re 28 May 2016 Complaint of Human Trafficking, Addendum#1 RETALIATION

The following message was sent to San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, Public Affairs, the morning of 2 April 2016, and is an Addendum#1 continuance of the human trafficking complaint forwarded there 28 May 2016.

@San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Public Affairs

Current noise dosing activity re your residential SABRA asset, David Gutierrez.

31 May 2016 commenced beating down the floor overhead at 9:45PM (3/cobra) and stopping abruptly at 10:30 PM (13/322). Predicting Sheriff sponsored kill 3 June re fourth day commemorative/celebratory, typical.

13/322= Israel cobra/Skull and Bones (corporate, LDS eugenics and monarch driven political agenda). Your asset is telegraphing a death threat and bragging there is no law on this, hence youj folks are in mission creep to do damage on my documentation you are involved in human trafficking for torture. SABRA have diplomatic immunity, their assets shielded by them.

Much as this stuff may seem outrageous to the public, fact is it’s pretty common occurrence and understood buy those who study this administration in any depth. Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS don’t place intelligent leadership. They install soulless puppets one of whom currently is black mass.

With Mayor Carey Davis now understood to be the black mass son of David O. McKay and Beverly Potts (1951), it can only validate occult organization preeminence in a culture lost to racketeering, fraud and your frat solidarity pledge (paedo/sacrifice of children; Fox News), public insouciance characteristic of a culture where ordinary people prefer this lifestyle to one in which they have to learn to think for themselves to survive.

The message to the unaware is that this pervert rendition asset is operating completely at the will of San Bernardino County and is demonstrative of how team McMahon picked off Corinna Novis (1986; dually a McMahon commemorative and retention sacrifice for Deputy Don DeMeulle) and retention sacrifice and Sylvia Marie Flores for a Redlands temple commemorative.

These kills have nothing to do with satanic empowerment so much as they are used to solidarity pledge local elite and test the limits of public gullibility.

Now you folks are killing children in county custody which is as close to public child sacrifice as it can get partly due to how mass communication is blowing your stealthy magic show (Calzada/Gallegos).

I am entertained by your attempting to profile me schizophrenic via APS and your hokey noise complaints to get your deputies over my threshold to have a look around. They are getting educated, too, stupid.

I have absolute respect for the rule law. I have absolutely no respect for administrations that perp paedo and child and human sacrifice. Proof> FUCK you. Same message to San Bernardino Superior Court mental health worker, Bob Habel re 2015 last will and testament  remarks.

On an aside, it was cleaver how you mind fucks staged Pusok to pay damages the amount of which was his price for his mother’s life, the actual target of this rendition project. Again, the San Bernardino public= TDC stupid in the land of Dumb Fuck.

I’m guessing Obsidian Analysis is behind this, but either way you folks owe the public an explanation for your cheap theatrical side shows in debauchery, in particular what Victor Valley is doing parading a scale model of Jeff Epstein’s feces covered knobby phallus around masquerading your noble cause turd from Hades.

>ATTACHED Logo from Hell


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