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Briefly, eugenics is the study of human breeding and the production of a desirable sort of man. Less broadly, eugenics is reproduction of people with characteristics deemed to be sought after by the elite.

In the ancient world, elite bred siblings the consequence of which were birth defects, albeit the desirable outcome was the continuance of family bloodlines to secure leadership and resources.

During the Middle Ages, elite bred first cousins, and to some degree they still do, the desirable outcome one of retention of status and power.

LDS initially bred sibs as a condition of participation in their communities, but this repeated what was already understood about inbreeding, and birth defects ensued: however, instead of dropping back to first cousins exclusively, Mormon elite chose yet another route to eugenics via kidnapping their breeding Eves tandem from the mainstream which they still do today (eg Natalee Holloway, Robyn Gardner).

LDS elite are hostile toward Christianity and have written their own version of this deity in their coveted and completely confabulated Book of Abraham alleging Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, Genesis 6:2 in the Bible radicalized and put to service by their elite to make a mockery of Christianity by taking breeding eves from the public at their will to service  their eugenics projects nationally.

French Revolution Ideologue, Anacharsis Cloots, the person responsible for the development of Mormon literature, and domestic terrorism partner in crime, Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just, the image prototype for Joseph Smith, believed strongly in a cosmopolitan androgynous hybrid race what idea became the eugenics model for LDS elite SKIRTS black mass breeding at will using children and young women at their will.

Figure how in the fuck do they get away with this? The same way their Melchizedek stealthy soul marry your children and wives in their secret temple ceremonies. Eve breeders are taken in tandem, one sacrificed curbside outright, the other taken for eugenics and solidarity projects at a rate of two victims per county annually.

Sylvia Marie Flores (Redlands 2013), the official record of which falsely document her as a crime of passion, was an LDS commemorative sacrifice placed key on a straight line cartographic with the Redlands temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs, San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis himself the black mass product of former LDS “prophet” cum psychopath serial abduction perp, child rapist and black mass killer, David O. McKay and child abduction victim, Beverly Potts (Cincinnati 1951).

Cloots conceived of an androgynous male, a bisexual product of hybrid breeding, the reason for this Cloots himself and his entire entourage of domestic terrorists radical homosexuals with a burning hatred for Christianity that played into the 6 April 1830 formation of the Mormon church on the Satanic Fire Ritual and subsequent Tubal Cain Vulcania on the Mountain Meadows Massacre 7- 11 September 1857.

The LDS church is a front operation for troika statism eugenics, the real and actual purpose of this corporate enterprise the development a human genome based on a breeding application involving ugly old men and whatever female they deem correct to their sexual whims, be they children or adults. LDS elite are breeder bulls, the children and women they rendition sacrificed upon the delivery of their coveted black mass fetus.

They do all of this bullshitting the public there’s some sacred rite and entitlement the point of which is mystification so people won’t vet their human trafficking and terrorism crimes against the rule of law. LDS eugenics is actually a troika statist utopia in it’s own right composed of corporate, eugenics and grossly perverted monarch puppets what structure competes with the constitution for preeminence, obviously.

Even more macabre is the 6000 female SKIRTS rendition victims taken annually for LDS eugenics projects, half of these renditioned curbside, the other half temple projects for pledging Scottish Rite./LDS solidarity and other ritual activities the nature of which is some form of horrific death.

LDS ancient society, Mulekites, is code for SKIRTS rendition, this name taken from the stars in the Constellation, Orion, Betelgeuse and Mintaka, this star group identified with predation, those so pledged rated as predators, their game of choice human children and young women. The British version of this is fox hunting.

LDS elite, strongly identified with Judaism, like Judaism, perceives non-Mormons as animals, in particular Christian children and young women are viewed as game the sport of which is occult rendition for breeding, solidarity pledging and entertainment.

Mormon apologists issue defense using satanic prose what spin amounts to surrounding every issue they have been confronted with rationalized as mistakes and misunderstandings. For the record, the founding of this organization on the Satanic Fire Ritual was neither, a fact that elite are so in the closet of the occult with there will be no response to this information reaching them, none.


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