Natalee Holloway/Robyn Gardner; Thomas Monson

The big mystery is how did Thomas Monson come to be involved in the Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner abductions. One has to possess somewhat of a forensic mind to see the devil in the details in such circumstances.

An understanding of this issue bears somewhat on a knowledge of the LDS Rome temple build, the geophysical locations of other temples and how the Holloway/Gardner abductions were engineered on longitude/latitude ley lines.

The other part of this is these abductions replicate the numbers 113 in connection with the Satanic Fire Ritual and the LDS inverted pentagram (previously discussed).

At this point, LDS elite will play stupid knowing damn good and well they’ve been caught, public sentiment on such matters in such a lull they know a day or two after these horrific crimes, figure 11 and 7 years ago, people just don’t give a fuck and restore to their daily routines with McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and MTV.

And of course people who care and can document these events get routed hence this researcher’s issues with the local Scottish Rite/LDS administration and Sheriff John McMahon.

It goes without saying LDS elite will kill to keep this information away from the public, and anti-sheriff John McMahon is a part of that process. He’s radical the equivalent of which in occult mysticism= Satanic.

Anyway, what people are interested in knowing is how Thomas Monson is connected to the Holloway/Gardner disappearances. The first thing to look at is location.


Using the LDS temple build in Rome as an anchor point, a line drawn through the landscape between two back to back honeybees divides the temple courtyard into two equal parts. This line projected to Aruba bisects equidistant the line formed between the Holloway (Oranjstad) and Gardner (Baby Beach) abduction points. These are ley lines.

For those unaccustomed to working with lines, the next part is going to be complicated. An end point is needed to run a line of longitude south from the North Pole to Aruba, and to get this there has to be another ley line intercept originating from yet another crime scene.

The only such line available is the point originating with the Cell tower in connection with the Brittanee Drexel kidnapping (25 April 2009), another LDS abduction. End point Baby Beach in Aruba forms the line that crates the third point needed to anchor longitudinal ley line on Aruba. The significance of this line is the LDS Santo Domingo temple TDC 409 miles north across the Caribbean.

es lds temple rome.jpg


People run from this information. It’s Satanic. It’s evil. It’s also LDS.

Using 11 September (Mountain Meadows) as an anchor point, the Holloway/Gardner abductions from this date produce 1 (Natalee Holloway) and 13 (Robyn Gardner). 113= the Satanic Fire Ritual.


29 May (Holloway)
> 11 September
> 3 months 13 days
> 105 days 15 weeks 0 days
> 31310515
> 1

25 April (Gardner)
> 11 September
> 0 years 4 months 16 days
> 139 days 19 weeks 6 days
> 416139196
> 13

19 April (Satanic Fire Ritual)
109th day of year (1)
256 days remaining (13)

LDS perped Holloway and Gardner and are responsible for Brittany Drexel, Meagan Maxwell, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer and four others from the Delta region. McMahon is running the same operation in San Bernardino county, his belt notched with Corinna Novice (retention sacrifice) and Sylvia Marie Flores (temple commemorative sacrifice).

These monsters correctly perceive the public to be in an intelligent stupor and quite asleep and inattentive to reality the consequence of which is predation in plain sight, this stupid fucking public too addicted to gullibility and insouciance to save itself.


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