6 2013 to 11 September 2013, hence 113, or 23.

11 September 2013= 254th day of year, 111 days remaining, hence 254= 2; 111= 3; 2 and 3= 23.

23= Atramental Lodge 23 for the Mormon church the back drop of which is Anacharsis Cloots’ black mass hybrid breeding project in perpetuity.

The LDS faith is a masquerade for a radical eugenics movement that was conceived of during French revolution by domestic terrorists. Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just was the prototype for Joseph Smith, the current model one George Hodel. Hodel remains the prime suspect in the Elizabeth Short slaying.


The source of this encryption code is the Skull and Bones 322 logo, thus:


femur (left)

femur (right)


Andrew or Ann Washburn
154955 69 155 51182395

Andrew Washburn
154955 51182395
27 (2/Genesis 6:2 radicalized, 7/Orion)

Ann Washburn
155 51182395
27 (2/Genesis 6:2 radicalized, 7/Orion)

25 February 2013 (SMF abduction)
> 11 September 2013 (LDS letter)
> 198 days, or 28 weeks 2 days
> 198282
> 3

26 February 2013 (SMF body placed key on a straight line cartographic with LDS temple and MELCHIZEDEK controlled Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.
> 11 September 2013
> 197 days, or 28 weeks 1 day
> 197281
> 1

31= 13

1 and 13= 113

31 OCTOBER 2013

We moved in 31 April 2013. Our upstairs neighbors followed us in September and on 31 October 2013 commenced noise dosing harassment in excess of the county noise ordinance 50dB nighttime, 55dB day, concurrent with dropping trash, animal feces and sharp objects over the handrail onto out patio, all documented in writing to the property management entity, sheriff’s department and owner of our rental unit.

11 September 2013 to 31 October 2013 encrypts 13, hence 13/13. The significance of this number is the LDS church was founded on the 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual, hence commencement of noise dosing harassment directed at manufacturing a an occult rationale for human trafficking engineered on the double 13.

The owner of our rental unit set this letter to an occult calendar involving the kidnapping and slaying of 23 year old (again 23 symbolic for Atramental Lodge 23) prostitute, Sylvia Marie Flores, whose body was placed in a key position on a straight line cartographic with the Redlands LDS temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs and a fourth point that was to have been their second “bifurcated” abduction victim in connection with Flores.

Abduction of the second victim would have identified Sheriff John McMahon and San Bernardino city administration identified with Scottish Rite Freemasons and their LDS cohorts.


31 October 2013 we were set upon by residential noise dosing provocateurs what annoyance magnified 4- 20 June 2014 (Mercury retrograde) to around the clock 120 dB beating on the floor above our rental unit which caused my handicapped daughter to panic. The perpetrators subsequently filed an adult Protective Services Complaint alleging my daughter was being brutalized by me.

Adult Protective Services made an appearance 20 June and immediately stated there would be recommendations to Regional Center and group home for alternative placement. My then 21 year old autistic daughter is toxic on her Sorbitol/MMR vaccination, and I suspect she is also a target for research samples to study why she has survived. She survived, because I thoroughly researched this deadly vaccination and what treatment was needed to stabilize her health.

Understanding how occult rendition works involving human trafficking, I documented Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS involvement in these circumstances in writing to APS to which this county organization remanufactured their original complaint to one of absurdity involving alleged cockroach infestation which they subsequently dismissed.

County got caught and bailed on further manufacturing official records to hide multiple agency involvement in an attempt to traffic my handicapped daughter to a San Bernardino county sponsored group home.

The noise dosing perp continued to annoy my handicapped daughter lofting two subsequent events, blocking parking and presentation at my door making a death threat, which the Sheriffs department dismissed advised the perp on the former not to block parking, the latter, a terrorist threat, dismissed as a mistake and misunderstanding which the property management entity followed falsely documenting me as having stalked the noise dosing perps children, except they did not use my name to avoid a defamation of character lawsuit. In other words, the sheriff’s department was in the tank with the perp staging a death threat with a subsequent attack on my character. The predictable outcome was I would end up stabbed, shot or run over by a car and regarded as a perpetrator in the “official” record.

At this point county was in full court press to attempt to keep the trafficking theme going against my documentation they were orchestrating this activity around my research on Thomas Monson and now others in San Bernardino’s administration network including Superior Court via Bob Habel and Wayne Henkelmann.

Forward to 26 May 2016, the noise dosing perps staged a time based noise dosing assault which they followed with 7 hours of harassment to which I responded by using a wind chime to calm my daughter down. The perps, networked with a neighbor who participate in their harassment, made a noise complaint to your department to which you folks responded by sending out a deputy to investigate their claim. This deputy was respectful and courteous, and I explained what I perceived to be the cause of this problem and identified my resources in dealing with this.

It is my impression your deputies are being baited to a confrontation with me to produce the trafficking event you want to place my daughter in continuance of your previous June 2014 attempt to do the same.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department in collaboration with Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church is sponsoring a human trafficking agenda on my handicapped daughter anchored on events involving murder (Sylvia Marie Flores) and human sacrifice (Heaven Night Club, Mexico City) via SABRA provocateurs the department is shielding from justice.

San Bernardino Sheriff’s department is motivated to perpetrate this crime in retaliation for my redaction from the Mormon church and for my research on Thomas Monson (Natalee Holloway/Robyn Gardner) and Mayor Carey Davis (David O. McKay/Beverly Potts).

26 May was the three year commemorative of the Heaven Night Club kidnappings and beheadings, two of whom remain unaccounted for according to parents, competitive with the official record. Bifurcated kidnappings (Two yet unaccounted for) are the LDS signature on SKIRTS black mass which raises the numbers in these kidnappings/slayings to 14 what numeric equivalent= 113, or 23 (see paragraph above).

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