Mormon Transparency

re “Ha ha ha your narrative about Russel M. Nelson. The LDS church is one of the most transparent organizations on the planet.”

With only 20% of LDS membership granted access to their temples, not feeling it. Also, got to remember that LDS are kiting an 1923 image of George Hodel as an authentic photograph of Joseph Smith, and of course Mormon elite will push this fraud as far as the American public is willing to believe their noble faith masquerade.

Least we forget, Elder Peter Allen Maughan attempted to scrutinize what appeared to be to him an over zealous management team that was pushing baptisms through the roof, people not having an opportunity to fully absorb what they were being taught before being indoctrinated.

For your information, George Hodel remains the prime suspect in the Elizabeth Short slaying. Couldn’t have chosen a more suitable alpha for the church from hell!

The one thing I will agree with is Americans are stupid beyond the imagination the consequence of which are remarks like yours.






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