Russell M. Nelson

The next LDS “prophet”= Russell M. Nelson. Let’s take a closer look starting with his picture:

esi lds prophet

Pretty much the same stuff of previous presidents.

Let’s check out the name:

Russell M Nelson
9311533 4 553165

Russell Nelson
9311533 553165
77 (Nun, 50, monarch, Tubal Cain)

The double 13 is the LDS signature on the 6 April 1830 church founding on the 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual, hence 13/13.

Russell Marion Nelson
9311533 419965 553165
7, or Freemason

This name is numerically engineered via Pythagoras base nine numerology. What is it that LDS elite preach about secret combinations? A little help: The father of lies stirreth up the children of men unto secret combinations: 2 Ne. 9:9.

This name contravenes LDS core beliefs. Why? Because borrowing from the confabulated and completely made up LDS Book of Abraham, RF LDS are acculturated on a belief in Christ, their elite on Lucifer, and they are likewise practiced on the Satanic Fire Ritual and Tubal Cain Vulcania (Mountain Meadows; human sacrifice of Trinitarian Christians).

When Mormon elite speak of becoming worthy, what they are referring to is one’s willingness and ability to transform character into their coveted predator devils the only point of which is formulating a solidarity cohort involved in breeding hybrid “mule” products between their donkey (Jack) leadership and SKIRTS Victims via black mass eugenics.

Jack (a mule, hence Mulekite) the Ripper was such a cohort two of whom were Wilfred Woodruff and Lewis Carroll. Carrol was baptized no fewer than eight times by the Mormon church. Least we forget, he was also a paedophile and pederast. In Robert McCrum’s words re Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland:

esi lewis carroll

Carrol was also alleged to have been Jack the Ripper, which is close. Actually there were eight Jacks. Whitechapel was was an occult project akin to what LDS elite did to the Mountain Meadows victims via their notorious Tubal Can Vulcania 31 years prior. 31= 13. Date to date, Mountain Meadows to Mary Ann Nichols, was 30 years 11 months 24 days (31124= 2) and 11316 days, or 1616 weeks 4 days (1131616164= 2). 22= 4= 13 base nine addictive sums.

Again 13/13 is the LDS signature on the 6 April 1830 founding of the LDS church on the 13 day 19 April Satanic Fire Ritual.

This research has one author of record that has dismissed Carrol’s involvement in the Jack the Ripper project, albeit this individual also intentionally failed to connect TE Lawrence to Mary Ann Nichols and Lewis Carroll, condemning information for the Mormon church, since Whitechapel confirms LDS involvement in kidnapping for torture and black mass birthing of their coveted Anacharsis Cloots inspired radical/satanic hybrid bloodlines.

If the reader hasn’t yet figured it out, Lewis Carroll was TE Lawrence’s father via Mary Ann Nichols, Nichols’ fetus black mass renditioned curbside, birth date falsely recorded two weeks earlier, and handed off to Sarah Junner- Lawrence to raise as her own. Sarah Junner- Lawrence was was never seen carrying a child and was kept out of sight nine months so for this reason. In other words, these monsters engineered this birth well in advance with Woodruff hanging in there for his victim as well.

For the record, there were eight targets in the Whitechapel slayings, their locations laid out on a geocartographic dot to dot split pyramid. This is the same type of geocartography used by LDS elite to telegraph to the American public that Mountain Meadows was a Tubal Cain Vulcania (Kirtland, Independence, Nauvoo, Mountain Meadows).

Much has the LDS have attempted to build a false narrative about this particular racketeered occult murder, they can not remove Carroll from the crime scene which links to Wilfred Woodruff and a Relief Society rendition asset to Mary Ann Nichols and her fetus, TE Lawrence.

When Nelson starts up, he will get to choose 50 black mass rendition victims from the 6000 taken annually over his tenure. What this means is he, or his subordinate, if he dies before reaching this mark, will commence staging kidnappings of US children and young women to aggrandize the LDS taught belief that their prophet is a God man they all aspire to become, that on this planet every child or young woman he takes a sexual interest is sanctioned and protected by church elite. All this is is a hybrid breeding scheme masquerading noble faith.

Since LDS soul marry female children and women they likewise want to fuck, so goes the wife’s husband, too. They BOTH go in these circumstances. What this points to is bisexuality among the ranks of the elite and male children who will disappear when Mormon elite turn their new drac loose on the public.

Here’s America> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, which helps to explain the victim pool.


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