25 July 2016 This narrative has been forwarded to the San Bernardino County Sheriff/Public Affairs as an online death threat and continuance of an attempt to perp human trafficking on a handicapped female adult.

For the record, the sheriff’s department is already completely aware of these circumstances, the reason for not ending this county having been recruited to advance a campaign of retaliation/domestic terrorism on a targeted individual via local SABRA/felon assets.

Convoluted as this may seem on the surface, this is the way LDS get their revenge on people who challenge their phony religion. The Mormon church is a front organization for William Wickham/Anacharsis Cloots (French Revolution) hybrid eugenics, their victims culled from the mainstream in the tens of thousands since 11 September 1857 (Mountain Meadows).

The LDS church was formulated during the French Revolution with the Scottish Rite Freemasons, the former as a perpetual hybrid eugenics project, the latter it’s fraternal administrative shield, both otherwise known as the left and right fang of the snake.

County sponsored residential provocateurs are attempting to provoke reactive behavior around the clock to attempt create the impression that they themselves are victims of harassment, county administration in the backdrop ready to pounce with a highly orchestrated human trafficking agenda and simultaneously networking occult abduction on targeted children an example of which was observed and reported to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department 2015 (See 6 August below, bucket perp).

@Perp Bambam123 et al:

Run your toady mouth here, genius. You’ll have an uninterrupted dialogue with the Sheriff’s department compliments of San Bernardino ideologues Mayor Carey KcKay-Davis, DA Mike Ramos and John McMahon.

WP Doc of origin here.

Your startup:

1) 2016/07/07 at 4:20pm “You’re fucking psycho get a life… You need help!”

2) 2016/07/12 at 4:35pm “You’re fucking crazy! Lol paranoid is a better word I suppose but you reap what you sew… Keep that in mind NAME REDACTED.”

3) 2016/07/19 at 6:06pm Your edited message (more comprehensible)> “This isn’t ‘xxxxxx’ you crazy fuck. You’re mentally ill. You need help. Psycho, paranoid, you have NO BUSINESS taking care of a xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx. You’re sick in the head. The govt. isn’t after you (LOL). You’re just a bad person who’s paranoid or out if his mind… Haha- your secret admirer.”

4) 2016/07/19 at 6:19pm “You’re a sick twisted peddifile. & should be locked away & kept as far away as possible from your poor disabled daughter … Be careful… & always watch your back NAME REDACTED. Once they have proof of the physical & .mental abuse you have forced upon your mentally ill daughter… You should get a nice home coming gift from the special people in the psych ward in prison. You sick fuck…. Oh & they don’t stand for peeping toms either…”

5) 2016/07/19 at 6:40pm “BTW this isn’t Andrew. Think real hard… Or did you just get all those big words in your posts from your thesaurus? Ha! You’re a crazy phony… Man I truly feel sorry for your daughter, I’m sure she’s scared shitless of you.. I know you’re only keeping her around so you can live off her checks… An I in the ball park? “Human trafficking of your daughter” = no more income for poor old NAME REDACTED… You don’t give a shit about her or her well being hence why you become so defensive over shit that YOU’RE DOING WRONG! I hope she goes to a better home where people will treat her with dignity & treat her like a real person! ASAP!!! & FYI, I am an Atheist & completely non religious.”

6) 2016/07/21 at 6:28am “This isn’t “Andrew” I’m a female actually…You think you know everything don’t you? You’re mentally ill, & sick in the head is all you know. Well & you’re random jiberish makes no sense to anyone but you &your twisted head. You need help. & your daughter needs to be kept far away from you. I’m not worried though, they’ve informed me that they have enough evidence to put her into a safe environment where she’ll be loved, well cared for & able to participate in any public activities she pleases. You know, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do a little research these days Mr. Smith… Think…. Think hard… & stop using the phrase “human trafficking” lol no ones is after you or your daughter, they just want her to be safely removed to a location far from you where she won’t be treated like an animal.. get it? I hope APS find her a good home.”

7) 2016/07/21 at 5:48pm “I’m closer than you think Mr. Smith &I’m watching you right back…”

8) 2016/07/21 at 6:04pm “Why’d you hang up on me?”

REVISED w/notes 25 July 2016

9) July 22, 2016 at 3:50am  “Haha I have no affiliation with any church or government, city counsel or whatever. I just know your sick & I want you to go away & your poor daughter to be placed in a safe home where people don’t hurt or molest her, like you do… & you know all about me huh? You really are dumb if you haven’t figured it out yet…”

10) July 22, 2016 at 4:35am “What you explained explained in the first paragraph describes you to a T. But you’re a hell of a lot less intelligent than you think…”

11) July 23, 2016 at 403pm “I’m right in front of your face moronic fuck! Haha!”

12) July 24, 2016 at 404pm “Born In California & I’m white. You’re obviously not reading between the lines… I’m right in front of your face dumb fuck.”

Revised 28 June 2016

13) July 28, 2016 at 1205pm “Where’d you go? What happened to your beautiful music? Ha! I know more than you think Mr Smith… Can’t hide from me” @Bambam123, Let’s meet here at 2:00 PM> 34144 Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa, CA (909) 387-8313. Please call this phone number if you plan to be late or to reschedule another meeting time and date. This location will assure my daughter’s protection and hopefully diffuse you so you and I don’t end up in a boundaries confrontation.

14) July 28, 2016 at 612pm “Wow… & every cop you deal with thinks your just as crazy… You have a funny way of twisting things.. you just don’t think it could ever be possible for someone non affiliated with any church or political background to know all the intimate details about your life. But it doesn’t take much these days. You need to just go away & hey some real help for your poor daughter…” @Bambam123, See notes below at 28 July 2016. You had an opportunity to validate your issues today with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s department. You determined to avoid this contact. You have the opportunity to take your issues directly to law enforcement. You are advised not to post on this site and to immediately cease stalking and noise dosing harassment in perpetuity.

15) July 30, 2016 at 9:40pm “You need help” @Bambam123 re help> Take this up with G. Juarez, Deputy Sheriff, FAX (909) 918-2362, Dispatch (909) 790-3100, email ejuarez@sbcsd.org. He’s waiting for your call. Perp is ignoring 28 July 2016 request to disengage.

16) 3 August 2016 at 11:00am “Jingle bells jingle bells… Why aren’t you locked away yet? & your poor daughter put somewhere safe… You need help Mr Smith. Bottom line.” Perp statement is a threat to harm daughter. Perp is afraid to contact sheriff and ignoring 28 July 2016 request to disengage. Remarks issued via social media and email address forward to blog owner. Typical pervert.

Revised 8 August 2016

17) 8 August 2016 @1039am “You’re dumber than you look Mr Smith… & your funny, trying to meet up…? Lol I don’t want to see your face let alone in person at a cop shop”

NOTES 25 July 2016 To date, APS and Sheriff deputies claim they don’t know who is making reports to either entity, albeit the perpetrator is alleging medicated schizophrenia and eminent harm to a dependent female adult. In these statements (above), the perp is referencing county’s 4- 20 June 2014 human trafficking coup precipitated by SABRA residential noise dosing provocateurs. All of this is completely within the scope of San Bernardino city/county administration to end. Administration is doing nothing, because these events have been orchestrated by LDS and their Scottish Rite cohorts in an attempt to retaliate on this researcher for having implicated Thomas Monson in the kidnapping for torture of Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, John McMahon’s involvement in the disappearance and slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores, and Mayor Carey Davis the son of David O.McKay and Beverly Potts (LDS Eve abduction, 1951). One sheriff’s deputy dismissed a provocateur’s death threat as a mistake and misunderstanding. This is entertainment for San Bernardino’s LDS/Scottish Rite elite. While this may seem an unqualified assessment by someone not trained in the psychology of psychopaths, this researcher has studied enough about homosexuality and lesbianism to know that either radicalized are responsible for some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. In this case, the perpetrator appears to be obsessive typical of such prevarication with sado-perversion which would explain also perpetual noise dosing torture of an adult handicapped female. Other bizarre manifestations of occult administration is San Bernardino County’s apparent development of complaint documentation by anonymous persons which profile this researched with a non-existent mental health issue. The danger here is the opportunity for this information to be used to manufacture a rationale to trigger a kill, again by mistake and misunderstanding, no oversight to stop an LDS/Scottish Rite driven campaign punish this research with death. FBPO subordinates to both.

ATTORNEY> NOTES 28 July 2016 Incident #13 above was precipitated by my having relocated my daughter’s HD radio. I have the station set on classical. Perp was responding to the movement of this radio from the bedroom to the living room. Bambam123 failed to show up at the Yucaipa Station 28 July 2016 per request at #13 above. A written stalking complaint was handed off in person to G. Juarez, Deputy Sheriff, on 28 July 2016 at 2:30 pm at 34144 Yucaipa Boulevard, Yucaipa, California 92399. FAX (909) 918-2362, Dispatch (909) 790-3100, email ejuarez@sbcsd.org. Report #YU162100014. We believe: 1) these threats are issuing from our upstairs neighbors in service to an LDS attrition blood atonement campaign masquerading noble cause, and 2) noise dosing perps are asset servicing a highly orchestrated LDS/San Bernardino human trafficking campaign on my handicapped daughter. This WordPress documentation and the researcher’s  email address would have been forwarded to the perp via Mormon owner of our rental condominium, Andrew Washburn. We are under 24 hour surveillance by these felons. At the time of completing this update at 4:40 pm upstairs neighbors commenced beating on the floor immediately overhead accompanied by  mimicking stop/start keystrokes as I typed this narrative. Aside from their LDS/Scottish Rite due bill service on this harassment campaign, they are perverted. Perp has contact information on this stalking complaint and should redirect all further communication to Deputy Juarez. Also, perp periodically awakens handicapped daughter during the middle of the night by pelting on the floor overhead attempting to bait her to the front door on the other side of which is a meowing kitten. Kidnap is an inevitability, Deputy  Jaurez having been made aware of this in our meeting at 2:30 pm this afternoon. This individual is shielded from accountability by the County of San Bernardino. When confronted about this in 2014, County manufactured an alternative perp APS complaint alleging cockroach infestation in order to deny involvement in the original complaint of alleged adult abuse that was actually perped by the upstairs neighbors and used to loft a verbal recommendation for Regional Center Services and a group home placement, which is human trafficking.


1) Noise dosing perp in the rental unit overhead has the ability to stalk movement through the floor and will often magnify noise dosing shock annoyance at endpoints.

2) Striking the floor overhead with a heavy object occurs frequently at 75- 85 dB the backdrop of which is continuous pelting at 65 dB. Cascades produce up to 120 dB noise dosing annoyance and involve all members of the perps’ family.

3) Cascades are sometimes so loud it sounds as though someone is being assaulted. Under the circumstances, what’s to say they don’t have an adult or child captive doing a snuff kill masquerading residential noise dosing harassment. This is what happened to Corinna Novice, McMahon’s November 1986 retention sacrifice project for Don DeMeulle. These people are not beyond this.

4) On a typical day, perps will produce 500+ noise dosing events and have also used a LF/high energy device at night.

5) Perps will often test a pelting threshold by tapping lightly on the floor and slowly increasing the force they use to produce this sound then deescalate in repetition.

6) Noise dosing perps periodically beat drum line cadence on tile kitchen floor using wood table and chairs producing 90 dB shock annoyance.

7) Perp family begins concentrating 65dB noise dosing over handicapped daughter’s bedroom 9:00 pm maintaining pelting and stomping on the floor immediately overhead through 2:30 am. Daughter is autistic with acidosis.

8) When handicapped daughter reacts in panic to noise dosing, perps will concentrate and magnify pelting directly overhead. 16 June 2014 perps used this technique to manufacture a county complaint which APS subsequently used to threaten placement outside home the manifestation of which was a human trafficking hijack. Labeling this correctly as an attempted administrative kidnapping, county changed the original complaint to a lesser one which the social worker dismissed as unfounded.

9) Perps mimic typing keystrokes on my laptop computer by pelting on the floor immediately overhead which means is they have sensitive electronic surveillance on our rental condominium. This has been described by one observer as military featured electronic surveillance and harassment.

10) Perps will flip out when I turn on my laptop and immediately begin pelting the floor overhead. Noise dosing magnifies when my computer goes online. The only way they could possibly know I am online is if they are electronically monitoring my computer.


TIME- Start/Stop
NDE- Noise Dosing Events
PELT- Pelting Storm, no less then 10 per event, generally 20- 30

1 AUGUST 2016
TIME 12:58am/12:58am (12 hours)
NDE 68
PELT 600+
NOTES 4:50 USN children stood on stairwell baiting through kitchen window, adult banging on floor overhead; adult male became involved at 7:00pm striking the floor immediately overhead in the living room producing a 110 dB noise dosing shock; 68 events over a 12 hour period= 5.6 events per hour, or one event every 11 minutes; events+ pelting= 668 this cycle= 55.7 events per hour, or one event every minute; over a period of 12 hours, my handicapped daughter was exposed to noise dosing torture at rate of one incident per minute per noise dosing cycle; this is John McMahon’s project which he refers to as medicine; this is the county manufactured system San Bernardino administration used to attempt to traffic my handicapped daughter after she had a panic attack undergoing this process June 2014.

2 AUGUST 2016
TIME 8:47am- 11:30pm (14 hours 43 minutes)
NDE 76 (5 noise dosing events per hour)
PELT 700+ (50 per hour background pelting, or perpetual noise dosing torture)
NOTES 68 dB acoustic cadence 1:25pm w/repetition and drum roll culmination; paired pelting storm in bedroom w/vacuum in living room for audience in alley 6:45pm; turned on 50dB classical music to calm daughter down 10:59pm to which perp immediately began beating and stomping on floor overhead; much of this was perped high frequency/high energy late afternoon with what presented as a 90 dB shock at 10:00 pm; 10:10 pm noise dosing perp used LF/bass burst; noise dosing perp has bragged online sheriff deputies are in agreement that victim is mentally unstable.

3 August 2016
TIME 9:20am- 12:30am (15 hours 10 minutes)
NDE 130 (9 NDE/hour)
PELT 1300+ (86 NDE background pelting/hour)
NOTES NDE numbers above excludes 11:13am and 11:21am stomping/pelting; perp commenced noise dosing harassment 9:20am mimicking laptop keyboard strokes that generate 30dB at five feet, not perceptible through a wall or floor overhead except via highly sensitive electronic surveillance, which is military; second NDE presentation this cycle 9:45am when I moved from my laptop to the kitchen to prepare a meal for my handicapped daughter, noise dosing perp immediately dropped a chair on the floor overhead in the kitchen when I began working at our food prep counter (endpoint stalking); 11:13am– 11:20am stomp/pelt cascade that generated approximately 100 80dB peak NDEs per minute, this single event producing 700 NDEs over a 7 minute period; repeated 11:21am– 11:28am; 1:27pm adolescents stormed unit overhead laughing loud and immediately commenced 2 minute stomping cascade; repeated 1:33pm; effect= Whistling and Whittling Brigade typical of LDS malingering in racketeered mayhem and Mormon adolescent asset gang banging shielded by local law enforcement; SHERIFF PRESENCE 3:20pm sheriff parked in ally near trash bin; USN lite pelting, undocumented adult; 3:24pm peaceful adolescent presence in alley near stairwell; 3:29pm upstairs adult female presented in stairwell from ally, entered rental unit, began lite rapid pelting on floor immediately overhead; 3:40pm sheriff pulled off; 3:40pm- 3:47pm floor stomping with cadence beating at a rate of 30 events per minute for 7 minutes, repeats events of 11:13am and 11:21am for 210 NDEs 3:40- 7pm; 3:50pm endpoint NDE kitchen; 408pm lite pelting (indicates presence of authority outside); 8:05pm noise dosing perp, enjoined by others in this family, commenced stomping on the floor immediately overhead in my handicapped daughter’s bedroom, this room typically becoming the new focal point of their harassment less likely to be heard by the neighbors now home from work which would otherwise call attention to their harassment; noise dosing magnified 10:28 pm and sustained through 12:30am, two hours later; entire family engaged, all rooms effected.

These are John McMahon’s SABRA asset demons. What they are trying to stop is research invested in linking Sylvia Marie Flores back to Katherine Finchy and ultimately Violate Richardson Ward and further back, William Wickham. The Mormon church is an immense espionage project the primary purpose of which is hybrid eugenics in plain sight. People never see this coming, psychopath macabre the LDS smile masquerade the backdrop of which is their prolific SKIRTS campaign on the mainstream.

McMahon et al runs a system of local bosses that cultivate criminal network via street felons used to deliver their attrition blood atonement message to those targeted for exposing LDS/Scottish Rite Freemason corruption locally. Anyone that’s a threat gets attacked, and San Bernariondo county is simultaneous involved in the deaths of children in their care in the Palm Springs area.

San Bernardino administration is a cohort of petty tyrants, worse Mayor Carey Davis is the hybrid product of then 10 year old 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts and David O. McKay. How do they get away with this? They use the same methods of notorious tyrant dictators Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, scaled down, and in full view of a public that is just not able to connect the dots.

We aren’t the only ones effected. Same provocateur neighbors released a cohort of adolescents (Whistling and Whittling Brigade) that scaled the rooftop of an adjacent family dipping into their patio, sheriff deputies showing up some three hours later unable to pursue the perps. This researcher’s understanding of how this works is the victim family was being warned not to get involved with our issues, police unavailable for support should they be attacked. People don’t learn from history, and law enforcement is so in the tank with SABRA controlled TI projects, statist tyranny is a forgone conclusion in these circumstances.

We stopped San Bernardino county’s human trafficking coup on my handicapped daughter in 2014, but they never withdrew their residential provocateur assets leaving these demonic souls and their perverted children to come up with yet another method to fulfill this LDS perped attrition blood atonement campaign on our family. LDS elite are ideologue psychopaths. They have no tolerance for intelligence, and God forbid anyone discuss William Wickham, Violate Richardson Ward or Katherine Finchey in connection with their Redlands temple build.

4 August 2016
TIME 9:40am- 1:40am (16 hours)
NDE 65 to 100dB (4 NDE/hour)
PELT 650+ (40 NDE background pelting/hour)
NOTES NDE documentation of this date will fall on an event structured metric to give the reader an idea of how John McMahon’s residential provocateurs are perping NDEs throughout the day:

Commenced 9:40am
1st five events by 10:00am
2nd five events by 10:35am
3rd five events by 11:06am
4th five events by 11:22am
5th five events by 11:56am

26 62dB minimum NDE 9:39- 11:54am= one NDE every five minutes not including background pelting.

6th five events by 12:05am

Left for afternoon. Returned 4:45 pm.

7th five events by 7:13pm
8th five events by 8:08pm (1oo dB)
9th five events by 10:04pm
10th five events by 10:04pm

11th five events by 10:24pm
12th five events by 10:45pm
13th five events by 12:42am

Noise dosing perp and family left approximately 1:40am.

Ended 16 hours later at 1:40am. Bear in mind this is the same method these John McMahon asset psychopaths used to attempt a county sponsored human trafficking coup of my daughter in 2014, documented. The reason they are doing this is my having pointed to Thomas Monson involved in the Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner abductions and Mayor Carey Davis as the LDS/Scottish Rite Freemason hybrid breeding product of 1951 then 10 year old Beverly Potts and David O. McKay. They held Potts captive and bred her to McKay at 14. The LDS smile is the affect of a snake, their mission creep in the US to establish a leadership breeding mechanism for local and national offices masquerading noble faith and such humanitarian projects as Soroptimist Club, the solidarity pledge the the actual and real reason for the slaying of such victims as Sylvia Marie Flores. Far as they are concerned, long as the public remains unwilling to confront this and hold those responsible for for their crimes accountable, this is what the San Bernardino community wants. Such harassment is instructive to the public that investigative work and exposure of community leadership in heinous LDS/Scottish Rite sponsored solidarity crimes will be punished. Public insouciance is capitulation by default.

See Manchurian Candidates & Gang Stalking for a more detailed narrative how this works on targeted individuals. This is San Bernardino city/county administration.

5 August 2016
TIME 9:25AM- 12:10AM (14 hours 45 minutes)
NDE 83, (6 NDE/hr)
PELT 830+ (NDE background pelting/hour)
NOTES Typical adult McMahon asset perversion. One incident stood out in particular when at 7:05pm adults ascending stairwell outside kitchen window paused and encouraged 4 year old to growl and scream. Ordinary parents would be working on socializing such a child. These parents spend their days doing Ted Bundy training camp with their little monsters. God help their peers, but then again, such is the acculturation of the next generation of criminals trained and practiced on LDS indoctrination in the anti-social development of radical harassment by mistake and misunderstanding.

6 August 2016
TIME 9:04am- 12:10am (16 hours 6 minutes)
NDE 90, (5 NDE/hr)
PELT 900+ (50 NDE background pelting/hour)
NOTES Interesting relationship dynamic developing between targeted child of 18 months previous by bucket beater noise dosing perp that networks with McMahon asset directly overhead. Child was reported to sheriff’s department via email stalked by male adult who beat a 5 gal bucket as she rode by his garage on her bicycle. The bucket beating serves three occult purposes. The bucket represents the wellhead of hell, and beating rapidly on it and generating noise annoyance summons demons simultaneously perping a hate crime on those who hear it, the latter intentionally disrupting residential peace and quite. This behavior symbolizes masturbation, which in this case the male adult perp was symbolically masturbating as this child rode past on her bicycle. She was riding past this garage on her way home from school. Last, this behavior thus going unnoticed buy the public, perp tagged this child for rendition not now but in the future. This is how LDS set up Sylvia Morris Flores. Subsequent to this compliant reaching out to San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon for an alert, residential assets were apparently coached by team McMahon to bait this child back to this area to participate in engineered noise dosing harassment. Not surprising, the alleged victim is now participating in noise dosing activities with the residential noise dosing perp and is very likely also being photographed by the bucket perp in this location. Parents have no clue what happening in these circumstances. Noise dosing perp children are well trained in gangland seduction, in this case McMahon likewise involved in staging one of his rendition projects on this child. Ref riding skateboards on balcony 2:55pm- 3:25pm. Bucket perp has been observed in public doing hip thrusts while holding genitalia with left hand and identifies with Sheriff John McMahon’s residential noise dosing perp as “brother”; NDP commenced hammering daughter’s bedroom 9:46pm, 18 NDE through 12:10am, 180 pelting NDE over 184 minute time period, or 1 NDE per minute through 12:10am.

7 August 2016
TIME 9:48am- 10:50pm (13 hours 2 minutes)
NDE 67 (5 NDE/hr)
PELT diminished
NOTES Perp magnified NDE 10:09pm to 85 dB for 20 events through 10:50pm.

8 August 2016
TIME 1:41pm- 11:45pm (10 hours 4 minutes)
NDE 63 (6 NDE/hour)
PELT 600+ (60 NDE background pelting/hour)
NOTES Adult male posturing in alley 8:38pm; NDE magnified 10:00pm typical of contravening house rules for 18 NDE through 11:45pm.

9 August 2016
TIME 9:28am- 9:30pm (12 hours 2 minutes)
NDE 87 (7 NDE/hour)
PELT 870+ (70 NDE background pelting/hour)
NOTES Adolescents rushed stairwell 3:57pm laughing and began stomping floor overhead upon entering #2017; Cadence 4:31pm.

10 August 2016
TIME 6:41am- 10:00pm (15 hours 19 minutes
NDE 58 (4 NDE/hour)
PELT 580+ (58 NDE background pelting/hour)
NOTES Redlands or San Bernardino police drive-by approximately 12:20pm. Redlands dispatch sent no vehicle to this address. Vehicle was and a Sheriff’s car. 9:06pm cadence.

11 August 2016

12 August 2016

13 August 2016

14 August 2016

15 August 2016

16 August 2016

17 August 2016

18 August 2016

19 August 2016

20 August 2016

21 August 2016

22 August 2016

23 August 2016

24 August 2016

25 August 2016

26 August 2016

27 August 2016

28 August 2016

29 August 2016

30 August 2016


Perps are felon assets for local LDS/Scottish Rite SABRA administrators. Noise dosing harassment is administratively directed at attrition blood atonement retaliation for this researcher having pointed to Thomas Monson’s involvement in the Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner kidnappings, San Bernardino administration involvement in the Sylvia Marie Flores slaying and identifying Mayor Carey Davis as the black mass son of David O. McKay and 1951 abduction victim, Beverly Potts.


LDS elite masquerade noble faith the backdrop of which is their perpetual prolific hybrid eugenics campaign what project is abducting young women from the mainstream at a rate of two per US county per year. One is sacrificed curbside, the other taken as an Eve breeder. This harassment is being networked through Redlands LDS temple administrator, Gary Evan Baugh, and serviced via residential felon assets that are shielded from their crimes by San Bernardino LDS and Scottish Rite administration inclusive of Mayor Carey Davis, DA Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon. Presentation is protective of troika statist investment in hybrid eugenics in competition with the constitutional rule of law. LDS elite initiated SKIRTS black mass September 1857 on the Mountain Meadows Massacre which their elite have dismissed as a mistake and misunderstanding albeit this likewise set a precedence for every abduction they have perped since. Their abduction projects are estimated by this researcher to be one million Eves since 1587.


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