The San Bernardino County Logo From Hell

esi fox san bernardino3

What they are doing is when they take and sacrifice a child or adult, they will likewise clone the victim’s DNA to an alternative astrological manifestation conquering the Divine as it were to prove their superiority over the planet. Such acts are actually an attempt to subordinate ecological processes to their mechanized replication of the human body.

Add to this the combination 72= 27= 9 and 6, 6 for the number string 1113, or leap year solstice/equinox. Embedded in this logo, what this means is San Bernardino is highly active in occult rendition during leap years, victim deaths planned well in advance of their destruction.

For the record, the Redlands LDS Temple controls 33 surrounding counties, Sylvia Marie Flores a county sponsored SABRA rendition project the official record of which was manufactured collaborated between Gary Evan Baugh, Mayor Carey Davis, DA Mike Ramos, Sheriff John McMahon and others. Flores was an LDS temple commemorative sacrifice.

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