The Ideological Tap Root of the Mormon Church is Sabbatai Zevi

FORWARD (rev 10 October 2016)

This WordPress narrative was my response to some idiot that attacked me after I posted a previous one on Twitter.

It is incumbent on civic minded people to understand the problems described in this missive, to vet same for authenticity and inform others about the danger the Mormon church represents to a civil society and the purpose for which it was created.

Currently, the public has this fantasy that LDS are God’s chosen people. If one considers that the collective banking elite is this God, they are correct. Otherwise, rethink what is being propagandized as a sacred literature that in fact is a masquerade the backdrop of which sports Baphomet bearing the appearance of Moroni, anyone who identifies with this devil entity likewise voluntarily endowed with a demon they will never be rid of.


re “Hater.”

FUCK you.

The ideological tap root of the Mormon church is Sabbatai Zevi. LDS elite masquerade noble faith but are in fact one of the most prolific cohorts of serial kidnappers/killers on the planet and are responsible for over 6000+ disappearances of children and young women in the US annually.

The Book of Mormon was drafted and published during the French revolution by team Anacharsis Cloots. The colonial prototype for the Joseph Smith myth was Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just. The current prototype is George Hodel, the prime suspect in the Elizabeth Short slaying.

LDS elite have no fear of ever being brought to justice for their terrorist crimes, because they are networked in the US with their fraternal administrative bifurcated twin, the Scottish Rite Freemasons. LDS= the left fang of the black and white lipped Cobra, Scottish Rite Freemasons the right. Tandem missionary black and white is the same concept.

Mormon is derived from Antoine Francois Moromo, drop the middle o (produces 8) what base nine additive sum triptych derivatives are Mormon (4) and Moroni (4). For your information Moroni= Baphomet, and of course one can make a cursory side by side evaluation of this phenomenon by observing the arm positions of both and the lack of genitalia on Moroni (androgyny).

Relief Society is numerologically identified with Hecate and is the dark side of this operation farming out black mass products to surrogate families to raise as their own. This is where Mayor Carey Davis Came from (Beverley Potts/David O. McKay).

Black mass is resourced via the public, at will, and principled on GENESIS 6: 2 radicalized. In reality, LDS elite are probably some of dirtiest characters on the planet, having assumed leadership for this reason and motivated to harm others inclusive their symbolic usurpation of social code by marrying the souls of children, women and their spouses and those whom have died.

How in the fuck am I a hater making people aware of this, you stupid son of a bitch? Realizing all of this, only the sickest minds in society identify with this faith. The Mormon church is not only a fantasy, it’s a fantasy that is taking eugenics abductions in the back drop of it’s alleged noble cause mission creep examples of which were Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner (Thomas Monson).

This is Sabattai Zevi exactly aided and abetted by SABRA cohorts CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, Knesset, Shin Bet and whatever local felon assets these psychopaths use to perp the streets.

San Bernardino Sheriff’s department is identified with Shin Bet and operates it’s occult asset services under the supervision of LDS temple administrations the current leadership of which is Gary Evan Baugh.

Scottish Rite Freemasons, true to their Labor Zionism roots in the Illuminati movement, only recruit scoundrels to leadership, and where they are unable tro find them, they manufacture them via black mass which, as I already stated above, is where San Bernardino’s demonic Mayor Carey Davis came from.


10 October 2016

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