SRA and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Part I

This missive is in response to the numerous APS/sheriff investigations (eight to date) being initiated from within county offices in human trafficking mission creep coordinated with residential SABRA noise dosing provocateurs. This has been going on since 31 October 2013 in retaliation for this researcher’s documentation of Scottish Rite/LDS involvement in heinous crimes locally and nationally.

In a nut shell, San Bernardino has what appears to be a hybrid sheriff administrator (Beverly Pots father look alike) what involvement in occult activities via the Mormon church is producing some pretty weird circumstances in the Inland Empire (occult kidnappings, disappearances, TD mayhem, etc.).

In our situation, we’ve been the target of residential harassment facilitated by the LDS church and engaged via SABRA assets protected by the sheriff’s department the point of which has been around the clock noise dosing activity directed at manufacturing conflict McMahon can use to perp human trafficking via my arrest.

Team McMahon is attempting to manufacture a rational to remove my handicapped daughter from my care the purpose of which will stop my documentation against the church and it’s unholy corruption and occult rendition crimes against the public.

The goal of SRA is disassociation, those targeted producing potentially dangerous behavior that can be used to profile such a person with a mental health issue or even manufacture an arrest for civilly criminal reactive behavior to the abuse. Complainants are alleging schizophrenia and medication to control same, the opportunity for some out of control sheriff to believe this nonsense and commit to a kill by mistake and misunderstanding.

John McMahon is desperate to profile mental health and use their complaint documentation as the basis for such a rendition event. All they need is some immature deputy eager to use his gun on human game by mistake and misunderstanding. With the exception of one deputy (dismissed perp death threat as a mistake and misunderstanding) and a social worker (We’re taking your kid.) in 2014, by and large these people have been professional, and they are getting educated on Mayor Carey Davis in the process of conducting their LDS/county orchestrated investigations.

Such presentation on my handicapped child does produce the desired SRA effect the perps then use to loft complaints of adult abuse which sheriff deputies redirect to me as the source, but they never stop the perp the consequence of which is a structured profiling alert and deputies being used as perpetrator assets. Deputies and social workers are also unscrupulously participating in an SRA noise dosing campaign on my handicapped daughter which they subsequently dismiss as non-sequitur with the manufactured complaint.

These pelople are fulfilling an FBPO/union networked fraternal due bill asserted against this researcher and his family for having correctly identified Thomas Monson involved in the LDS kidnappings for torture of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner and Mayor Carey Davis as the black mass product of the union between Beverly Potts (kidnapped by the Mormon church in 1951) and David O. McKay.

McMahon’s written response to these circumstances is, “Take your medication.” Besides being a product of the occult culture of this location,  McMahon is likewise an SRA advocate with little to no redress from the public, because this is the type administration that works well with a population that has gone full retard.

Aside from being a eugenics produced nightmare the likes of which is administrative cohort, San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, McMahon was occult commissioned on two deaths, Deputy Don DeMeulle DeMeulle (commemorative sacrifice) and Corinna Novis (retention sacrifice).

Here’s San Bernardino public> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO ANAI. Stupid doesn’t begin to describe the insouciant population in this region. People here appear to have lost their humanity, the proof of which also is Apple Valley’s Mr Dingle, a scale model of feces covered phallus of McMahon cohort and international paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

esi god bless america


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