Moroni and the Crescent Moon and Star of Islam

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The crescent moon and the star only recently as the 20th century became symbols of Islam; it is this researcher’s opinion this change was introduced to bring this faith into closer alliance with the Mormon Church.

Atop every LDS temple is the statue of Moroni (triptych derivative of Mormo; Antoine Francois Mormo, gay radical activist, French printer, bookseller and politician during French Revolution; Antoine Francois Mormo actually published the first draft of the Book of Mormon before it ever reached the US.) standing yet atop a globe and blowing a trumpet.

While this Architectural motif may have the appearance of LDS celebrating their faith, the real message behind this is the symbolic link also to the same crescent moon and star featured in modern Islamic symbolism.

Moroni and his trumpet represent the crescent moon featured in Palms 81:3 in the King James Bible:

Blow up the trumpet in the new moon, in the time appointed, on our solemn feast day.

The globe upon which Moroni is standing is a star what deeper symbolic meaning singularly is the Orion constellation. Both Islam and the LDS are identified with Orion as theocracy predator entities, the mainstream be damned, and the Mountain Meadows Massacre proves it.

The LDS church is a variant manifestation of Islamic faith that in this case has committed itself to the destruction of Christianity via this organization’s 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre church apologists have dismissed as a mistake and misunderstanding, and the Christian public has bought this lie hook, line and sinker.

Mountain Meadows was a Tubal Cain Vulcania human sacrifice engineered 27 years from the founding of this church on the 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual. That’s a fact.

Also, figure if LDS elite principle their breeding campaign on Genesis 6:2 radicalized (previous discussion) in an affront to the Christian faith, Palms 81:3 is likewise radicalized, the harvest referred to in this passage that of none other than their annual harvest of 6000 US SKIRTS abductions two current examples of which were Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner.

No one will touch LDS elite, because this organization serves the eugenics function for their three part statist troika which includes predatory corporatism, full spectrum hybrid eugenics inclusive of genocide, and a fraternally controlled puppet monarch.

The Mormon church is the eugenics component of Scottish Rite Administration through the US, the former masquerading noble faith to con the simple minded public that otherwise has no clue they are being preyed upon by these monsters.

It doesn’t get any easier to pull off such a morbid operation than America where people are by and large one of the most gullible, insouciant, magical thinking and stupidest populations on the planet.

Beyond the obvious scam this church is pulling off on the public, what aught to resonate an alert is the fact that LDS are breeding elite bloodlines using abduction victims taken at their will from the American mainstream, the public clueless they are being preyed upon by this geopolitical theocracy.

The Mormon church= Islam what mission creep is the subordination of the latter to a neo version of itself fully encompassing the breeding of elite leadership via SKIRTS black mass with absolutely no regard for the constitution or the rights of the children and young women they are “harvesting” right under the nose of the American public.

Why are they getting away with this? Because the shadow government collapsing US domestic infrastructure is likewise a statist troika and doing the very same thing with it’s leadership. Puppet monarchs are fraternally shielded from their crimes, LDS elite none the different, since they are actually perping the same crimes as brothers as it were, just Mormons are more prolific predators.

LDS elite are actually the eugenics component of US shadow statist troika and serve the purpose of perfecting the black mass bloodline examples of which are many.


Eugenics <LDS elite masquerade noble faith but are in fact perping hybrid eugenics.
fraternal Puppet Leadership

SABRA/Radical Propaganda


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