Origin of the Mormon Church

re ” You are so off the wall. Noting but a mouth!”


Sabbatai Zevi

Anacharsis Cloots (LDS prophet/ideologue)
Prussian Nobleman and Orator
guillotined 24 March 1794
Jean-Jacques Barthélemy; Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

Antoine Francois Mormo (Typsetter; triptych derivatives Mormon and Moroni)
French printer, bookseller and pol during FR
guillotined 24 March 1794
Cult of Reason

Charles-Philippe Ronsin
radical leader, FR
guillotined 24 March 1794
Ultra-Revolutionist; Cordeliers Club

Francois- Nicolas Vincent
San Culotte leader, Herbertist
guillotined 24 March 1794
De-Christianization; Cordliers Club; reestablish monarchy

Jacques Herbert
writer/publisher, La Pierre Duchesue
guillotined 24 March 1794

Louis Antoine de Saint-Just (Joseph Smith prototype)
military leadership
guillotined July 28, 1794

This thesis asserts that the Mormon church was the product of the French Revolution Cordeliers Club (Club des Cordeliers) designed by communitarian (pre communism) minded radical gay community of anti-Christians what influence upon the international community likewise produced the United Nations.

There are certain numeric formulations which fraternal organizations use to telegraph their motivation to the public albeit the latter is never in any way educated to perceive this type of propaganda. Such radical propaganda is a Cloots convention.

No less is true in the case of the Cordeliers Club what manifestation in the public telegraphs 77. This number is numeric encryption for nun, 50 and the Tubal Cain lightening bolt which LDS have permanently embedded in the US landscape via their Tubal Cain Mountain Meadows human sacrifice project.

Inversion, reversal and placement of the second 7 beneath the first forms the letter Z that when rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise produces the letter N, or nun, what subsequent manipulation forms the Tubal Cain lightening blot.

77 is triptych base nine encrypted in the logos Cordeliers Club and Club Des Cordeliers, thus:

Cordeliers Club
> 3694539591 3332
> 92
> 259
> 7

Club Des Cordeliers
> 3332 451 3694539591
> 219
> 385
> 7

Mountain Meadows magnified Cloots’ hostility in perpetuity via the Mormon church.The Tubal Cain lightening bolt can be seen by connecting points Kirtland, Independence, Nauvoo and Mountain Meadows on a US map.


Society of the Friends of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
> 1639527 66 285 6995541 66 285 997821 66 415 154 66 285 3929855
> 6363369311365
> 158
> 5

Society of the Friends of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

of the
> 66 285
> 951
> 6, hence 666

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
ThE ChuRch Of JESus ChRist of Latter Day SaInts

Th  hu ch  f  J  us Ch ist of  atter  ay Sa nts
Th hu ch f J us CH ISt of AtteR Ay SA NtS

Th hu ch f J us t of ttey s t
Th hu CH F J Us t oF ttEy S T

Th hu J s t o tt y



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