Hope is Fleeting Against Crypto Solidarity

re, “Is there any hope?”

I don’t know. Crypto is a powerful adversary because of this entity’s solidarity and the way they recruit and pledge leadership. They are a statist troika. We are a constitutional republic, the mainstream thus acculturated to a magical state of mind that cannot assert boundaries.

Anyone with character could do a SYG, Ken O’Keeffe, for example, but the public would continue to bait to the very same resources that are collapsing domestic infrastructure anyway. Could you imagine militia engagement, the public waiting this out at McDonalds?

Trinitarian Christianity works, but even that is disintegrating in the US, evangelicals also a persuasive influence for Crypto long as these too are being rewarded for their treachery. Got game? It’s worth lots of MO-NEY is you are willing to do high crimes and misdemeanors and domestic terrorism.

Americans are aware of the danger, they just don’t sustain a shield. They are by and large gullible, insouciant and poorly informed, the consequence for maintaining their avoidance the inevitable collapse of US domestic infrastructure and ensuing coerced adaptation to a statist culture of the androgynous male, and the damned.

In this researcher’s opinion, the constitution was setup to BS the public as a pseudo solidarity control mechanism, troika statism the shadow government for the elite the primary parts of the latter of which remain corporate, eugenics (LDS), a puppet Monarch and SABRA intelligence and it’s assets.

This is not complicated. The problem is people don’t want to take responsibility, the elite know this and lie, the public subsequently easily manipulated by rigged political system that has no conscience about their future.

America> giggling and laughter… How absolutely disgusting.

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