The LDS Inverted Pentagram and 5th Column Satanic Fire Ritual

esi inverted pentagramOne of the most subtle albeit telegraphed – in plain sight – symbols in the Mormon church is the pentagram with the inverted and elongated fifth ray. This is a very specific message to the observer that people generally dismiss as Mormon elite quirkiness.

It is a mistake to figure LDS elite anything less than a dangerous eugenics administration masquerading noble faith to shield itself from public knowledge about it’s hybrid breeding activities in the US (eg San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis; Beverly Potts/David O. McKay), hence Mormon rank and file who never understand they are being used to perp a coercive eugenics breeding campaign. The correct term for this phenomenon= dumb fuck.

The inverted pentagram featured in this discussion calls attention to LDS 5th column saboteur radical activism (inverted) favorable to installing their coveted troika statist government the components of which are corporatism, SKIRTS eugenics hybrid breeding leadership and frat pledged puppet leadership. They use SABRA to maintain a fear dynamic in the public inclusive if terrorist drills masquerading humanitarian protection against enemies which they control.

Similarly, the inverted pentagram bearing the elongated fifth ray is also symbolic of the numbers 1 and 4, 1 and 13, and 113, or the numeric value of the occult celebration upon which the Mormon church was founded, the 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual.

19 April
109th day of year (19= base nine additive sum 1)
256 days remaining (256= base nine additive sum 4, or 13)
109/256= 1/13, or 113

Leap year produces 110th day of year, hence 1113.

This is probably the most telling symbol in the Mormon church and the most overlooked making it a very powerful satanic motif among LDS elite. For the record, occult power is deception.


The LDS Satanic 5th column= the Satanic Fire Ritual, the occult celebration upon which this phony religion was founded and subsequently commemorated on Mountain Meadows and the HUMAN SACRIFICE of a wagon train of Christians traveling through Utah to California.

The Mormon church was founded 6 April 1830, 13 days ahead of the 19 April 13 day Satanic Fire Ritual, hence the double 13 in connection with this religion’s relationship with Skull and Bones. LDS is the eugenics component of Skull and Bones Troika statism. This double 13 encrypts in the Skull and Bones Logo thus:

Eye socket= letter O and 6x 2 (Pythagoras base nine Gematria)
crossbones= 2 human femurs representing 7s
76 and 76= 13 and 13

13 13 also represents 8 for the primary stars of Orion and Amorite preoccupation with full spectrum sexual predation (Canaan).


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