Redlands/The LDS Inverted Pentagram

While the reason Redlands is TDC LDS occult in formulation of a regional location to promote solidarity pledging corrupt public officials in perpetuity may be a mystery, sort of, the name of this location is not.



Extrapolate 5 to 77, invert and flip= Z for Zion. Is Redlands a Scottish Rite/LDS Zion project? If correct, why?


Aside from the Redlands LDS temple being the location of the commemorative sacrifice of Sylvia Marie Flores (2013) masqueraded crime of passion, this temple is also a regional influence over the 33 surrounding California counties, San Bernardino host to this particular temple a special treat to LDS elite, since they pulled off an occult human sacrifice in broad light of day with the public none the wiser.

Z is also the 1700 mile Tubal Cain lightening bolt found at points Kirtland, Independence, Nauvoo and Mountain Meadows, the central location of which interacting with surrounding LDS properties forms the Star of David.

Rotate Z 90 degrees to N= nun= 50 (the number of SKIRTS victims LDS elite take for breeding over one’s lifetime, or 5, hence full circle on their obsession with the inverted pentagram. LDS noble faith mission creep is a pretense for this troika statist organization’s involvement in hybrid eugenics, nothing more.


Inversion of the pentagram simply means radical, the mechanism for the propagation of which are racketeering, fraud and human trafficking for torture, precipitated by sado-perverted leadership that has been carefully groomed to these circumstances. In other words, LDS elite are exquisite perverts and so convincing to the public no one ever suspects they are behind some of the most heinous crimes in our communities.

There are many explanations for the LDS inverted pentagram, the following one more correct to manifestation of their SKIRTS campaign on the unassuming Christian public by mistake and misunderstanding the same way they did Mountain Meadows. The LDS inverted pentagram itself represents captivity, repulsion, vacillation, suspension and abandon, and second their masquerade upon the public as the fiver points of fellowship: relief, prayer, steadfast, support, and extrication.

esi five points of felowship

LDS elite inversion of human character is typical of their involvement in the Satanic Fire Ritual, the event upon which this corporate organization was founded, their leadership the equivalent of the righteous demon described in their own literature, Abraham 3: 2- 7. LDS elite acknowledge they don’t follow the same Jesus as Christianity, and the reason for this can be found here.


Scottish Rite/LDS Corporate SABRA and their assets perp elite LDS rendition projects, every Scottish Rite/LDS administrator in the region fully aware of who these people are. These psychopaths are predators symbolic on the theme of the Orion constellation, their prey simple minded goyim who have bought into their magical thinking and subsequently don’t have the sense to protect them selves from one of the most prolific human trafficking for torture predators on the planet.

Aside from hybrid eugenics, the only other reason LDS perp these horrific crimes is solidarity pledging their local elite so these monsters don’t drift from their troika statist agenda, the reward for their cooperation of which is the POZ knighthood.


Dog Whistle Politics politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup (Wikipedia). Sylvia Marie Flores brought this radical behavior into the open in San Bernardino County (placement of body key on Redlands 2.7 mile cartographic on a three point SLC with the Redlands LDS temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs).

While there may be no synchronicity in the public for fighting evil like this, words were shared making it possible for people to have confronted this to their advantage. Unfortunately, psychopaths in the goyim population have placed greater value on their status as Scottish Rite Freemasons/LDS elite too far above the mainstream to provide quality leadership to throw this off.


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