Skull and Bones SABRA

re “Explain how you came up with SABRA again, please?”

> SAB (encryption here)
> LDS (eugenics)
> LEUKON (pup monarch, economic reform)
> N (Frat encryption 77, 5 and 23, Zion and Tubal Cain)


Since there is a strong Judah presence in the affairs of state in the US, and because much of what we understand about Zionism is linked to Sabbatai Zevi and The Protocols of Zion, the letters SAB naturally identify with Zevi.

Likewise, Sabbatai Zevi inspired the work of French Revolutionary radical homosexual and domestic terrorist, Anacharsis Cloots. This is the same person who was involved is developing a triptych surge in the US via the Mormon church, Scottish Rite Freemasons and Skull and Bones.

Cloots sabotage of the status quo Christian mainstream in France was referred to as radical propaganda, hence also radical sabotage, or saboteur radical activism (SABRA).  SABbatai RA works also, since Zevi was considered a messiah in his day.

Either way, the correct idea is SABoteur Radical Activism, or SABRA, is encrypted in the Skull and Bones logo the point of this to set a precedence for telegraphing occult agenda to both the elite who understand this and a public audience that does not.

SABRA are the collective scum of the planet and enjoy much of the venue of domestic perping any number of crimes against humanity typical of sadistic psychopaths. They are consummate con artists of society and exercise of a full spectrum of perversions upon the public shielded from their crimes by local elite Scottish Rite Freemason administrators such as is the case in San Bernardino.

To give the reader an idea how virulent these monsters are, San Bernardino mayor Carey Davis is the black mass son of 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts and then President of the LDS church, David O. McKay.




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