LDS/Scottish Rite Linked via Orion

re “The founding of the Mormon church on the Satanic Fire Ritual understood, what is the concrete connection between this organization and the Scottish Rite Freemasons?”

The easy answer to this question is the constellation Orion. The complicated answer follows.

There are eight primary stars in Orion. Each star is represented by a number derived from the triptych base nine additive sum of their names. The following is a list of these stars and an example of the encryption method used to find the number value for each:


1 Betelgeuse
5 Meissa
3 Bellatrix
9 Mintaka
2 Alnilam
6 Alnitak
5 Rigel
4 Saiph

Adding these numbers base nine produces 8:

1+ 5+ 3+ 9+ 2+ 6+ 5+ 4= 153982654= 8

8 stars what cumulative base nine additive sum numeric value is 8= 88 and 7.


Scottish Rite Freemasons are Organized under Blue Lodge and the Scottish Rite colleges Lodge of Perfection, Council of Perfection of Jerusalem, Chapter of Rose Croix and Consistory.

Like the names of the stars of Orion above, these labels produce the numbers 8 and 8, thus:


Blue Lodge
2335 36475


8 Lodge of Perfection
8 Council of Perfection of Jerusalem
4 Chapter of Rose Croix
6 Consistory

8846= 8

Scottish Rite Freemasons are identified with Orion via the encryption of the numbers 8 and 8 in the labels Blue Lodge and Colleges.


LDS formulated 88 on LDS founding date of 6 April 1830 (13) 13 days ahead of the 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual and 256 (13) days remaining from 19 April. The numbers in the sequence 13 13 13 and 13 thus transpose 4444, 88 (Orion) and 7 (Freemasons).


The Mormon church and Scottish Rite Freemasons are the same organization, the latter the administrative shield which protects LDS elite from accountability for their involvement in human trafficking for torture. The church itself is a masquerade.

LDS elite are hybrid breeding Satanic bloodlines from targeted mainstream SKIRTS abduction victims examples of leadership, black mass product and victim are David O. McKay, San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis and Beverly Potts (1951).

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