LDS v Trinitarian Christians

We know the LDS church concept was developed, narrated and published during the French Revolution by domestic terrorist team and radical homosexual Anacharsis Cloots principled on Sabbatai Zevi.

Likewise, Scottish Rite Freemasons were created in tandem with the LDS church, the former to penetrate US domestic infrastructure populating legislative and enforcement offices with perverted leadership, the latter a masquerade for hybrid eugenics.

Much damage to society has occurred since as Americans have fallen even further away from Trinitarian Christianity baited by LDS controlled investments in fast food, abortion and entertainment the consequence of which is an insouciant, gullible and poorly informed American society is coming apart at the seems.

LDS are squeaky clean on the surface, but their mark on Christian society was Mountain Meadows, the founding of this phony church itself an event that features the Satanic Fire Ritual, Mountain Meadows a Tubal Cain human sacrifice event that was dismissed by LDS elite as a mistake and misunderstanding. Americans believed this hokey excuse to their disposal.

While LDS may have hoodwinked the US public into believing their mission creep is entirely a noble cause philanthropic project, this is a lie, their deeper conviction that Lucifer is the preferential deity to which their elite subscribe with rights and privileges as the Sons of God, if deemed to be worthy, featured in Genesis 6: 2/radicalized an example of the latter of which is San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis (David O. McKay/Beverly Potts).

People sharing these perceptions and doing the stupid act deserve what LDS have planned for this silly assed Goy population, like Mountain Meadows, by mistake and misunderstanding. Do notice LDS elite are not concerning themselves with Chemtrails, honeybee die offs, Fukushima, vaccinations or Planned Parenthood. That’s a two point dot to dot.

The LDS church was partly created using the Orion constellation to formulate the names of this organization’s ancient great societies. For example, Mulekite is derivative of the names of the stars Betelgeuse and Mintaka. This name alludes to breeding donkeys and horses symbolic of elite LDS eugenics involving kidnapping for torture using the public as their Genesis 6:2 DNA pool.

For those who are watching Sweden re their banking crisis, the difference between they and the US is Swede Masons are strictly Trinitarian Christians only. In the US, Masons are Luciferian at the core, the example of which is Cloots eugenics cohort, the LDS church.

Puzzle through this for an idea how dangerous LDS elite are:

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America> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO!

LDS elite> TOO easy…


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