Goyim v Lucifer

GOYIM is an application for acculturation to stupidity.

Goyim= non Jew.

Jew= Israelite, Hebrew or individual born to Jew mother.

The nation/race of Jew with a common origin never existed (Shlmom Sand).

Goyim is a word invented to refer to non-elite as a herd animal still in use today, the point of this an application that cultivates stupidity in the mainstream to the exclusion of intelligence. Goyim are cultivated chaotic, irrational and non-reasoning.

Mainstream populations globally have been acculturated to drama in contravention of thinking, the latter the exclusive psychological domain of elite perverse and radical propaganda on the double bind, ordinary people everywhere otherwise be damned.

Thinking will always be under attack in these circumstances, people that would have ended up in prison for their predisposition for mayhem moved on to leadership, their transgressions of character paraded around in public as though what they are doing is honorable. A crocodile will do this with a baby monkey, this behavior lending itself to that of a reptile. Goyim have likewise learned to place a high value on trashy self indulgent pubic elected ideologues parading these monsters as authentic leadership.

There is a Grand story of LUCIFER in Revelation that portrays this entity as a rebel. We attribute him with poor character, such an entity having placed himself above his human lessers with little regard for consequences. Radicalized, this is the application for the Freemason scoundrels who populate their elite.

Freemasons are in fact a Luciferian construct, the people they promote to leadership some of the dirtiest folks (Lucifers) on the planet, their cohort solidarity built upon perpetrating mayhem to prove their worth to the fraternal organizations to which they belong, and the CSDR is one of their more successful fraternal bonding enterprises.


The constellation Orion is the inspiration for Judaism (Menorah and Start of David) and two of it’s ideologue occult Latter Day manifestations, the Scottish Rite Freemasons and Mormon church (Moroni= Baphomet), the public none the wiser for the simple reason that people by and large have capitulated their intelligence to a very powerful Lucifer devil that was both the creator and destroyer of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon and Rome.

Such development was prolific, every transformational epoch throughout history precipitated upon not a Hebrew culture, but the one that predated this and had learned to pirate whatever indigenous society it came into contact with via hijack, reform and a solidarity dynamic that displaced intelligent leadership with scum. The operating mechanism for this has always been the 5th column what developmental mysticism settled on Baphomet, the letter O, the inverted pentagram and the Satanic colors black and red.

O surrounding inverted pentagram= 8 (from Pythagoras> FOX= 61, 62, 63; O= 62= 8). 8= eight primary stars of Orion. Pentagram= 5. 85= 13.
Inverted pentagram= 5th ray/column inverted, 1 (inverted pentagram standing on one ray) and 4 suspended (4= 13) for 1 and 13, or 113/non leap year Satanic Fire Ritual.
Pentagram= 5 rays= 5th letter of the English alphabet= E (from Pythagoras> ENW= 51, 52, 53; E= 51= 6). 6= 1113/leap year Satanic Fire Ritual.

Lucifer cultivates intelligence within it’s circle of elite and will even cull Eve breeders from the mainstream for this purpose. This is how they pledge solidarity and is very powerful, because redaction in such circumstances will potentially ruin any of them. By comparison, the mainstream, acculturated stupid, is too loosely organized to fight this.

For a good idea about how powerful these monsters actually are, the US population/congress ratio= 650K:1. In other words, in the example given, 1 congressional representative that follows the three point HRS triptych can control 650K US population, and they’re doing it.

Here’s your typical degenerate Lucifer congress person> hijack, reform, solidarity, every one of these a triptych the effect of which induces their coveted stupid state of mind in the public.

Here’s your typical stupid American> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO ANAI.

Lucifer is the beast, Goyim psychologically predisposed to feed the damned thing.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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