The REAL Mormon Church

Long as people remain gullible, insouciant and unwilling to think for themselves, organizations like this will proliferate throughout time unchecked by civil code, that for all it’s hope to rise through the Twilight Zone haze of chaos and irrationality, the public will likewise never realize any authentic spiritual potential beyond parroting some ideologue’s mission creep to use the mainstream as an enterprise in developmental humanity.

Without a doubt, the Mormon church has proven Americans are the most dip shit population on the planet, the LDS happiness bubble precipitated upon radical gay leadership people have no clue are among the most prolific serial predators on the planet… all by mistake and misunderstanding- according to LDS apologists.

ANYWAY, here’s a vignette of the LDS church that came out of the French Revolution after it’s REAL creators were guillotined for domestic terrorism.

1 The LDS church was created by Anacharsis Cloots during the French Revolution and founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual.

2 French Revolutionary Angel of Death Louis-Antoine de Saint-Just was the poster boy for Joseph Smith.

3 The Mountain Meadows Massacre was a 27 year in the making Tubal Cain Vulcania and completed a 1700 TCV mile lightening bolt.

4 The statue of Moroni atop LDS temples is the same symbol as the star and crescent moon of Islam.

5 Get a US map. Mark the points Kirtland, Independence, Nauvoo, Mountain Meadows. Connect dots= lightening bolt and stylized N.

6 Antoine Francois Momoro (triptych derivatives Mormon and Moroni) was an ideologue collaborator of the Mormon church.

7 Alleged frontiersman, Brigham (Bring’m) Young, was among the first group of international Freemasons to con the US.

8 Young was a high ranking Freemason w/ties to several Mason organizations in the UK and networked w/Spain, France and London.

9 LDS are the last letters in French Revolution inspired organization Skull and Bones/322, this logo further encrypting SABRA, 3/skull and 2/bone, or 22 for 2 bones.

10 LDS elite today are doing in the US what Cloots had hoped to accomplish during FR, to rout Christianity from the mainstream.

11 LDS narrative has rewritten the identity of Christ as the brother of Lucifer in this organization’s Book of Abraham (3:2-17), a text proven to have been made up.

12 LDS mission creep= hybrid eugenics, a Cloots prerogative using kidnap victims from the public to breed Mason controlled puppet leadership and others in all walks of professional life.

13 The UN is a manifestation of LDS malingering in geopolitical affairs if state, the EU created by LDS SABRA intelligence wing, CIA.

14 LDS, per Cloot’s radical gay agenda to attempt to eradicate Christianity, is using Islam to this end, LDS corporate backed, Islam not.

15 The LDS temple is modeled on the Kaaba (Kabba), hybrid breeding a celebration of a radical gay agenda to remake man androgynous.

16 Islam is motivated to Jihad, Christianity to crucifixion, the inevitability of which is the rise of the Islamic state.

17 Protestant Christianity lacks a solidarity commitment the consequence of which is this faith can not organize to defend itself from attack.

18 In concept, once Islam has overwhelmed Christianity, LDS will rise to preeminence through Islam likewise annihilating latter.

19 The UN has declared the Mormon church a NGO. Fact is LDS is major function of US shadow gov, troika statism w/Watchtower, what actual mission is hybrid breeding puppet leadership, RF LDS typically lacking in forensic intelligence to process much of the information required to both perceive these circumstances and withdraw from them.

20 You can’t fix stupid, and in the case of RF LDS, stupid rules the herd.


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