Forensic Intelligence v Crypto in San Bernardino, California

Active, alert and civics minded people will always be the bane of covert statism and it’s perverted ideologue leadership. Bring up some undisclosed detail about a kidnapping or murder that was swept under the carpet by the local city/county administration, such pseudo leadership will commence a SABRA stomp party in plain sight, the perp’s disguise one’s smile, the motivation to attack and punish- forensic intelligence in competition with Crypto administration.

For the uninitiated, LDS elite stalk their prey from the the delivery room. Hospital records, particularly those of Kaiser, are accessed by LDS birth records experts, their data scrubbed for detailed astrological information that would predispose such infants to natural leadership in their adult lives. These end up dead in the future groomed to circumstances they were never aware would plague them with death.

Rare birth charts age game animals, and in some cases they match charts of victims to produce their desired composite astro-cartographic the point of which is an engineered hunting tactic and deeper penetration on frat solidarity. the more exotic the design, the greater the satanic power, something like that, where satanic= radical.

Such disclosure of corrupt government is a major threat to scoundrel leadership and their full spectrum paedo solidarity pledging inclusive of assigned and commemorative rendition kills, were the the public to understand what they are doing would end many political careers.

For the time being, San Bernardino’s dip ship public is satiate on the McDonald’s Big Mac, fucking the neighbor’s old lady and MTV reruns, the consequence for willful stupidity and avoidance of civic responsibility Crypto’s rise to preeminence an example of which is Victor Valley’s Mr. Dingle, a feces covered scale replica of the knobby phallus of Jeffrey Epstein ANAI.



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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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