Elder Peter Allen Maughan

re “Take your medication.”

Here’s YOUR medication, fuck head!

This is proof that LDS elite assassinate their own.

Elder Peter Allen Maughan
From Issaquah, Washington
SABRA Assassinated Tlacojalpan, Mexico
15 September 2013

6 April 2013 (founding of the LDS church)
> 15 September 2013 (Maughan asassination)
> 162 days, or 23 weeks 1 days
> 6

1 May 2013 (last day of the 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual)
> 15 September 2013 (Maughan asassination)
> 137 days, or 19 weeks 4 days
> 7

> 67= 13

rope (death artifact)
> 9675
> 945
> 9

bag (death artifact)
> 217
> 139
> 4

> 94= 13

The double 13= the founding of the LDS church on the 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual, this event falling 13 days from 6 April 1830 (church founding), hence 13/13.

LDS use date anchor points to signature their SABRA resourced eugenics kidnappings, murders and assassinations.

Maughan was SABRA assassinated, because he questioned the speed at which his missionary team was being pushed to baptize converts which in his opinion was uncharacteristic of the faith.

LDS elite had this missionary killed via their SABRA enforcers to shut him up and set a precedence for what would happen to others who challenge LDS leadership.

Of course there’s no catalyst for radiation of a retaliatory killing same as there would be if the image of a 5 year old posted nude what response would be a predictable 1.3 million hits in a single day.

All hail Lucifer! (Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just cum Book of Abraham, Dogma verse 3: 2- 7)

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