Team San Bernardino Elite LDS and Their Radical Agitprop Provocateurs


Our family came under noise dosing attack 23 July at 1:30 AM and again at 1:30 PM, from team San Bernardino elite LDS agitprop provocateurs, the satanic LDS Melchizedek owner of our rental unit posturing child-like oblivious to these circumstances the point of which all of this is structured radical residential harassment collaborated with San Bernardino Scottish Rite/LDS administration ANAI.


Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church are the same organization. LDS perp black mass hybrid eugenics, Scottish Rite their administrative shield, three of the most corrupt members of which in San Bernardino are black mass product Mayor Carey Davis and Devil administration cohorts DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon.

McMahon is so fucking frustrated he’s got his own people calling in fraud APS complaints setting up a case file attempting to profile this researcher schizophrenic. This is how they attack intelligence. Do reality, and they label one crazy so the public doesn’t lite up and route them for the horrific crimes they are committing. Then there’s the public that’s awaiting Jesus for salvation while folks eat, fuck and party around the clock. This leadership and it’s public really deserve one another.


LDS elite are retaliating for this researcher having pointed to this organization’s involvement in the slayings of Cherry Jo Bates (1966/SABRA, cloned), Corinna Novis (1986/DeMeulle Commemorative) and Sylvia Marie Flores (2013/SABRA), Flores a Redlands temple commemorative masqueraded crime of passion in the official record, and also for identifying San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis as the hybrid eugenics product of the union between 1951 10 year old abduction victim, Beverly Potts, and at the time of her abduction then 78 year old Mormon president and radical Genesis 6: 2 predator, David O. McKay.

FNCS analysis will always flush out the devil in the details with this monsters, because they are obsessive in the use of numerology, one of the secret combinations LDS elite use stealth to perp their heinous hybrid eugenics crimes on an otherwise naive and unsuspecting public. RF LDS is their stupid shield.

As stated previously, The LDS church was founded on the Satanic Fire Ritual, dumb fuck shill RF LDS membership so brain washed on the Joseph Smith myth (the model for which was French Revolution domestic terrorist, Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just) reality that challenges their pathological fixation on the Mormon drama is automatically denied favorable to narrative production on their passionate and highly animated belief system.

For the uninitiated, Mormon= namesake Antoine Francois Momoro (rearrange the letters, substitute n for o). N= z rotated 90 degrees clockwise, z for Zion, hence Momoro’s Zion, but don’t expect the light to go on unless the reader spends some time researching this for oneself.

In this event, radical noise dosing presented on the notorious LDS double 13 signature (church founding 6 April 13 days ahead of the 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual). Understanding sadistic LDS elite love affair with dates upon which they anchor such activities, and being familiar with six of these, it was fairly easy to de-cloak the beast as it were.

This cycle of terrorist penetration into the covenant of peaceful enjoyment was precipitated upon the birth dates of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, making 3 July a commemorative intrusion upon our space in celebration of the macabre of their involvement in eugenics hybrid breeding of their elite class of community leadership (eg San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, this monster’s breeder Eve, Beverly Potts ).

This researcher has no doubt these expert mind fucks perped a few human sacrifices simultaneous with the time of day they perped their noise dosing activities here. That’s the way they operate. Six weeks ago we heard a woman scream out of her mind, then go silent, followed by a clean up campaign that lasted a week. Sheriff was notified but did not respond. Sheriff involvement in occult crime is state of the art in San Bernardino.


The numbers follow, but before making this patently clear and irrefutable to the reader, know this. There is no hormone for character the way there is for one’s appetites for food, reproduction and the desire to party. It’s a choice to ignore reality in abeyance of treachery and the inevitable social dynamic this produces. Long as people are willing to do the stupid act, they will be regarded as stupid, the correct term for this prey species. LDS elite are p-r-e-d-a-t-o-r-s and the public’s willingness to go along with this all they need to continue to take whomever they want, whenever they want, stupid.

John McMahon is one of their predators. This demon initiated on Corinna Novis and co-opted Sylvia Marie Flores as a Redlands temple sacrifice. Insouciance is depthless in San Bernardino County the reality of which will come full circle when this location rises to preeminence as a Mason/LDS sanctuary city project under the tutelage of the League of California Cities, (stealth for California League of Cities, or CLOCk, ref Prague).

FNCS> 3 July re Joseph Smith and Brigham Young DOB

3 July 2016 (LDS harassment)
> 173d 24w 5d
> 13 (see 13 above re JS DOB)
> 5m 20d
> 7

> 47
> 2 (see 7 below re BY DOB FNCS)

> 3 July (LDS harassment)
> 32d 4w 4d
> 13 (see 13 above re JS DOB)
> 1m 2d
> 3

> 43
> 7 (see 2 above re JS DOB)


Double 13 and 27 confirm 3 July a commemorative date for occult hijinks and acknowledgement of involvement in hybrid black mass breeding and rendition.

For the record, 1= Israel, 3 the cobra, the double 13 doubly so and the eight primary stars of Orion.


The following updates are in response to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department cascading harassment and now a death threat by unnamed proxy the point of which is their rendition mission creep hiding in full view, the insouciant public no more alert to these affairs than if Godzilla itself were Walking up Waterman Avenue.

12 July 2016

1 Bishop Michael Grant

Bishop Michael Grant

remaining letters

remaining letters
ic, or ci
Roman numeral 101

Baphomet= disparate occult and mystical trad (Lupercus, Pan, Moroni)
ringhals= snake, or Brotherhood of the Snake
101= 2= Genesis 6: 2 radicalized (see Genesis 6:2 immediately following)

Genesis 6: 2
7555191 62
678 62
3 62

2 Compass and Square (Grant’s 1995 letter)

esi lds grant letter 2.1 dup.jpg


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2 Responses to Team San Bernardino Elite LDS and Their Radical Agitprop Provocateurs

  1. coastx says:

    @Censored agitation provocateur perp, Your mother> You already got my response, dip shit. You did the stupid and left me a trail. We’re coming. Meanwhile, let’s add this:

    To Paffairs/San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department 19 July 2016, 2:28 PM

    This information augments my complaint to San Bernardino County APS alleging structured involvement between the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department AND APS in a 4- 20 June 2014 (Mercury retrograde) attempt to traffic my then 21 year old handicapped daughter to Regional Center and a group home.

    The perp making comments on this WordPress post is involved in this human trafficking project (reference to daughter as a 21 year old).

    Since human trafficking has no statute of limitations in California, I am providing this information to augment my 2014 complaint subsequent to which I was contacted by Superior Court mediators, Bob Habel and Wayne Henklemann to ascertain the status of my mental health.

    This project was set in motion collaborated between San Bernardino County LDS/Scottish Rite administrators and a residential SABRA provocateur in retaliation for my having documented Thomas Monson’s involvement in the kidnappings for torture of Natallee Holloway and Robyn Gardner. He does this on a regular basis. The LDS church is likewise responsible for Heaven Night club, Mexico City (retention sacrifice for Francis Monson).

    Subsequent attention has been directed at Mayor Carey Davis as the son of David O. McKay and Beverly Potts (kidnapped by the LDS church 1951), such information having reached the public an embarrassment to the Mormon church and San Bernardino administrators that practice SKIRTS hybrid breeding rendition in keeping with the ideologue madness of domestic terrorists Sabbattai Zevi, Anacharsis Cloots and Alister Crowley.

    The Book of Mormon was authored by team Cloots during the French Revolution, Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just the poster boy for Mormon myth man Joseph Smith. LDS elite desperate to make this myth a reality are currently masquerading a 1927 photo-shopped image of George Hodel as Smith. Hodel remains the prime suspect in the 1947 Elizabeth Short slaying.

    The neurotic individual posting comments in response to this WordPress post is a party to agitation provocateured human trafficking in continuation of Sheriff’s McMahon’s obligation to perpetuate this highly orchestrated rendition campaign in plain sight typical of Freemason prevarication with occult/Satanic process.

    The comment perpetrator is out of state located in Nebraska with a known address.

    Sheriff McMahon is a very sick man.

    Message duplicates to Public Affairs/San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department via email of this date.

    Perp ID

    Net Range –
    Name TMO9
    Handle NET-172-32-0-0-1
    Parent NET172 (NET-172-0-0-0-0)
    Net Type Direct Allocation
    Origin AS AS21928 >KANSAS
    OrG T-Mob USA, Inc. (TMOBI) >BELLEVUE, NEBRASKA, near Offutt AFB
    Reg Date 2012-09-18
    Last Updated 2012-09-18


    RESTful Link
    See Also Related POC records.
    See Also Related organization’s POC records.
    See Also Related delegations.


    Physical address known. Name known. Remarks are motivated by mental health issues of parties involved. Psychotic narratives.

    Perp TMobil phone registration Address= 12920 S 38th St, Bellevue, NE. Addy challenged 21 July 2016.

    Point of origin of messages= Florida (26 July 2016). Go here>

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