Whitechapel a Response to the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act of 8 July 1862

re “Did you ever consider that what the Prophet Joseph Smith had in mind for America was better than what the founders tried to manufacture?

The Mormon church was INVENTED during the French Revolution by a cohort of domestic terrorists the leadership of which was Anacharsis Cloots, a radical gay ideologue that formulated a eugenics project which, rather than inbreeding sibs and first cousins which produced birth defects, culled first born females from the mainstream for this purpose. This is the actual and real mission of LDS elite, their sustained attack on Christianity (Cloots) a rationalized version of Genesis 6:2.

There probably is not anyone in the US that has not heard the word goyim, the reference to which is a herd animal. Herd animals are bred, and hybrid breeding produces different sorts of characteristics in the herd. The LDS variant of this their mythical ancient great society, Mulekite, which has already been explained as a derivative of the names of Betelgeuse and Mintaka (Orion constellation). Mules are bred from a male donkey (jack) and female horse and are identified with desert locations which melds with SABRA intel also identified with the Mormon church.

In other words, the LDS church was engineered to masquerade noble faith the backdrop of which is kidnapping for torture and breeding their elite black mass bloodlines. Of the 6000 children and young women they take annually for the eugenics projects, 50 of these are dedicated to their current “prophet” over his lifetime.

Typical of Satanic/radical protocol, and to keep the public mystified on this operation, LDS celebrate doctrinal changes on human sacrifice, and they have plenty of perpetrators and  victims on reserve for this activity. For example, Whitechapel was a Scottish Rite LDS response to the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act of 8 July 1862 , a legislation that was begun in 1861, 27 years before Whitechapel.

27 is featured also in the time period between the 6 April 1830 founding of the Mormon church on the Satanic Fire Ritual and Mounting Meadows Tubal Cain Vulcania. The most revealing evidence that Mountain Meadows was a 27 year engineered human sacrifice project is the Tubal Cain lightening bolt permanently fixed in in the landscape as a dot to dot geocartographic Kirtland to Independence to Nauvoo to Mountain Meadows a phenomenon that even LDS apologists will not touch for lack of Satanic prose to wtite this off as a mistake and misunderstanding.

TE Lawrence was the black mass son of Mary Ann Nichols, his father Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland). Carrol was a Freemason and was subsequently killed for his having taken a sexual interest in a frat brother’s child. The message being conveyed the the public is elite Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS do not perp their own, albeit they have range over the entire mainstream population for this purpose.

LDS is a bifurcated eugenics corporation operating in tandem with Scottish Rite Freemasons who are populating administration with like minded leadership which shields the LDS form accountability for their crimes.

Also, Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite use SABRA (Skull and Bones Radical Activism) to both resource their SKIRTS abductions and to agitate and eliminate any public that publishes material on their eugenics and paedophilia activities in the mainstream (Nancy Schaefer). Because this project penetrates government offices with corrupt fraternal pledged officials, CPS/APS are natural resources for human trafficking for LDS eugenics.

On an aside, LDS polygamy was encouraged to rapidly populate US territories with Mormon “butterflies”. Today’s versions of LDS polygamists are scarcely affiliated with the LDS church the threat of project diffusion via a wild card hugely threatening to LDS elite, which is why Harry Reid is hammering such groups with the rule of law: preservation of LDS eugenics.


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